8 Health Benefits that Drinking Distilled Water Gives

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

Before beginning to address the endless benefits of switching to drinking only distilled water, we need to discuss the term and what it means. The distillation process depends on separating the components of the water by boiling it until the water evaporates and turns into steam. Then, the water is cooled to its liquid state. This process removes and eliminates contaminants from the water, which includes all the harmful chemicals, inorganic minerals, and heavy metals. To understand more about the benefits of distilled water and why you should abandon tap water, here are 8 health advantages to drinking distilled water.

Avoiding Dangerous Health Conditions

A study that was done by Texas A&M has proved that water contaminated by the presence of nitrates may lead to baby birth defects such as missing limbs. Barium is another metal that is usually found in water and could lead to other health issues such as heart conditions. Another study that has been done on lab animals has found barium to be directly linked to high blood pressure problems. The copper in tap water might increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Though studies have discovered direct links between drinking unclean tap water and health problems, there might be more problems that we are not aware of.

This Process is Better

The distillation process is considered to be the best because it’s the most natural process that doesn’t require any crazy methods or machines.  The hydrological cycle is the process of continuous circulation of water in the Earth-atmosphere system. The distillation process is the most purifying way that is highly similar to this natural cycle. While distillers are used to boiling unclean water to reach the vapor state to kill viruses and bacteria, minerals and harmful chemicals are left in the liquid state.

Most distillers have coils to cool water back to its original state. The use of this device has stopped being exclusive to hospitals and people started getting one for every house, reviewers have started writing water distiller reviews to help people find the best type and model that will suit their needs. The comparison of the different distillers in terms of water production, how easy it is to use the device, and the different dimensions all help potential buyers find their target.

A Natural Detox

People often decide to go for a detox once they start noticing any issues with their bowel movements, colon, or stomach pains. Drinking distilled water works on that need before it even exists. Using this purified water is perfect during a cleanse because it removes toxins from your body and cleanses your system. Since tap water is processed with fluoride, spending a couple of weeks without these chemicals and minerals sounds like the perfect way to start caring for your body and detoxifying it.

Staying Away From Inorganic Minerals

Some people are under the wrong impression that we need the organic minerals found in water for our daily intake. Yet, it was proven that 8 glasses of tap water would only give you 15% of these minerals at best. The biggest worry right here should not be about not getting your daily intake of minerals as you can get that easily from your food. The real issue is consuming these minerals with inorganic harmful ones that could do more harm than good. These types of minerals could cause serious complications if ingested at high levels.

Avoid Chlorine

To make tap water safe and drinkable, it’s a well-known fact that chlorine is added to the water to keep it clean for consumption. If you have spent enough time in swimming pools, you will know the smell and taste the difference between tap water with chlorine and distilled water without it. While chlorine is added to kill bacteria and viruses, and it does its job effectively, the chemical element could easily become a serious problem if combined with other compounds. Presence of this chemical element and can be an increased risk of cancer.

Improved Digestion

Without all the harmful chemicals and inorganic minerals that get stuck in your body, it will be so much easier to avoid their problematic effect and for your body to start absorbing nutrients properly. Drinking purified water without any pollutants can free your body from its detrimental effects so it can function properly. This will lead to a better absorption of vitamins and all the healthy minerals that your body needs.

Better Hair

If you tend to travel a lot, you must have noticed how your hair changes in its feel and look with every place you visit. This goes back to the quality of the water you are using for your showers and baths. If your hair looks dull, dry, lifeless, or frizzy, the first thing you need to be looking at before spending thousands of dollars on hair care products and endless is the water you are using, whether for drinking or for taking showers. Using distilled water prevents buildup that might occur with unclean tap water, leading to frizzy hair.

Better Skin

Water can affect your skin just as it affects your hair. Breakouts that ruin your day, even when you have been following your skincare routine without introducing any changes to it or to the food you normally consume, happen for only one more reason: The water you are drinking and using for washes. Switching to distilled water might do wonders for your skin like you have never imagined before, decreasing breakouts and actually nourishing it more.

Distilled water can prevent many diseases, skin and hair problems, and digestion and bowel movement issues. People who are interested in a healthy lifestyle, where they pay particular attention to the quality of their food, should definitely be taking a step further and opting for distilled water as well. Incorporating it into your everyday life will definitely yield great results, and you’ll feel much better. Buying organic food and grass-fed meat is awesome for our health; however, caring about the quality of the water we are drinking is just as important.

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