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By Ann Hills / 3 years ago
Coffee Maker

Coffee is a drink that is in big demand around the globe. A true coffee lover tries many coffees to find his or her favorite. He tries many methods of grinding the coffee, mixing the coffee, and even drinking the coffee. People take their coffee very personally. We each have our preferences. Whether we like our coffee dripped, pressed, or brewed makes a difference. Where our coffee comes from, makes a difference. What we add to our coffee and whether we drink our coffee hot or cold, strong, or mellow makes a difference.

You may live alone or with a partner and only need 1 or 2 cups of coffee at a time. You may have a busy family where many members drink coffee who are always on the go and you brew a large pot every morning. All of these things influence your preference for coffee makers. You may be someone who feels likes to indulge in his love for coffee and is seeking for the best machines to make coffee. But before you close your mind to challenge, please read on.

We are going to share our favorite of coffee makers. These are not in any particular order. We believe your choice of coffee and preparation is very personal. We just want you to be open to selections. Before you buy your coffee maker, visit the various coffee cafes and try the coffee they make in various ways.

But First, Coffee

Coffee Bean

To put it simply, there are two kinds of coffee. Coffee that is grown in high altitudes and coffee that is grown in low altitude. The best flavors come from beans harvest high in the mountains. Many people believe that Blue Mountain Coffee is the best. Of course, it is a matter of taste. The low-grown coffee bean is the type that is sold to instant coffee makers. They pre-grind their coffee and sell it in supermarkets. Once you have tasted a good cup of coffee, you will never drink instant coffee again!

The moment coffee is ground, the rich flavors are released. But, the longer the coffee sits, the more flavor escapes. Therefore, a true coffee lover will buy their coffee at a coffee shop and will only buy enough for 2-3 days.

The exception to this is to own your own coffee grinder. You can grind just what you need. Your coffee beans will last a lot longer.

Coffee Makers

We bought coffee beans of all flavors and tried many coffee makers. This is how we say with confidence, we will show you the best machine-made cup of coffee. Before we continue, it is only fair to warn you that we are of the opinion that a drip-style maker is the best for a single cup coffee and more.

- Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer With Thermal Carafe: This Thermal Carafe makes up to 8 cups of coffee. There is a dial that allows you to brew one cup of coffee or a larger amount for a mug. The technology of this coffee maker knows exactly how much water to pull from the reservoir. It has a double insulated thermal carafe, so you do not have to worry about your coffee getting cold

- Bonavita 8 cup Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer: This coffee maker is a no-fuss coffee maker. It continually maintains a 195-degree water temperature, which is perfect for brewing coffee. It houses a 1400 watt heater and very simple push button features. This coffee maker gives even us technology challenged people great coffee with a push of the button.

- The Cuisinart Perfect Temp Programmable Coffeemaker: This is the coffee maker for you if you entertain many people at a time. It is also great for business offices. The Carafe style coffee maker can brew up to 14 cups of coffee at a time. It also has a automatic 24-hour programmability. Just think, fresh and hot coffee ready to pour in your mug as soon as your feet touch the floor.

- Mr. Coffee: If you are one of those people who does not want to try new gadgets. You have always gotten good results from your coffee pot. You mother and grandmother have a Mr. Coffee on the counter and the coffee is great. Your taste for coffee has formed around that flavor. That is just fine because Mr. Coffee is on our top picks list. It is a standard machine, carries a quality brand, and it is reasonably priced.

Well, there you have it. We are coffee lovers and we have put in the hours on finding you the best coffee makers available. But, we still encourage you to try the various coffee shops and try some of their specialties. Don’t forget to ask if they have coffee makers from other countries. Keep an open mind. You may find a new love in a steamy cup of coffee, in your own city.

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