8 Effective Ways to Feel More Awake Every Morning

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

Every day we wake up and get over the day. We have our routine set, our work schedule cut out for us, and it’s up to us to tackle that day with as much as we can to get the job done. For most of us though, finding the energy to keep going is difficult. Everybody goes through it. It’s not at all an uncommon dilemma. Why this happens cannot be pinpointed to a single thing. Instead, it’s everything from electronics and sound stimulation, to diet and exercise. Sometimes it’s because we want to fit so much into our off time that we forget we need sleep.

To address this, here are 8 highly effective ways to feel more awake every single morning.


Coffee is the backbone of the modern industry. It’s so deeply ingrained into the way we operate and function that it’s mere mention cannot be separated from the start of a good day. Why? It works! Everyone, from Coffee Roasters in Dubai to you at home enjoys the effects and the sensation of a fresh cup. You don’t have to be an expert in coffee, although it’s becoming fashionable these days.  But knowing where it comes from and getting the full scoop on how it’s made can support local and growing businesses around the world. Coffee, without a doubt, takes the number one spot in wakefulness. There is a reason why it’s the number one most consumed beverage in the world. It is officially a global commodity.


For those that think coffee is a bit too intense, there are other options in terms of caffeine content. Tea, for example, has a much lower caffeine content you can use to substitute. A good English Breakfast or Earl Grey has enough punch and flavor to wake someone up without enduring the jitters. Couple that with the naturally occurring L-theanine and you’ve got yourself a fairly even and sustainable level of alert throughout the day. Also, it’s a good idea to switch it up every once in a while. You can always go back to coffee, but trying tea might be fun.



People roll their eyes at exercise. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, get a jog in and we’re good.” That’s a very shortsighted view rooted in baseless exceptionalism. What it means to exercise is to increase your baseline of physical output. If you can do that, your baseline levels of energy increase as well. These are all part of a stress and recovery balance that pushes your ability to move just a bit further, inch by inch. The perception of being awake or sleepy becomes second to your ability to do more, faster. That’s truly being awake. So keep up a workout schedule. Don’t overdo it. If you mix some resistance training with cardio, you’ll be amazed by how far you can go.


We’ve all been told that the sun is bad. In heavy, direct amounts, it can be. But a few minutes of good sunlight can do wonders for your body. The natural vitamin D that’s produced through sun exposure directly affects the production of wakefulness and mood-stabilizing hormones. In fact, vitamin D is involved in thousands of metabolic processes that all contribute to the feeling of wakefulness. Most westerners are vitamin D deficient. That stems from a life inside the office while the sun is at prime vitamin producing capacity. If you have the chance, stand in the sun for a bit. If you can walk to work, do so. Whatever you can do to give yourself that natural advantage.


Music is always a part of our hype routine, as it should. Music can get people to a place where they’re amped up to take on anything. That’s the beauty of music. It can bring out different emotional states just through sound. How it works is similar to how most of our senses work. They pass through our memory bank and, you guessed it, our bank of emotions. It’s why we remember and feel certain moments through smell. It’s why a song takes us back to the 4th grade. Sound is powerful. So take your playlist and make sure you got something in there that gets you ready to get anything done. Eye of The Tiger seems to work for Manny Pacquiao. What’s your walkout track?

Get Some Food In

If you’re lacking energy, it could be a lack of calories. If you’re taking on the day with a solid calorie deficit, it may be beneficial for your waistline, but it will definitely kill your energy levels. If you’re trying to keep up a diet, try and make sure you get enough calories when it counts. Something protein-rich with an equal amount of carbs to start out the day has always been a good standard. Don’t fall for the sugary cereal trap. That’s way too much sugar. You’ll crash by around 10am. Remember how difficult the third period was in high school? That’s why. Eat something nutrient-dense and reasonably sized.

Stay Hydrated

In the same way, you should have something in your stomach, staying hydrated allows for your body to get everything done that requires water. Fortunately for us, everything requires water. Take in a quart of water before anything else in the morning and see the difference it makes.


Sleep is the most underrated performance enhancer. If you have adequate sleep, you’re able to perform at your max. REM sleep is the only way we truly recover and get rid of metabolic wastes. Without it, we get back up with so many different complications, including insulin resistance and beta-amyloid plaques in the brain. Do yourself a favor: put down the phone and get some sleep.

Being awake and alert is a matter of having all the things fall into place. Wakefulness is a byproduct of overall health. It may seem like a big thing to tackle as a whole, but staying hydrated, exercising, and eating properly can contribute greatly. The factors that affect and mediate how you feel in the morning are directly related to your metabolism, aka, your engine. Above all else, though, a great cup of coffee never hurt. Get both in. Enjoy your day.

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Ann Hills

My name is Ann Hills and I am a food blogger and a yoga teacher. When I was a child, I often got around my mother and watched her cooking in our kitchen. My mom always says to me that: “Kitchen is the heart of any home”. I strongly believe in her saying that’s reason why I prefer spending my money to make my home better than other stuff.

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