5 Easy Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look More Luxurious

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

Family bonding can take place anywhere, but a kitchen is a place where most mothers, whether stay-at-home or working moms spend most of their time in the house. And that is one reason why you should actually like the way it looks. Every woman would love her kitchen to show elegance and expensiveness. It’s also the place where family members can gather to share meals and stories, or sipping wine with friends. It is the heart of the home, as they say, that is why it’s worth your every penny to remodel or decorate your kitchen!

Listed below are some of the easy ways to make your kitchen look more luxurious. 

1. Choose A Nice Color Palette And Texture

Your kitchen should make you happy every time you walk into it. Check trends, explore popular colors for your options, but make a choice that will make you happy. Though popular colors will be easier to find, there are classic options that will last for a lifetime. You can go for muted colors like cream or champagne or even mix two to three close colors, as it conveys a  very luxe vibe.  One tip is to choose a neutral color for your kitchen counters too. This will allow you to extend the life of your counters even if you redecorate or repaint your kitchen later on. It is also the biggest surface in your kitchen, which means that color is the first thing people will notice when they walk into the kitchen.

2. Change Lighting

Upgrading the lighting is another way to add style to your kitchen. Installing chandeliers is one perfect accessory to brighten it up. Even if you don’t have a major kitchen remodel, a simple lighting change is an impressive way to transform the area. You can put some dimmer lights and that instantly upgrade the feel of your kitchen, especially at night.

3. Upgrade The Cabinet Doors

Changing your cabinet doors will give your kitchen a fresh new style and a significant difference because it will seem new. It is one of the most important parts of a kitchen because it’s where we store our food and the tools and equipment we use for food preparation. Some material options are plywood, particleboard, red and white oak, the most commonly used are pine and stainless steel. But if you want to make it more luxurious, you can put it in glass for an open, modern look.  


4. Add A Window

You can either dress up your window if you have one or consider window stickers if a traditional window is not possible. It is another way to add a great view outside. You can also add some open shelves and put hanging ferns or flowers to add more life to the kitchen and make it more lavish. Should you decide to grow herbs, then it serves a dual purpose as you can also use it for cooking.

 5. Incorporate Furniture

A kitchen cart is recommended for people with small floor space and cannot have a kitchen island. Most utility carts have open shelving for more functionality. It comes in a variety of styles and features. There is a wide range of options for the Best Rolling Kitchen Carts and it would not take much of your time to find one that will best suit your needs. You can use the extra counter space of the cart for preparing meals and the shelves to store dishes or some supplies. If you have more cash to spend, be extravagant and go for an attractive and modern look rack to match your pretty colored kitchen!

Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to bring a new life into the home.  It can be exciting and there is a tendency to go over the budget with a lot of options on the market. That is why we have these tips to help you transform your kitchen to be more luxurious without spending a fortune!

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Ann Hills

My name is Ann Hills and I am a food blogger and a yoga teacher. When I was a child, I often got around my mother and watched her cooking in our kitchen. My mom always says to me that: “Kitchen is the heart of any home”. I strongly believe in her saying that’s reason why I prefer spending my money to make my home better than other stuff.

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