Best Espresso Machine 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

By Ann Hills / 4 years ago

I'm addicted to coffee and work at home as a food blogger, so I was spending the time to find the best espresso machine. I love making espresso, latte and sometimes caramel cappuccino or mocha every morning.

I will review some machine with my experiences to help you decide which one is the most suitable for your needs. With a variety of different needs, I will go through from simple to higher level.

How To Choose The Best Espresso Machine

Before start reviewing, I will provide some essential information which may helps you to know how to choose the most satisfied and approximate machine depending on your needs. As we don’t want to spend time, money and effort to buy a wrong one so, take some first steps to get to know what is your need.

01. Where do you use the coffee machine?

It depends on your purpose to choose the most suitable coffee machine. Coffee machine for households is differently designed than the machines used in the office. Therefore, this is a first important factor to help you with the right choice.

02. What capacity do you want and how many cups do you want to make?

You need the coffee machine for the whole family or just one or two people. According to many experiences, 8-12 cups coffee machine is the most flexible type. That machine can make enough coffee for a crowd but can also be adjusted to 4 cups. However, if you want less, you can choose other types of machines which are designed to make 1 cup/times.

03. How long do you want the coffee to retain the heat?

If you want to take time for sipping coffee, you can choose the type of coffee machine with a coffee hotplate. You should pay attention for that machine how long for heating and the coffee can keep the coffee hot.

04. Which kinds of coffee do you use, coffee powder, coffee beans, coffee bags or capsule?

While the type of coffee machine used coffee bags, capsule, coffee beans are mainly distributed in Europe, the Americas; the powdered coffee is more popular in Vietnam because it is like the tradition way to make coffee. There is also some other machines but mainly also appear in restaurants, hotels….

Besides, there are some other criteria to help you choose the most suitable and the best coffee machine such as price, outstanding functionality, appearance, and capacity.

05. Selection by engine power demand

A coffee machine for the family will have a different capacity than a one used in the shop, both in style and features. What if you just bought a maker that serves up to 50 cups/day while business needs to meet 100 cups/day?

Besides, based on your need of using, you can choose a machine with a reasonable group-head. Nowadays, there is the two group-head coffee machine popular in Viet Nam, serving from 80-300 cups per day, 3 or 4 group-head machines for extremely crowded shop while one group-head is enough for shops with only 70 cups per day.

Ask yourself a few questions before making a decision to buy such as: how many espressos would you serve at least every day, how many cups you make each time, what kind of coffee your customer want, black, cappuccino or espresso. These are questions you must answer to find the most satisfied and appropriate coffee machine.

Top 3 Best Espresso Machine 2019

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01. Mr. Coffee ECMP1000: it's for beginning experiments

If you are filled your mind with many options of espresso machines which using fresh coffee ground then don't know which one is suitable, you might put Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 to your list of considering. The model of American brand weight only 4kg is designed for a busy family.

Most of the function is super automatic, but you still feel like using a hybrid machine. Being an espresso maker at home, you have to choose your espresso shots, single or double one like a barista. On the other side, for a latte lover, the machine automatically froths and pours steamed milk.​

Let look at some pros and cons to see if it meets your expectation.


  • One press to froth and pour milk. A hard part now becomes easy with a fully automatic function.
  • Multiply option: One and two shots functions for espresso, latte, and cappuccino. You also can choose any size of coffee strength you like.
  • Convenient and easy to use by the simple controls. The components are disassembled, like water and milk reservoir, cup tray, drip catcher; you can keep them neat and clean easily.
  • Both of coffee powder and pod can be used flexibility with this machine.


  • The temperature is inconsistent; therefore, sometimes it may brew an unperfected espresso.
  • Two brewing spouts are far away. Therefore you have to adjust the two cups to make sure the coffee doesn't spill.
  • These shortcomings are the common issue of espresso machine in the average price. If this is the first machine you have and bring a pretty good taste, these shortcomings should be acceptable. The machine is good for cappuccino and latte lovers because you can enjoy the frothy and milky drink.

