Checklist For Planning a New Home in Perth

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago

Perth is a beautiful city in Western Australia with a population of over 2 million people and many well paying jobs. Those looking to start a family will also be delighted to hear that Perth has top notch schools all the way from primary to university level. For anyone wanting to take advantage of all Perth has to offer though, they’ll need a place to live. 

Those who want a personally tailored lifestyle will also more than likely want to seek out a personally tailored home. Neglecting to properly think through each and every aspect of your home can result in lots of disappointment down the line, it is worth remembering that a significant amount of time will be spent inside of your home so it is essential to get everything exactly how you like it.

Here’s a good checklist when planning your new domicile in Perth:

Ensure Your Lot Is Big Enough

You can’t just pick a plot of land and keep building and building until you finally have the home you’d like, it is extremely important to make sure there’s enough room on your lot to accommodate you and your family. Certain aspects of your lot need to be considered like drainage when it rains and whether or not the land itself will shift over time. Once you’ve done all of that, you’ll be able to have a vague idea of what dimensions you’ll be working with on your lot.

Plan For What You Need

This is a rare occasion for homeowners in that you’ll be deciding exactly what needs your house will be servicing. There’s no reason for your house to not be exactly what you need based on your budget & future plans. Make sure that you have enough bedrooms to accommodate your family (and maybe extras for guests/future family members) as well as bathrooms to go along with it. Everything is entirely up to you, if you want your kitchen to be directly outside of your bedroom, there’s nothing stopping you from doing that. Everything is completely up to you, so get creative!

Make Sure You Have The Right Permits

The next step before you can break ground and begin the building process is to make sure all of your permits are in order with the local government. You should have a good idea of what kind of structures & amenities you’d like to install and from there you can begin applying for your permits. The bare minimum you should get enough permits to handle the base structure you want and from there you’ll be able to get more permits as needed.

Pick The Right Builder

Many firms have been in the home building business for quite some time and have gotten extremely proficient at each and every aspect of home design. So, take the time to carefully look through the promotional information provided by each builder before making any commitments. In the article “How Do I Choose The Best Builder In Perth?” from Novus Homes, Damian Will recommends that you choose a builder that has award-winning home designs. Seemingly insignificant changes made to any design can have radical outcomes on the airflow of a room or even how liveable a space is overall. Do your due diligence when choosing a builder.

Ensure Proper Quality Of Building Materials

The saying goes that there are many ways to skin a cat, and the same applies to building a structure of some sort. Not all building materials are made equal, so what seems like savings of a few hundred from what appears to be an identical piece of material could end up costing thousands to get it replaced later on. Many of the costs associated with building a home go towards paying the contractors to show up and get the work done, make sure that every minute you’re paying for is being used to full effect.

Double Check Your Budget

Now you’ve picked out your builder and have looked at proper building materials, make sure to go back to your pocketbook and make sure you’ll be able to properly foot the bill. Make allowances for unexpected expenses that might arise during the building process, like needing to remove debris that wasn’t accounted for initially or other miscellaneous charges. If you have a few thousand dollars in wiggle room, you’ll find the entire process a lot less stressful than if you have it all planned out to the exact dollar amount.

Have Your Accommodations Planned For The Building Process

It’ll be some time before you’ll be able to move into your custom built home, so make sure you have somewhere to stay for the duration of the building process as well as any unexpected hiccups along the way. A home inspector might not judge the work done to be up to snuff which can delay the move-in date of your new property. So, if you’re staying with family make sure that they’re willing to put you up for the duration of the building process and if you’re paying out of pocket to stay somewhere, make sure that you have enough reserve funds on hand to keep you off the street.

Planning a new home from the ground up can be a challenging and stressful endeavor, but the end result is more than worth it. So long as you make sure to go over each and every aspect of your home and the building process, there will be less unexpected bumps and you’ll be able to direct construction to continue at a satisfactory pace for some time to come. 

Everybody involved in the building process is essentially working for you, so it is important that you’ve prepared for all eventual situations so you won’t have to sit around later making decisions while the work site remains abandoned.. Your final result will be a perfectly tailor-made home that you’ll be entertaining friends and family inside of for years to come. At the end of the day, isn’t that exactly what we all want out of our homes?

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