Best Carpet Cleaner 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago
Best Carpet Cleaner

Selecting a carpet cleaner is not a difficult task, but you should take some minute to think exactly why you need to own a carpet cleaner. For those who have carpets in the house, they all want to keep it clean with smelling fresh. You can choose either to hire a carpet cleaner or pay a company to do the hard work for you. However, if you are hiring carpet cleaners more than three times per year, it’s time to look for a home carpet cleaner. With many technical details, you are easy to get lost in the market. Our review today will help you to find the best carpet cleaner  to your house. The list of 10 best carpet cleaner 2019 will bring the enough information for your house use.

How To Choose The Best Carpet Cleaner

It is such a difficult question. Before start shopping, you should stop a minute to think what kind of carpet cleaner is your need. Let’s point out the answer to this question.

01. How will you use your best carpet cleaner?

The important point to consider is that you use the carpet cleaner for a large area or tidy carpet, from that you will know how big enough your carpet cleaner should be. Another point which affects the capacity of carpet cleaner is how often you will use it. If it’s used on a regular basis you should keep in mind to the weight of carpet clean. For this reason, the weight around 13 pounds could be a suitable option.

02. What do you want from a carpet cleaner?

Don’t think this is a silly question. We all know carpet cleaner helps to clean the carpet but what the thing in carpet needs to clean will affect your choice. If you own pets, they leave stains and pet hair then you will need a cleaner that is designed with the feature to do that job, such as the baskets to collect the hair from the pets and eliminate odors. If you have small children, you will want a cleaner using safe chemical or just hot water and deep clean in the feature are enough.

03. What are the most carpet cleaner features?

In term of feature, there are some points which can help to make cleaning speedier and more effective. These, of course, can push up the price but it’s worth to think about. Here are the carpet cleaner features to consider

  • Hot air drying: this function helps to keep a dryer carpet while most of the carpet cleaner is having wet carpets for several hours. If the carpet cleaner has built-in hot air drying systems, it’s worth to consider.
  • Brush: a carpet cleaner is designed with brush rollers, or individual rotating small brushes which can move or be mixed one. The roller brushes are good for delicate carpets whereas the individual brushes offer deeper clean and give more aggressive scrub.
  • Water reservoir: You should choose the cleaner which has a large water tank and separately with the clean and dirty reservoir. It saves your time to refill and works more effective. Additional, if the cleaning machine has a built in heater system, it will increase the effectiveness of washing by water warm.
  • Attachment package. Pay attention to the accessories come with the machine because you will need them for different surface or purpose of cleaning.
  • Easy to operate. Let’s image you have to often use your carpet cleaner but it’s very hard to operate you will feel the cleaning work harder than normal. That’s why a friendly machine is always expected.

Hoover is an American company based in North Canton, Ohio from 1908. Carpet cleaners offered by Hoover provide the deep clean by lifting and eliminating the stains and dirt embedding on your carpet. Hoover carpet cleaner has patented brush system and special detergents to safely wash your carpet. Besides, the machine is equipped with dual tank separate water to help clean up easily.

Best Carpet Cleaner 2019

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01. Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Best Carpet Cleaner

The first product of Hoover to review is Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner. The good quality product of carpet clean has only 19 pounds weight and is designed to clean carpet, area spots, pet messes, and upholstery. As every Hoover carpet cleaner, this machine has patented Spin Scrub Technology which uses the counter – rotating brushes to wash and groom all sides of carpet fibers for a 360 degree clean. Two separate water tanks are easy to fill water and empty the dirty water. Let’s see the outstanding feature and drawback of this lightweight product.


  • Automatic Detergent Mixing System. Detergent and water are mixed with a right balance of proportion for optimal cleaning result.
  • Separate wash and rinse mode. After cleaning the carpet with soap and water by wash mode, the rinse option which only uses water will remove the soap residue from the surface of the carpet. This is a good function to keep the carpet has less soap chemical, and it’s safer for children or pet.
  • Lots of hand tools. The product is offered with a package of various hand tools to clean different type of surface or area includes upholstery tool, stair tool, crevice tool, Spin Scrub hand tool, 8-foot hose. These removable tools make your job becomes simply to cover any tiny spots of a sofa or under the seat.
  • Long cord length. 20 feet power cord allows you do lots of cleaning before unplugging or moving.


