Best Carpet Cleaner Machine of 2020 – Say Goodbye To Dirty Rugs

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago
Best Carpet Cleaner Machine

Carpets - we all have them, we love them, but cleaning them is an enormous task that requires loads of effort and time.

If you’re looking for a simpler way of dealing with this chore, I invite you to check out today’s article where I’ll review, but also help you choose the best carpet cleaner machine that money can buy. 

Say goodbye to stains and dust, and get to reading!

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet: Comparison Chart of 2019’s Top Products

In the table below, you can see close comparison of the four candidates for the best carpet cleaner machine. Have a look and see which one seems interesting to you:

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Best Carpet Cleaner Machine: 2019’s Top Recommendations & Reviews

1. Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer - Best Budget-Friendly Pick

Desperate for a clean carpet but low on cash? We’ve all been there at some point, and luckily, the lovely people over at Hoover thought of us too! Meet the FH50150 Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer that packs the best bang for the buck.

Why should you consider buying this one?

Besides its low price, this machine can give your rugs one heck of a cleaning. Its has a 1200W engine which is some serious power. The real charm of FH50150 are the 360 degree rotating brushes which will pick up anything in their way.

When it comes to the water tank, this model has two - one for clean and one for dirty water, and their combined capacity is 3.7 liters. This technology ensures that only the clean water touches the carpet so no dirt will accidentally make its way back.

FH50150 is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and its narrow head will let you reach some awkward areas like under the chairs or between objects. It also has a crevice and upholstery tools for the tight spots.

How is it so cheap? What’s the catch?

Well, there is a catch. The machine sprays water somewhat unevenly so some spots will take longer to dry. Also, the water tank is rather small and requires frequent refills.

You get what you pay for, right?

Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer


  • Very low price
  • Rotating brushes provide thorough cleaning
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Two water tanks ensure immaculate cleaning


  • It sprays water unevenly
  • Water needs to be changed frequently


  • Lightweight (19 lbs)
  • 360 degree rotating brushes
  • Separate water tanks for clean and dirty water with 3.7l total capacity
  • Includes crevice and upholstery tools

2. Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning – Best for Pet Owners

Besides love, our furry friends bring a lot of hair into our homes; hair that needs to be cleaned up. So, for this reason, I’ve picked out a carpet cleaner machine that’s perfect for the job.

Do you have pets?

If yes, then Bissell Big Green carpet cleaner might be the one for you! However, don’t associate this model only with the word “pets”, as this bad boy is one powerful cleaning machine that’ll leave your rugs sparkling.

One of the main advantages of this product lies in its rotating brush system which is able to sink deep into the carpet and pick up everything from animal hair, urine, and vomit stains, to plain old dirt. Big Green’s power amounts to an incredible 1320W, and it has a huge 6.6 liter water tank, ideal for cleaning large surfaces.

The handheld handle that can be connected to the machine is ideal for cleaning furniture or spots that are hard to reach.

Now, the not so good:

Similar to the previous model, Bissell Big Green is big and heavy, and because of this, it’s challenging to clean edges with it. It’s price is also relatively high, so not everyone might be able to afford it.

Other than that, this model can do pretty much anything and is one of the best currently on the market.

Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning – Best for Pet Owners


  • Cleans animal hair as well as urine and puke stains
  • Very powerful and has a large water tank
  • It can clean furniture too


  • It is very big and heavy
  • Its design makes it problematic to clean edges
  • It’s pretty expensive


  • 1320 watts of suction power and 6.6l water tank
  • Rotating brushes perform deep cleaning
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Handheld handle with a hose for cleaning remote spots

3. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner – Editor’s Pick

The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is a top-of-the-line carpet cleaner machine that has everything you’d want out of such a device. Simply speaking, this is a well-rounded product, and now we’re going to see what it can do.

The product is capable of two different cleaning settings to ensure that you remove even the most persistent of stains from your rugs. First, there is standard mode that uses dual cross action brushes.  Second, if the standard mode doesn’t cut it, you can use the Super Boost setting to very dirty spots.

Aside from this, the machine has very strong suction which helps the carpets dry faster, and you know how important that is.

What are it’s technical details?

This cleaner has a 3.7l water tank and 1300 watts of power, so while its capacity is from being the highest, its wattage is monster-like!

Despite not being a multi-purpose machine, Deep Carpet Cleaner is a pretty versatile device. Besides rugs, it can clean your stairs (if you have carpeting on them), upholstery, and even mattresses.

Now, it does have a few problems:

The attachment tool doesn’t always work and this may give you headaches. Also, the construction doesn’t feel very sturdy and the front part of the machine can’t be removed for cleaning. Oh yeah, the company’s customer support has a bad rep too.

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner – Editor’s Pick


  • Quality and versatile carpet cleaner
  • Super Boost setting allows you to remove persistent stains
  • It has very powerful suction


  • The construction feels weak
  • The attachment tool is sometimes problematic
  • Customer support is quite bad


  • Super Boost setting for removing stains
  • Dual Cross Action brushes
  • 1300 watts of power and 3.7l water tank capacity
  • Can clean carpets, upholstery, staircases, and furniture

4. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 – Best High-End Option

You’ve got money but time isn’t your strong point? Then you need something that’ll give your carpets such a deep cleaning that you won’t have to clean them again for quite some time. Yes, such a device exists, and it’s called the Rug Doctor X3 Mighty Pro.