One small detail but I quite like adjustable cup tray can be set to adjust the height of the cup. You can choose whatever type of cup and design your style. The water tank is big enough for a consecutive drink before you have to refill and it takes 27 – 30 second to make one shot. Before the first cup, preheating takes about 2 minutes, so the warm up time is pretty negligible if you brew another shot right after the first one.

Last but not least, the product with a good price brings a good taste, having acceptable shortcoming is enough for the beginner to create the own coffee house.

02. Delonghi EC155 - good choice for a new experience with the best home espresso machine maker

It's hard to think that Delonghi - an Italian brand which is a big name of coffee machine industry produced a model with very affordable price. It is true when they launched the model of EC155. It is a ground coffee machine which is a good option for a beginner who is looking for the authentic coffee experience.

Delonghi EC 155 is a nice, small design with dual-function filter holder which helps use ground coffee as normal. One of my favorites is Self-priming operation function that helps to eliminate annoying preparation.

Let's see Delonghi EC 155's pros and cons to compare with others machine at the same level.


  • It is equipped with a powerful pump of 15 bars which brings a strong taste and flavor but still having a compact size (3kg).
  • The versatile filter holder is allowed you use both of ground coffee or pod. You can choose to brew your cup of coffee by either manually action or quickly using pods for another busy day.
  • Even cheap and compact, Delonghi EC155 still has full feature of an espresso machine, such as milk frother, removable water tank of 35oz and drip tray, cup warmer.


  • Built in tamper: this design of fixed plastic tamper is quite usefulness because it doesn't fit well for the job. You should use a separate tamper for an alternative.
  • The clearance between the drip tray and spout is narrow so you can't use the various type of cup.
  • The small size of jug makes hard to get a pitcher to fit for steaming. For this point, using a 20oz milk pitcher is recommended.

Well, longevity of Delonghi EC is not long as my expectation. After 13 months, it stopped working. But I can't ask for more from this machine.

You are easy to see whether Delonghi EC155 fit your need or not. The machine offers enough features for a newbie who wants to have a fresh coffee using. The quality of coffee is good, either espresso or milky drinks like latte and cappuccino. Even with its fault of EC155 the Delonghi is still a worth option brand makes you wander, especially with a limited budget.

03. Nespresso Pixie - one of best an eco-friendly coffee machine maker

For those who own a small space of kitchen, love espresso but still want to have a coffee machine at home, the Nespresso could be the answer. Nespresso is similar to the standard of home espresso maker is a brand name of Néstle Nespresso S.A. The company has produced the best espresso machines using coffee capsules to the home makers.

The model that I would like to show you today is Nespresso Pixie. When the word "Pixie" comes you might imagine something is tiny and fairy, it goes with this machine. Nespresso Pixie is a super compact design and very easy to use by only two buttons for espresso and lungo. The machine is designed for those who don't have time to deal with a full feature of the coffee machine. The fully automatic machine has 2.8kg of weight is very convenient to move around, on traveling, fit any place like a small apartment or at the office. Customers have various options of color to choose the modern and elegant design as their style.


  • The model is designed super compact and light, modern and style, but still has good taste and flavor.
  • Nespresso Pixie has automatic off mode after 9 minutes and wakes up with the standard temperature within 25 – 30 seconds.
  • Coffee is making very fast, by just press your coffee is ready to serve after only 25 minutes.
  • The foldable drip tray can be a good point, and it is also a weakness of Pixie. You can easily to fold the drip tray for a bigger cup, but it is dropped down if you don't hold the tray while placing a bowl there.


  • You cannot make latte, cappuccino because this machine doesn't have milk frother.
  • The water tank is quite small, the capacity of 0.7l, you have to refill after 7-9 cups, it can brew more if making single espresso.
  • The foldable drip tray can be a good point, and it is also a weakness of Pixie. You can easily to fold the drip tray for a bigger cup but it is dropped down if you don't hold the tray while placing a cup there.

Nespresso Pixie can be the ideal basic coffee machine for whose loves espresso and lungo, if you are a milkaholic who prefers the fizzy and milky drink, you will need to buy an addition milk frother. It is true if someone says this is the best espresso machine for the environment thanks to the automatic shut off mode function after 9 minutes of non-use. This feature helps Nespresso's customers to save the electric. The producer also encourages the user to keep the used capsules and then they will collect them for recycling. The internal bin can contain from 9 to 11 capsules before you have to clean it.