  • The drawback of a lightweight cleaner is that it has less capacity of the water tank. It means you will need to refill it quite often to clean full your house and it’s harder if you own a big house.

Hoover FH50150 Carpet is a good example of Hoover’s quality because this product has been received many good reviews from users. This carpet cleaning has been on the top selling in the consecutive year and it seems to keep up in 2017.

02. Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner ZZ550

If you are getting bored with the basic function of your carper cleaner, you are looking for a versatile machine which can clean both carpet and bare floor; Shark Sonic Duo may be the answer for you. This model is designed by a young name Shark Ninja which is one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing companies in the US.Shark Sonic Duo is scrubbing machine which uses the pads and detergent to scrub into the surface, unlock stubborn dirt or stains from the floor or carpet then they will be vacuumed by other traditional cleaners. The machine is equipped with two function modes for hard floor and carpet and electronic spray button. This design of Shark comes with different washable pads which are lasting at least 20 washes and four cleaning solutions for various cleaning purpose.


  • A versatile machine. The outstanding point of Sonic Duo is that it can use to clean both carpet and hardwood or any other hard floor by a scrubbing action with the capacity of 1000 scrubs per minute. It works very well to polish the bare floor.
  • Easy to operate. The design is nice and friendly for the most user. You can easy to maneuver by the swivel steering.
  • Full package for versatile cleaning. Sonic Duo includes 5 different pads and four different bottles of solution for carpet shampoo, pretreated carpet stain and odor remover, hard floor cleaner and one for hard floor polish. These pads and solution are available online once you need to replace them.


  • There is no suction feature; it means you need an additional another machine to do this job whenever using Shark Sonic Duo.
  • Pretty heavy for a portable cleaning machine.

This machine works more effective with hard floor to make it clean and polishing. You can consider Sonic Duo like an additional household machine to have the deep cleaning. This is not an ideal product if it works independently.

03. Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac with Clean Surge Best Carpet Cleaner Machine F5914900

SteamVac F5914900 is another popular product of Hoover in the market. This is product represent the long history of Hoover because it has been tried and tested for more than ten years. F5914900 is equipped with two patented technologies of Spin Scrub and Clean Surge control which applies extra detergent to stains and heavy traffic areas. The old model of Hoover has not only separate clean and dirty water tank but also 12 amps motor of power. Users find this machine is very easy to assemble with the great design of hand tools.


  • Multi-speed brush control. This cleaner is equipped with three speeds of brush which set from high for normal cleaning, low for gentle cleaning and off for spill pick-up that bring a deep clean for your carpet. Furthermore, five different brushes can spin and scrub dirt effectively.
  • Quickly dry up. One of the big concerns when using cleaning machine is how long it takes to get dry. Hoover SteamVac deals well with this issue. While it takes out the water from carpet another part of the machine is flowing heated air to make the carpet faster dry.
  • Very affordable price. This product comes with a very reasonable price for all motor power and packet of these features.


  • The flipside of this clean is that you have to put the hot water in handy. It means you have to prepare hot water before cleaning the carpet. It seems to be inconvenience part of your cleaning job.
  • No separate space for detergent. Because this is old design, so it doesn’t have the separate detergent compartment to save on detergent is not mixed up with the clean water.
  • Shorter warranty of 1 year than other product of Hoover.

In overall, the Hoover SteamVac is a good choice for the value price, effective and easy to use and suits for soiled carpets and pets owners.

04. Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220

The last model of Hoover to review today is Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner FH50220. The product is designed with a modern technology of MaxExtract which is the most advanced combination of multi-action agitation, carpet washing, dirt removal and direct heat drying to bring you a deep clean and heat to speed up dry time. The clean machine seems to be the result of the combination between FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub and SteamVac F5914900. It has the separate detergent compartment and good review mode and extra fast drying time with the most feature of every Hoover cleaner. Let’s point more pros and cons of FH50220.


  • Pressurized Edge-to-Edge Cleaning: For those who need to deal with high level of carpet dirty, or the pet owner, this feature works very well to keep your carpet a deep clean. The Max Extract 60 Pressure constantly and relentlessly sprays a wall of pressurized water to remove the stubborn stains and dirt.
  • Wide path. With the brush of 6 head and 60 counter-rotating brushes, it’s easy to cover the ground, help you to clean faster. This cleaner has wider cleaning path with 13 inches you can save your time when clean a wide space and multiple types of carpets.
  • Easy to use. The new model is easy to operate. Water tank size is bigger than FH50150 and F5914900 and easy to align and snap in place.


