5 Home Remodeling Ideas for 2020

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

Any home will start to wear down after years of living in it, making it time for remodeling. Or, if you’ve just gotten your hands on a new property that doesn’t match your style, you can really make it trendy, stylish, and quite homey with a few renovation ideas.

So, whatever your reason, here are 5 home remodeling ideas for 2020 that will make your home feel good as new and match the latest trends for this year:

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is usually the heart of any home and remodeling it will really make you feel all the difference. In order to ensure you’re getting quality remodeling that will be able to withstand the regular use of your kitchen without wearing down quickly, you need trained craftspeople as well as a reliable remodeling contractor to ensure the quality, speed and overall appearance of the kitchen you’ll be renovating. The kitchen professionals over at https://madisonexteriorsandremodeling.com 
stress on the importance of professional planning when it comes to kitchen renovations. Your plans may as a homeowner is surely good, however always consult with experts before making it a reality as there may be underlying issues you did not know about. This year’s trends show islands in the middle of the kitchen as well as bold colored cabinets that really pop out instead of the neutral and white shades of previous years.


Vintage Furniture

It’s time to bring out your grandmother’s furniture pieces that you’ve been storing away for so long because one of the coolest trends of 2020 is the vintage look. You’ll not only feel cozy and comfortable with something your eyes are so familiar with, but it will also transform the feel of your home entirely by making it look super stylish, unique and match one of the most iconic trends of 2020. If you’re not willing to switch up all the furniture, you can add vintage frames to your walls or just make a corner vintage area with one iconic armchair and a lamp that will truly give the essence of the style without putting too much effort.

Bold Wallpaper

Another remodeling idea that is easy to make and will change the entire feel of the home is adding bold patterned wallpaper to your walls. You can choose between geometric shapes or floral patterns to match the style you like best. However, in order to ensure you’re still comfortable being around it at all times, you can either choose to display the wallpaper only on one wall, usually the one behind you to avoid it being too distracting, or you can think of fading out the pattern to give the vibe without it being too noisy. The best thing about wallpaper is that they have the power to really make a visible difference and can also be easily changed once you get bored of them.

Eco-Friendly Designs

Sustainability has been a trend for the past few years and is even stronger in 2020. This year, when remodeling, try to ensure that you’re using natural materials wherever possible. For example, when remodeling the kitchen, stick to granite, marble or natural woods as well as new versions of materials that are easily biodegradable. Natural materials and fabrics are becoming extremely popular even amongst fabrics and accessories using cotton and wool instead of synthetic materials in an approach to using as many eco-friendly materials as possible. This not only helps save the environment but also adds a super cool, warm and fuzzy feeling to your home due to the earthy and comfortable looking tones of most natural materials. You’ll also be happy to know that combining and layering different shades of nudes is a popular trend for many homes in 2020.

Change your Flooring

With the natural vibe being a key element of the 2020 trends, a remodeling project you need to do is change your flooring style, especially if you still have carpets. Instead of being extremely careful when it comes to carpets and spending a fortune on carpet cleaning products, this year is the year for wooden floors. While it can be a rather expensive renovation, there are other cheaper options that give off the same vibe such as wood-style laminate and vinyl. It’s a minimalistic and classy look that makes your home look clean and neat with minimal effort.

No matter the reason for renovating your home, it’s important to try and make it match the trends that 2020 has to offer to make your home feel new, trendy and cozy. Whether you’re looking for big changes or small ones, the above ideas will give your home a totally new character and make it feel as good as new.

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Ann Hills

My name is Ann Hills and I am a food blogger and a yoga teacher. When I was a child, I often got around my mother and watched her cooking in our kitchen. My mom always says to me that: “Kitchen is the heart of any home”. I strongly believe in her saying that’s reason why I prefer spending my money to make my home better than other stuff.

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