Besides, you can do more with two simple buttons of espresso and lungo. Hold your hand on the button to set the time to brew coffee; the machine will automatically remember the time for next brewing, and you will have the volume of coffee as you want. By this way, you can be an espresso maker on the own brewing way.

Compared to other compact capsule machines the same level, Nespresso Pixie has no outstanding but for the eco-friendly coffee maker; it is the answer to finding a creamy and tasty flavor of espresso.

04. Keurig K15 - simple machine and shorten life as expectation

If Nespresso Pixie is quite an ideal machine for espresso lover who is looking for a super compact capsule machine with great taste and coffee flavor, Keurig can be another option for fast-drinker who wants a various type of drinks in the busy morning.

Keurig is another representative comes from American. Keurig beverage varieties brewing system include coffees, teas, cocoas, dairy-based drinks, lemonades, cider, and fruit-based drinks. The main Keurig products are K-Cup pods, which are single-serve coffee containers. K15 is a basic design of Keurig.


  • Super compact size: It's not easy to find any other machine which has only 1 pound of weight. This machine has a dreamed size of any portable coffee machine.
  • The best low-price model has a multi-choice option of brewing drink. If you like to enjoy not only coffee but also other drinks with a limited budget, this machine is your answer.
  • Easy to use by a single press of a single button. It is a much convenience for many users.


  • The Design of K15 is much simplified; therefore it doesn't have a water reservoir. You have to fill water when you want to brew any single drink. It will take time than you think if you want to make many beverages consecutively.
  • The length of machine life is not high evaluated.

In fact, this is not a perfect single serve machine; however, it can still fit your need. If you like a simple machine, don't want to consider too much about a drink maker with a small budget of money, Keurig K15 can be your choice.

05. Mr. Coffee® Café Barista ECMP1106: The best automatic espresso machine in the semi-automatic the entry level

Mr. Coffee Barista ECMP1106 is a semi-automatic 3-in-1 for espresso, cappuccino, and latte maker. I like its compact and friendly design and some features as programmed cleaning cycle and its friendly touch. Especially, with automatic milk frother, it is easy to adjust and control milk intakes to make your own flavor.

Using the machine Mr. Coffee® Café Barista for a time, I agree that the machine has some advantages that help me a lot.


  • Easy to use and clean with one touch button in the panel.
  • Good taste, especially espresso. The taste is good that if you use espresso grounds.
  • Use frother that helps me to make good foams.
  • Function automatic frothing with removable milk tanks which helps users adjust froth; use storing removable milk in the fridge and clean for next time.
  • Not loud compared to others machine.


  • Pay much attention to the type of milk and how much you take milk as it affects the process and the taste.
  • The priming system seems to work hard feel after more than one and half year. Now, it takes times to warm up compared to its good quality as before.
  • Take a little time for warm-up after second time using.

At the first time, my water tank was always leaking, and I felt very disappointed. I called to the Customer service and got their guide. I tried few times to place it correctly. Restart. Then I did not take the water tank out then thank God; there is no water leak anymore.

To let you know about milk choice as it made me mad, I was taken some trial test with all type of milk to get familiar with froth control knob setting. If you put too much milk, it will split out foam. Too much thicker milk might lead the machine not to work. You can add frother as it works or uses skim milk. I do prefer using skim milk or try with the formula: half skim and half 1%. To make cappuccino with the frother, remember to twist the button all the time.

The machine also can serve a family with many types of coffee but except the regular and French coffee. I am pretty satisfied with the taste of machine and it can be an option to be considering.

06 .Mr. Coffee ECMP1102 Café Barista Premium Espresso/Cappuccino System, White

Well, there is no different of function between ECMP 1102 and ECMP1106 except its color.

In my opinion, above five machines, Café Barista ECMP1106 might be the most worthy choice for its value and its delicious taste. In case, you want to use a small machine, acceptable quality, and limited budget, you might consider between Keurig K15 and Mr. Coffee ECMP1000.