  • Heavy. Its weight 20 pounds, you will feel hard to use the machine frequently and move up and down the stair.
  • Poor hand tools package. If compare to Power Scrub Deluxe and SteamVac which have various hand equipment to suit with many surfaces and tiny spot, the hand tools package of MaxEtract 60 Pressure Pro is really poor and disadvantage point.
  • High level of price than the most family product of Hoover.

In fact, the modern model of Hoover is not an optimal choice of users. The design with much up-to-date technique seems not to be attractive than the older design; even it can help you to have a deeper cleaning.

Bissell is another brand name of floor care product which has headquarters in Michigan US. The company even has long history rather than Hoover and this is a good manufacturer of floor care market in North American in terms of sales. Let’s review several their product to see if they are your home’s choice.

05. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

Rug Doctor is a leading brand name of cleaning machine. The company offers both of selling carpet cleaner and rental solution for their customer. Compare with Bissell and Hoover this is a young name in the cleaning industry of 40 years operation. All products of Rug Doctor are certified from Carpet Rug Institute (CRI) which is an independent organization that investigates on air – quality, carpet lifespan and particularly on cleaning machines. Rug Doctor’s product is rated as Gold for best in cleaning performance.


  • 75% more suction compared to leading upright deep carpet cleaners. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner offers a strong suction which quickly removes more dirt and water from your carpet, then speeds up the drying time.
  • Dual cross action brush system. The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner has an advanced rotating and vibrating brushing system that works better to make deep clean.
  • A lot of hand tools. The machine of Rug Doctor comes with many hand tools: stain tool, stair tool, autos tool. With these tools, you can easy use the machine for cleaning upholstery, car interior or hard to reach the area.
  • Easy to use. This model is heavy carpet cleaner with 25-pound weight but it’s well designed with large carpet-friendly wheels to easily maneuver.


  • Hard to clean brushes on the front of the machine. These brushes cannot remove out of the cleaner, so when it get dirty, you have to lay the machine down and wipe down from there. The dirty water is on the back side of the machine, so make sure you empty it before laying down the machine. This weak point really makes a mess when you clean your machine.
  • Cord wrap and tool wrap on the back of cleaner are not nice at all. It’s is worse designed.

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is a full-size cleaning machine with the full design of 12-inch cleaning path, two water tanks, and 28-foot cord length. With the power suction, it can remove the deep stain and more dirt. This is the best choice to replace a rental machine by a good cleaning performance.

06. BISSELL DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner, 17N4

Another model of Bissell and specialize on pets is Bissell Deep Clean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner 17N4. The machine is equipped with 12 rows of dual rotating power brush. The feature does a good job to eliminate pet hair and stain. The HeatWave technology is design inside this cleaner to keep constant warm water for better cleaning performance.


  • The good pet tools. The Bissell 17N4 comes with the pet tools for better cleaning. The Deep Reach tool or 3 inches Tough Stain Brush helps to clean suborn pet stains. The great idea of pet hair basket helps to stop and catch more hair before it gets stuck and causes more odor problem.
  • Easy to operate, clean and maintain in good condition and store when not being in use with a lightweight.
  • Fast drying time. The technology of Edge Sweep brushes clean against baseboards and Surround Suction helps dry surfaces fast. This feature ensures that the carpet doesn’t get too wet after cleaning and speed up the drying time.


  • No actual built – in the heater. The Heatwave Technology is to keep the hot water which is filled by the user. It cannot heat up the water from inside.
  • Single water tank. There is one water tank to hold both of the clean and dirty water.
  • A short cord of 12 inches. If you have a big area of the room need to clean, this is exactly the disadvantage of Bissell Deep Clean 17N4.

In overall, Bissell Deep Clean 17N4 is not an outstanding model of Bissell. It does just enough work for cat or dog owner to clean pet stains and eliminate pet hair. The good point of this product over others is the pet hair basket. It works very well to daily clean pet hair.

07. McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

Another versatile product is McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner. This is the only one steam machine in a true sense out of 10 products today. The purpose of the manufacturer doesn’t only focus on cleaning the carpet. It’s an ideal for multiple choice of cleaning your whole house, from the kitchen area, kitchen tools, floor, and outdoor furniture to trucks, cars, wheels or any other hard materials.

The power of steam allows you remove suborn grease and grime from the kitchen tools or metal materials without using the chemical. The design is lightweight with 15 foot of power cord help you to move this machine everywhere for cleaning. It takes only 8 minutes to heat up 48-ounce water reservoir and offers about 45 minutes of continuous steam cleaning. The lock switch will avoid you use all power at the same time and keep your cleaning longer before you have to wait for next heating up.


  • Lots of accessories. McCulloch MC1275 comes with 18 different accessories for the versatile purpose. You have different choice to use on upholstery or hard to reach the area of your garage.
  • Safety and natural machine. You don’t need use any chemical on your cleaning. It bases on the strong power of steam to do the job. There is nothing worry when using McCulloch MC1275 if you are allergic to detergent.
  • Good time of cleaning before re-built up. The product offers at least 45 minutes of steam cleaning by a large water tank of nearly 50 and 8 minutes heating up. 45 minutes of continuous cleaning is a good feature of a portable machine.


  • It’s loud. Like the almost steam machine, McCulloch MC1275 is loud during using, especially louder indoor.
  • You have to wait for rebuilding up. It doesn’t work well if you clean while it is heating up. When the red light hasn’t yet turned off, it means the steam is not ready to use. It takes a while for the tank getting cool and water can be added.
  • There is no storage to keep all accessories. It makes a bit messy because you don’t know to keep many accessories.

Although there are some drawbacks but McCulloch MC1275 is a good product for those who are interested in a steam machine for multiple purposes of cleaning. With high pressure of steam power and variety type of attachment, the steam cleaner is designed for toughest jobs of cleaning in your area.

08. Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner Machine

The first model of Bissell you want to know that is a giant carpet cleaner – Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning 86T3. This big cleaning machine can compare with a rental carpet cleaner because it brings a good level of clean for your carpet. Using the patented DirtLifter power brushing technology, it works effectively to clean more dirt and remove the smelling of pet urine, stains or vomit.


  • Forward and backward cleaning. The design with a rotating power brush helps to clean both of forward and backward and be safe your time to clean a big area since most of another machine can only clean in on direction.
  • Large water tank capacity. Like a rental carpet cleaner, Bissell Green Deep has a large water tank. It can contain 1.75 gallons of water which is much bigger than the most of the regular cleaner. This means you can clean up more carpet area before need to refill.
  • Adjustable Tank Handle. The adjustable tank handle gives you a comfortable posture while cleaning. You can set the tank handle to fit your height.
  • Five years warranty. Bissell Big Green offers a good warranty policy. While regular cleaning machine has 1 – 2 years warranty, this product comes with five years limited warranty.


  • Heavyweight. The drawback of the machine to compare with a rental cleaner is that the 40 pound of weight. Bissell Big Green is a really heavy machine. That means you will have to bear in mind if you want to move it up or downstairs. If you are looking for a light and compact cleaner, it’s not your choice.
  • Doesn’t get well into the corners or tiny spot. With a big shape of brush part, Bissell Big Green meets the difficulty with the edge of a carpet, to deal with this situation you will need to use the upholstery tool.

Besides these things, the high price tag may be the main downside of this model what make the most users concern about. However, if you have a wide range of budget and want to have a good quality of cleaning machine which is easy to operation and offer a deep clean, you can think about Bissell Big Green to save time and money by renting a professional company.

09. BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner, 14259 – Corded

As the name of this model, Bissell Litter Green Pro Heat Compact 14259 stands out with the built in heater. It helps to heat water up to 25 degrees hotter. This is a good idea for many users because hot water often more effective cleaning. It comes with two flexible hand tools: Tough stain tool and crevice tool to reach the narrow spots. Let find the machine with the pros and cons to getting more information for your choice.