What’s so great about it?

How does “heavy-duty” sound to you? To me, it usually means “quality” and this is exactly the case with this machine.

X3 Mighty Pro is able to clean in a single-pass what other cleaners can’t do with five. Its triple action brush allows it to get deeper into the carpet than many of its competitors, and scrape out any dirt it touches. On top of this, its powerful vacuum shortens the drying time to a bare minimum.

The machine is powerful - 1200 W, to be precise, and it utilizes an 11.4l tank, an absolute winner in this article. These two features combined enable you to thoroughly clean very large surfaces without ever stopping to change the water - you’ll do that when you’re done.

Those concerned with versatility will be happy to find out that X3 Mighty Pro has a hose and an attachment that’ll enable them to clean the stairs as well as upholstery.

Is there something that you won’t like?

Well, there’s the obvious high-price issue which might throw off some folks. Also, it’s quite big and heavy so maneuvering it isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 – Best High-End Option


  • Very powerful and has a giant water tank
  • There’s a hose and attachment for stairs and upholstery
  • Dries the carpets quickly
  • It can easily clean a dirty rug in one pass


  • It’s one of the priciest carpet cleaner machines out there
  • It’s quite bulky and heavy


  • 1200 watts of suction power and a 11.4l water tank
  • Hose and attachment for upholstery and stairs
  • Triple action brush for deep cleaning
  • Single button function

How to Pick the Carpet Cleaner Machine: Buyer’s Guide & Tips

Ok, so you’ve seen the reviews and all the products seem like they can do the job, right?

Now it’s time to find out which factors constitute the best carpet cleaner machine.

First, you need to know that there are two different types of carpet cleaner machines:

  • Standard 
  • Multifunctional

The former can only clean carpets while the latter doubles as a vacuum cleaner too. Now that you’ve learned this, it’s time to dig into their characteristics a bit deeper.

You may proceed with your reading!

What’s the Size of the Surface That You’ll Be Cleaning?

How many carpets do you have? Are they large or small? Is perhaps your entire home covered with a carpet-like material?

Answer these questions before moving on!

If you need to clean large surface carpets, then you should look for a cleaner with a large tank. A tank than can hold a lot of water will not require frequent emptying and refilling, so you’ll be able to clean your entire house in one go.

Certain models even have separate tanks for dirty and clean water, and these will give you the best possible results.

On the other hand, those who have one or several small carpets shouldn’t worry about this much, as a tank of any size is going to work fine for them.

Suction Power 

This is pretty much a no-brainer as we all know what power means. Basically, a cleaner machine with a lot of suction power will be able to reach the deepest layers of the carpet and suck up all the dirt.

How do you know how powerful the machine is?

It’s simple, just take a look at the wattage. The power of these devices ranges from 500W to around 1800W on average, and the higher it is, the better it’s going to clean your carpet.

Understand that carpet cleaner machines are quite loud (around 70 db on average) and more power often means more noise, so keep this in mind!

Ann Hills

Cleaning Head

The type of cleaning head that will be the most optimal for you depends on several factors.

The first question to answer is whether you have pets? If yes, then search for a cleaning head that will be able to pick up animal hair even in the fluffiest of rugs.

The second thing that you need to consider is what kind of carpet you have - is it fine or rugged? For example, brush rollers do not penetrate deeply into the fabric so the would be more suitable for thin and delicate rugs. Thick carpets will require heads that can go deep and get out all of the dirt.

Water Tank Heater 

Folks who are suffering from asthma or dust-mite allergy might want to look for a model with a water tank heater.

“Why does this matter?”, you may ask.

The idea behind this invention is to keep the temperature of the water higher than what dust-mites and some microorganisms can survive in. Thus, by cleaning a carpet with warm water, you will rid it of these unwanted organisms with a higher success rate.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Absolutely. However, you will need to look for cleaning solutions that are suitable for the machine that you have if you want it to operate optimally.

Additional Attachments & Tools

We all want versatility right? Yes! For some people, it’s more and for some less important, but it couldn’t hurt to have a few extra attachments with your carpet cleaner machine.

The most common additions to this device include:

  • Crevice tools
  • Small brushes (spot cleaning and upholstery)
  • Stair cleaning tool
  • Air-powered brushes

As I’ve said, some of these tools might be necessities for you while others are nothing more than neat extras. Either way, do not buy a carpet cleaner machine only because of the additional attachments but make sure first to check out the previous factors that I presented.

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

As always, the time has come to wrap this article up, and I’m going to do that by commenting on the winning product - Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner.

Why did I choose it?

One of the main reasons for my decision is the product’s versatility. It is also powerful and goes for a reasonable price, so I feel that it is the closest thing to satisfying everyone’s needs.

What do you say? Do you agree or disagree with me?  Let me know in the comments below!

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