07. Gaggia Brera Superautomatic Espresso Machine, Silver

Gaggia is a popular Italian brand and it's also a home of coffee. All Gaggia's product is known for its original taste.

For me, Gaggia Brena is an elegant design with bright steel stainless body, a little different than other coffee brands. As a super automatic machine, everything is easy and quick.

With rapid steam technology, it saves me time brew and steam at the same time but the taste is original and strong.

As other machines, Gaggia also has some pros and cons as below:


  • With durable ceramic grinder, the machine retains the purity of coffee aroma and makes a good coffee.
  • Low energy consumption as the coffee machine switches off automatically after one hour.
  • Provide Descales automatically.
  • Notify users when maintain is required


  • Has trouble grinding oily beans.
  • Small water tank. (1,2L) compared to the weight of the machine is quite big. And you need to fill the tank after 4-5 shots.

Gaggia Super Automatic Espresso Machine is a good choice for light office use or for a fast paced household. Gaggia Brera is also listed in top 33 best espresso machines as the attached links as its good taste and its features'value.

08. De'Longhi America EN750MB Nespresso Lattissima Pro Machine

At first impression, I really like Nespresso Lattisima's design; it looks compact, small but very professional.

De'Longhi EN750MB Nespresso Lattissima is a compact pod machine with an advanced auto clean system a removable; dishwasher safe and milk container which keeps machine easily to use and clean.

A strong point of Lattissima is automatic foaming function and which is similar to bean-to-cup models. The machine also provide rapid cappuccino system, it makes DeLonghi Nespresso Lattisima is a good choice for cappuccino and latte, instead of espresso.

Besides that, EN 750 has heating time function which is fast ready in 25" for coffee and 40" for milk. Memory function for Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Espresso, Long Coffee, Hot milk and Hot water help to memorize your use for the next time.

Here is my list of pros and cons of EN750MB Nespresso Lattissima.


  • Friendly user with the touch screen.
  • Maximum 19 bar of pressure with a fast-heating thermo-block.
  • Good taste, especially for latte and cappuccino with great foaming function.
  • Provide 2-year- guarantee.


  • Not ideal for the espresso maker.
  • Milk drink is not hot enough.
  • Need to clean regularly milk carafe.

To sum up, De'Longhi America EN750MB Nespresso Lattissima Pro would be a nice choice for who is not mad at espresso, who loves foaming, quickness and coffee lighter.

09. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica that might be one of the most considering ones for who are looking for a machine with a limited budget.

With Italy design, it looks beautiful and compact. With dialed controls which are using the manual dials on this machine are less likely to fail versus the dials on its digital, and it's convenient to know which time to de-scale.


  • Small, compact and friendly-user.
  • Easy to clean up and maintain.
  • Competitive price. It might be one of the only super automatics under $1000 with the same function.
  • Two years of warranty.
  • Good taste, milk steaming and foam.


  • Too much noise, when the steaming and the grinding work.
  • The water tank is limited; it doesn't hold a lot of water.
  • The grinder is not friendly with an oily bean. A medium espresso roast can make you surprising.

I am strong coffee lover. So at first, I was disappointed in the weak taste. Then I realized that the taste depends on how fine I choose to grin, the amount of water and coffee I put into. There are two dials on the machine which can help you adjust that above contributing factor: the dials on the machine controls the amount of beans the machine grinds and the dial which is located in the bean well control the coarseness or the fineness of the grind.

Of course, I cannot ask microfoam with this machine, but it is better if you compare to others machine in the same price.

To sum up, DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica is a really nice option for super automatic level with reasonable price. In my opinion, if compared to the price, it might be viewed as one of the second super-automatic espresso makers available with the price.

10. ECAM22110SB- the best espresso machine of top 10

For those who like to enjoy the fresh taste of coffee, easy to use and keep your space as tiny as possible, bean to cup machines is your choice. This type of coffee machine allows you experiment any coffee by yourself for your taste.

The leading name of coffee makers as well as kitchen appliances is Delonghi. This famous brand from Italia has launched a model ECAM 22110SB which is one of the top 10 best coffee machines recommended by the Telegraph.


