6 Healthy Tips to Keep the Parasites Away Now

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago
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Parasites are organisms that live off the host organisms. They infect your body through various means and invade internal organs to grow and reproduce. Most parasites don’t show any visible symptoms on the host. It is hard to tell if someone is infested with parasites just by looking at them.

However, some visible symptoms may occur such as stomach pain, constipation, weight loss among other symptoms. Most of the parasites come from contaminated foods and unhealthy environment.

You are constantly exposed to parasites, even when shaking hands. You can see why parasites are hard to control based on how they spread. They can cause different infections based on the type of parasite. The major infections include; Giardiasis, Toxoplasmosis, and Trichomoniasis. Parasitic infection usually goes away on their own, that’s if you have a good immune system. If the problem persists, you have to visit a doctor who will prescribe the best medication. Parasitic infections are tested by the stool method.

The good news is that before you consider going to the doctor. There are natural remedies that will help alleviate the problem before it occurs or after. This is good for you since conventional medicine has side effects and contraindications to your body. Prevention is better than cure. This leads us to our main theme in this discussion. According to the article Top Tips for Parasite Prevention: What to Avoid and Where Not to Go, if you have a parasite, you have to do more than just avoid the obvious sources of sugar such as baked goods and soda.

Healthy tips for parasite prevention

There are some practices that promote the spread of parasite larvae in your home or work environment. These are some of the things to avoid and where not to go.

1. Don’t drink water straight from the river
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River water might seem fresh and clean. But you have no idea of what happens upstream. People do a lot of activities in rivers, from fishing, washing laundry to dumping wastes. One of the wastes that are dangerous to your health is human waste. This kind of waste is full of parasite eggs and larvae.

Remember that parasites reproduce inside your body. The eggs are flushed out from the defecation. One of the dangerous larvae in river water is bilharzia flukes, they are spread by snails but infect the human liver. Other parasite eggs found in river water as a result of defecation is tapeworm and roundworm eggs. You should boil this water before consuming it.

2. Avoid sugary foods
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Sugars are known to feed the parasitic organisms. They lower your immunity in the long run. Some natural foods to feed on include; coconut oil, garlic, and onions. These foods are a natural parasite cleanse. They possess anti-parasitic properties. Do not forget herbs like oregano and ginger. They get rid of parasites.

3. Observe hygiene
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Most parasites are controlled simply by observing personal hygiene. Despite the many pre-disposing factors which some of them might be inevitable. Strict hygiene means boiling water before drinking and washing hands after visiting your washroom. These practices get rid of possible parasite eggs you might have picked up.

4. Shake hands when necessary
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This is not a good topic to discuss especially in our society. Handshakes are a sign of respect. You refuse to shake hands and you will be branded an outcast. Handshakes are also mediums in which parasites are passed on for instance, if someone greets you who came from the toilet without washing hands.

Despite observing strict hygiene, you contract the parasites. You should either avoid shaking hands or carry an anti-bacterial hand wash. This way you will be able to merge culture and health.

5. Don’t eat uncooked foods
Uncooked foods

Meat and pork are the main culprits here. They contain numerous parasites like tapeworms and roundworms. You should cook them for a long time to kill these parasite cysts. Otherwise, you will contract an infection. Make sure you boil meat products properly.

6. Avoid eating roadside foodstuffs
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Foods like processed foods and some grains like wheat. Some of these foods have been touched by many people when selecting them. Especially fruits, someone has to choose before buying. They feel the texture at the same time spread some parasitic eggs and cysts.

I mentioned wheat, wheat contains gluten and breaks down to sugars very quickly which feeds the parasites. The bottom line is to avoid processed roadside food and opt for fresh foods, or buy and re-cook or wash them thoroughly.

Natural remedies

Now that we have tackled the practices, let us now focus on the food and fruit types to eat. For maximum prevention, you should try out this natural remedy.

Papaya seeds- according to a study, a few children were divided into two. The different groups were each given a mixture of honey and papaya seed, while the rest of the group was given honey alone. Their stools were tested after a few days. It was established that those who took the mixture of papaya seed and honey had almost no parasitic cysts in their stool. This research was published in the journal of medicinal foods 2007 find full information here.

Pumpkin seeds- research shows that pumpkin seed is high in fatty acids and compounds such as palatine and curcubitine. These substances have been found to have some anti-parasitic activities. These particular products are found in the seeds.

Take these foods

  • Eat food containing vitamin A and B
  • Consume more food that rebuild your gut bacteria like yoghurt
  • Daily intake of vegetables like potatoes and squash
  • Any beta-carotene containing foods like carrots, they increase resistance in the body

Parasitic infections can be prevented by these means mentioned above. Maintain hygiene, boil water before drinking. Wash hands after visiting the toilet and cook food properly. They seem very simple instructions to follow, but the repercussions can be fatal. Let us all preach the gospel of prevention rather than opt for conventional medicine. Try these natural remedies before seeking medication. They are effective, according to some researchers who carried out these experiments.

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