Choosing The Right Tap And How To Replace Your Current One

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago
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Many people believe that a house layout and equipment specifications in it represents the identity of the owner. A centerpiece in your room speaks out loud about your financial status. But it does not imply that all expensive things are outstanding than others. It depends on the quality and smart are you when selecting your house equipment. What factors do you consider when choosing a tap for your home? A tap is known as a faucet or a valve.

In this article, we will discuss what factors to consider while selecting a tap, more so on how to replace the current one.

Factors to consider while choosing a tap

There exist different taps with their specifications which is why you should know where you will be placing the tap in your home.

They include:

Inspect the installation area. Before purchasing a tap, you should know the area in which installation will take place. It will save you the cost of selecting any tap which will later on not fit in the desired area. The best idea is to check on your old set for the right configuration.

Handle types: taps come with three different specifications, this includes:

  • Wall mounted: Very popular for bathroom use and requires sink replacement in case you need to upgrade to a wall mounted one.
  • Single handle: More convenient than the multiple handle ones. It provides no-fuss temperature and also takes up less space.
  • Hands-free taps: They are easy to clean and comfortable due to the motion sensors. The best models come with activators at the front for easy activation. There exist a similarity between hands -free taps and the touch tap in that both of their applications use the activators designed by the manufactures by the use of touch2O technology.
Water being poured into glass from kitchen tap

There are various types of taps including the ball, cartridge, disk, and compression taps respectively. They are designed in different sizes and shapes to fit in the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

How to replace your current tap?

Replacing tap requires expertise and knowledge on how to fix them properly to avoid leakages. Your tap might have reached its maximum capabilities and cannot work any longer, how will you replace it?

  • 1
    Disconnect your water supply lines
  • 2
    Remove the old tap and use scissors to cut old plastic sprayer from your old tap.
  • 3
    Loosen up the water supplies and unscrew the wires from the valve
  • 4
    Have a clean bucket and rag to clean up the lines
  • 5
    Unscrew the bolts holding the old tap and remove the plastic nut
  • 6
    You can then replace the old tap with your new one
  • 7
    Ensure you position your new valve with the supply lines

Choosing the right taps can be difficult, but replacing them can be horrific. You might need a plumber to help if the procedures are too tight for you to manage. Selecting the right tap will reduce the cost of buying various taps that fit your model.

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