Best Freestanding Tubs for Your Dream Bathroom

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago

Every one of us has a dream setup for the different areas within our homes. While most of us pay more attention to the living spaces such as the living room, bedrooms and the kitchen, there is another room that is very important, but could often be taken for granted – the bathroom. The bathroom is not only a place to clean and refresh yourself. It could also be a place for relaxation and mood setting. A cluttered bathroom can affect your mood and personal disposition. Also, a bathroom that isn’t properly equipped or accessorized can be cumbersome and not pleasing to the eyes. The tub Is one of the most familiar amenities you can find in the bathroom. It is a fantastic installation to any bathroom, which gives users the ability to relax, stay clean, chill out and bathe with children or pets.

Usually, bathtubs are built-in and attached to the walls, but thanks to innovation, freestanding type of tubs are available to give more design flexibility and freedom of movement. With the growing popularity of freestanding tubs among homeowners, different manufacturers are offering what they claim are the ‘best’. As a homeowner yourself, you need to be inquisitive and be smart in checking which tub is the best, or fits your needs perfectly.

Size and Comfort: Woodbridge 67″ Acrylic Freestanding Bath

If space is not a constraint in your bathroom, then the Woodbridge Acrylic Freestanding tub is a great option for you. It offers flexibility in terms of installation and design, which is a must-have for all freestanding pieces inside your home. It comes with hidden adjustable legs, which give the tub stability on any surface. 

The tub is made of fiberglass with acrylic coating for strength and elegance and the design features smooth curves for comfortable body fit, which is helpful in stress relief and relaxation. Its 67” length allows you to comfortably stretch and rest your legs while having high water capacity for full immersion. Another wonderful feature is its insulating double wall design which is made of acrylic. This keeps your bath water stays at the desired temperature for a long time, giving you longer comfort.

Small and Space-saving: ARIEL Platinum PS112-6330 Aurora Bathtub

The ARIEL Platinum PS112-6330 Aurora Bathtub is a great add-on to your bathroom that doesn’t take up much space while also giving it an elegant look. It has a traditional, sleek and glossy design that makes your bathing space more attractive. The Aurora tub also has concealed foot pegs that stay out of direct eyesight and maintain stability and easy adjustment to any surface. With dimensions of 62.9″ long x 29.5″ width x 23.6″ height, you still get relative comfort and also make your bathroom spacious.

Budget-friendly and Large: AKDY F277

If bathroom space is not a concern for you, but budget is, the AKDY F277 is a good choice. It has a deep, modern and elegant design and is quite tall compared to other freestanding tub models. Its concave shape allows for more water capacity at 95 gallons. You have more parts of your body enjoying the dip into the soothing water. Its acrylic composition, anti-skidding bottom surface, a drain fixture and metal feet make it adjustable when installing and a great inclusion in your bathroom. Plus, its smooth finish and tall, concave design gives it a sleek, luxurious look that will leave visitors awed at your tub.

Durable Acrylic Tub: American Standard Cadet Acrylic Free Standing Tub

The American Standard Cadet is one of the best tubs when it comes to gloss and durability. Acrylic gives the tub its glossy and sophisticated look, while the additional ingredient, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) gives the tub durability, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. You won’t have to worry about the majestic gloss of your bathtub fading over time if it’s the American Standard Cadet you’re using. Its glossy finish makes it great for any time of tub filler or handheld spray shower, giving your bathroom a royal impression. Its 66" x 42"min. x 23" length, width and height dimension gives you a relaxing and deep soaking experience while basking in the luxurious gloss of your tub.

Bathtub with Faucet: Woodbridge B-0012 WITH Faucet II

The Woodbridge B-0012 is definitely one of the best standalone baths with shower you can find on the market. It has a glossy finish that comes with a stylish faucet and handheld shower for comfort and elegance while taking your much needed relaxing dip. It also features a water-conserving brushed nickel overflow and pop up drain that gives you a worry-free tub filling even if you sometimes lose track of time. Most importantly, this tub comes with an ergonomic design that puts the user’s comfort and safety at the top. This means that when it comes to comfort, efficiency and safety you can count on Woodbridge B-0012 covering it for you.

Bathtub With Hydrotherapy System: Ariel Bath Platinum AM128JDCLZ Whirlpool Free Standing Bathtub

If you’re looking for a modern and therapeutic type of bathtub, the Ariel Bath Platinum is the recommended option for you. While most freestanding bathtubs do not include hand showers, this shower sets itself apart by having a built-in hand shower. This feature is helpful for cleaning the tub, bathing your children and even washing your pets. It also comes with relatively spacious and deep dimensions 71″ X 37.4″ X 27.5″ ( L x W x H), which makes it great for therapeutic immersions and relaxing dips.


Let’s not forget the best feature, which is the 14-piece bottom and back Whirlpool acupuncture jets. Its oval shape allows for freedom of movement, wherein you can move or shift your posture to adjust where the water jets apply the healing and soothing pressure. Modern inclusions like FM radio and Bluetooth built-in speakers can set the mood for a longer therapeutic and relaxing dip

The best freestanding tubs can actually depend on a lot of factors. There is no absolute winner when it comes to the best freestanding tubs for different homeowners. The good thing about product reviews is that they give you an idea on how the top picks can fit in your own bathroom and how it can improve its aesthetics and atmosphere. There’s also the budget consideration, but achieving that extraordinary sense of comfort, relaxation and safety can make all the money you spend is well worth it. So choose wisely on the freestanding tub that fits your needs best, not on what other people tell you is best.      

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