3 Best Mattresses to Buy for Back Sleepers

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

If you are a back sleeper, checking for a mattress that provides adequate support to your spine, shoulders, and hips is vital. Your bed should alleviate pressure on this area with the right surface firmness and must avoid a saggy feel that can significantly impact the quality of your sleep.

The ideal mattress for back sleepers must provide firm support. Though it's a fundamental feature to always keep in mind, there are exemptions for individual preference and requirements. Most average (weight) back sleepers are in favour of a medium or medium-firm surface.

Heavyweight sleepers prefer firmer mattresses while lightweight sleepers appreciate a softer bed. Nonetheless, there are top-quality mattress manufacturers that keep all of these crucial factors in mind to guarantee satisfaction and provide the right support when sleeping.

Suppose you are planning to purchase a mattress online, checking for complete reviews and customer feedback on how the mattress works can help you find the right bed perfectly crafted for your needs. Furthermore, you can compare Saatva with Leesa as these two names will ring the bell when it comes to providing the right support and exceptional performance.

Best Mattresses For Back Sleepers


For every type of sleeper comes a perfect mattress that provides the right support needed, which results in a good quality slumber. Besides, investing in a bed that provides comfort and support is vital. Your mattress must meet your specific needs to have a night of quality sleep.

At the end of the day, when you're ready to rest, your bed should provide the comforting support you need to relieve all the stress of your busy life and let you snooze cozily.

Most people have trouble sleeping and are not aware that a mattress plays a vital role in the quality of sleep you have. Generally speaking, if you experience body pain and discomfort when you wake up, then you must reconsider investing with the right bed.

Back sleepers need a firm surface to have a comfortable sleep. A firm mattress provides an even and stable surface. Side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combination sleepers have different needs.

These top manufacturers understand every sleeper's frustrations and offer the best solution with premium-support, quality, and comfort.

  • Saatva: Saatva is one of the best mattress manufacturers who keeps their customers on top of every bed they produce. If you are a back sleeper that weighs about and over 130 lbs, sleeps hot, and wants to choose the thickness and firmness of your bed, then you must check this distributor. With the foam's dual-coil and lumbar enhancement, guarantee to provide the perfect spine alignment support while alleviating pressure points. It's a hybrid mattress that balances pressure relief while keeping the right support needed by most back sleepers.
  • WinkBed: WinkBed understands the needs of every back sleepers and is ideal for most weight groups that suffer from backaches. It's the best mattress for couples who prefer a springy even surface less motion transfer. WinkBed has four types of firmness to select and meet individual preferences and demands, especially back sleepers, regardless of which group you are. With the right support and comfort that it provides, no wonder it's one of the must-check mattresses for back sleepers.
  • Leesa: Leesa is another mattress suitable for back sleepers that weigh under 230 lbs, ideal for hot sleepers, and couples who're looking for a balance bed with motion isolation and bounce. It offers the right body contouring support through even surfaces. It has a double-layer of a comforting system that comes with a pocketed coil-core support which is the key to a balanced feel of contour, pressure point relief, and perfect bounce. With excellent support for spine alignment, back sleepers under 230 lbs find this mattress heaven-sent.


Regardless of your body type, finding the right mattress is vital to alleviate hip and lower back pain. A mattress that offers close conforming must provide relief from common pressure points and provides adequate spine alignment support with a neutral position. Whether you go for a latex or memory foam, finding the right bed should enhance quality sleep, support and comfort, whichever sleep group you are.

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