  • The simple design but it is very lovely. If put away any other factors, the customer can easily fall in love with this model once it comes to their eyes.
  • It brings a great of coffee taste and full aroma. ECAM22110SB is a solution for those who want to have the quality of espresso machine but don't have space for a large model. The 13 setting on the menu allows you design a wide range of hot drinks.
  • A various feature of easy menu setting: cup size, temperature, coffee strength, milk froth. A cup of coffee will be brewed by simple pressing button. You can also set you the temperature of your coffee and customize the automatic shutoff function.
  • The noise is much less if compared to a model of ESAM3300 or another bean to cup machines. The grinder works very well; it's even quiet enough for you having a short nap while waiting for the machine prepares coffee for you.


  • The noise is much less if compared to a model of ESAM3300 or another bean to cup machines. The grinder works very well; it's even quiet enough for you having a short nap while waiting for the machine prepares coffee for you.
  • Oily bean may have trouble when moving from hopper to grinder. For this situation, you might need to clean out the coffee beans frequently.
  • Warming plate is not enough for daily use, and the temp is cold for some Americans. The issue of temperature also happens when frothing the milk and heating it can take a while.
  • The price can be another downside of this model. It's quite high for a coffee house machine; most people will be put off by an expensive price.

Delonghi ECAM22110SB is really a good choice and after using and testing, I understand why it is in top 10 by Telegraph.

Some Tips For Using Your Coffee Machine

After reading many reviews, you may want to take a little time to consider which one is right for you. Take some break and read some tips for using your coffee machine last long. It helps to avoid some common mistakes.

01. Read the instructions carefully before use

Always follow the instruction in guide book to avoid some common mistakes. You need to check the amount of water in the back before turning on the machine, to ensure enough water hoppers. Do not to run the machine without water because the motor can cause fires. Some people forget to add water or the amount of water is few to make coffee.

02. Check the water

Water is one of the most influential factors on how to operate an espresso machine. Water sources need to be pure, and no contain metals such as lead, zinc, calcium … Days by days, these substances will stick to water pumping systems, and the flavor of coffee will be significantly affected.

Therefore, for models with water tanks: You must use pure water, you can use the water in the drinking water tank or water through a filtering system.

If you use a high professional with plumbing professional, make sure you have purchased a water filtration system.

03. Selection of coffee

Coffee is the second factor affecting to your coffee machine’s life. You have to make sure coffee used is pure but do not mistake that the beans you buy to mill are all high-quality and pure. With technology, coffee beans can still create butter laced substances.

Mix coffee may be impure or contain butter will stick to in the filters and then plug the holes in the filter. When it happens, you have only choice to replace the entire filter.

So please note that never use butter laced coffee.

The most important factor to get a cup of good brewed coffee machine is grinding coffee beans close to the time you make coffee. The best powder for a coffee machine is coffee which is produced within 3-7 days after roasting. Coffee crema layer is thick enough with the aroma of fresh coffee. When the machine is grinding coffee beans, you can adjust the size of coffee powder that suits your type of machine.

Also, you should use organic coffee, pure and no added chemicals banned or corn flour, bean flour because it will damage your machine quickly. If you buy coffee powder, you should pay attention to preservation and choose the right type of espresso powder.

04. Cleaning

Keep cleaning the water supply system, water storage, water pump regularly to make coffee quality assurance good and maintain of long life. Some machine they will notice you time to clean.

If possible, the barista advise you to clean daily or 3-7 days / times depending on your use.

Do not use have shot earlier in the computer as easily clog the machine parts, making the machine quickly damaged. Only use clean water when brewing coffee.

When you don’t use the machine for a long time, you can run the machine with clean water completely before storing.


Last but not least, Delonghi ECAM 22110SB is the best espresso machine in top 10 above, which is with a full feature of the automatic machine, a great model of a big brand. For those who plan to become an espresso maker, it is your ideal answer to experiment coffee by a simple way while DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica is a really nice option for super automatic level with reasonable price. Gaggia can stand next to Delonghi ESam 33000 and also is an economical choice in top 10.

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