  • Lightweight and compact design. Bissell Litter Green Pro Heat weighs only 13 pounds before fill two-year. This compact design is the best for cleaning small area. The machine works very well in cleaning car interior like carpet and upholstery, as well as this is a great choice for the house with small children.
  • The Litter Green PoHeat. This technology allows you to use the power of heat to remove stains. After you fill water in, within 30 seconds the water will get the cleaning temperature. This cleaning machine of Bissell owns an eco-friendly design when it contains at least 50% recycled plastic.
  • Two separate water tanks. Even the compact design, Bissell Litter Green is equipped with two water tanks for clean and dirty water. With 48 oz dirty tank capacity, you save time to empty it.


  • Empty the tanks after use. You have to empty and rinse the water tanks after use, especially the dirty tank. There are several feedbacks that it leaks when you leave the machine somewhere in full of the water tank.
  • Wide spray tool. The drawback of the design is wide spray tool; it makes the carpet or cleaning area in wetness in many hours.

If you own a big carpet or want to clean a large area effectively, this is not your answer. However, Bissell Litter Green Pro Heat is the great choice for small areas, pet owner by the compact design and the convenience of use. The lightweight and the portable machine allow you bring it to any time to do the daily cleaning messes which are left behind by litter children or pets. It really works with your budget for multiple purposes cleaner.

10. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner – Corded

Another portable carpet cleaner of Bissell is Spot Clean Professional 3624 which is the choice for carpet with a lot of foot traffic of children or pet. This model of Bissell is a powerful spot and stain cleaner by the combination vacuum suction, brushing action and cleaning solution. The hand tool pack has 3-inch tough stain brush and 6-inch stair brush which can reach many other areas, such as upholstery, car, closet, corners.


  • Powerful suction. Compare to Bissell Litter Green ProHeat; the Spot Clean Pro works better to clean your carpet with the professional deep cleaning.
  • Long hose and power cord. Bissell Spot Clean Pro offers a quite long hose and power cord in a compact design. 22 foot of power cord length allows the machine reach to the hard area.
  • Very easy to use. The components are designed very simple and ease of use. This model is equipped with two separate water tanks with the large size. It has a carry handle which helps you easily to move it around and does not take up a lot of space.


  • No heater. If you want to clean your carpet with hot water, you have to spend the time to heat water then pour in the tank. This is a weak point of Spot Clean Pro to compare with Litter Green ProHeat.
  • Limited space of cleaning. As the purpose of lightweight and portable machine, it is not a good choice for those who need to do a large of cleaning square at the same time.

In overall, Bissell Spot Clean Pro has received a good review from users; they prefer this one rather than Litter Green Pro Heat. Another good point of this model is that it has two year warranty while the Litter Green Pro Heat offers only one year. The beautiful design and long power cord are also better than Pro Heat. These are two compact and portable clean machines you can consider to fit your needs.

Useful tips

It’s easy to buy a new carpet cleaner but how to keep it full lifetime with your house and works effectively for your carpet; you should consider these below tips.

01. Following the instruction

It’s important to follow exactly the instruction and recommendation of the manufacturer when you operate the machine. Following the manufacturer’s standard is to make sure that nothing affects to your warranty.

02. Clean your machine on a regular basis

You have known that the cleaning machine helps you clean your carpet by vacuum and keep stain and the dirty thing inside, make sure every component is cleaned at the end of cleaning day. Remove dirt, stain from components, pull out hair, fiber or any other thing is caught in the brushes, clean them under faucet water.

Empty the tank and clean with fresh water to avoid it can be corroded by detergent. Meantime clean the spray hole or nozzle.

Keep the whole machine as well as components dry before putting it away.

03. Strange signal

Take care to your machine to realize when it comes with a noisy sound or strange smell. This means the motor may need to be replaced or there is some problem inside which also can cause to damage your carpet.


Our ten best carpet cleaner may provide enough basic and advanced information which match to the specific purpose of your house. You can consider Bissell Big Green Deep or Rug Doctor Deep to replace a rental cleaning machine you are using by the full feature of these big capacity products. For the pet owner, the Bissell Deep Clean or portable machines like Bissell Little Green and 3624 SpotCleaner should be put on the top of your list. For those who are interested in the new technology may like the feature of Shark Sonic Duo. Personally, Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics Power is my choice with enough features for my need. If you concern about the price, the older model of Hoover SteamVac can be the solution for you.

Hope you find the useful things for your concern as well as our tip are provided which helps you avoid trouble and save money to keep the machine having long lasting life in your house.

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