Co-working Spaces For All Your Business Needs in Taipei

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago

Co-working spaces tend to be very underestimated at times, but that’s because people still don’t know how valuable they really are. They are very useful when it comes to many aspects; for instance, if you have a startup company and you still don’t have an office where you can meet with your employees, the first place you’d search for is a working place to host you and your team. Working spaces also have a huge impact on your staffs’ psyche, and here’s why: your employees work better when they know that they are going to be in a new setting where they can get the work done.

When your team feels that, they feel productive, which means they will get more work done in a much more efficient way. These spaces are also important for discussing upcoming projects with your team; you can drink coffee and eat snacks that would induce enough energy to feel creative and productive.

So, what are the available co-working spaces you can find in Taipei?

Project 0.1

Project 0.1 is a place known for its creativity-inducing space. Everyone who has entered this place has expressed how the atmosphere and relaxing design have helped them work. It has two floors, which means that there is plenty of space for everyone. Quiet places are important for individuals who need absolute silence to focus and that’s what this place offers. The spacious space in Project 0.1 makes people feel calm and relaxed enough to get their ideas straight and start working.


One of the most popular and fastest growing working places in Taipei is JustCo. Taipei is one of the finest cities in Taiwan; it hosts different cultures and is home for progressive companies. It also holds JustCo, which is known to be the best coworking space in Taipei. This working space offers a high-speed Internet for all its customers, which is very vital for any employee.

It’s also very flexible when it comes to reservations, so you won’t face any obstacles if you need to abruptly cancel or reserve a space at the last minute. That is in addition to the fact that you get access to it 24/7. That is in addition to its  comfortable furniture that will make you feel cozy while finishing up the work.

Changee Creative House

If you happen to search for co-working spaces in Taipei, you will probably find that Changee Creative House keeps coming up on your search results. It’s one of the most cherished places for the people of Taipei. It’s located in one of the oldest streets there and it feels very comfortable and homey. It has 5 floors, which means that it’s impossible for you to feel like you’re working in a crowded, narrow space. It has several meeting rooms and private offices, as well as, a communal kitchen and amazing soothing tea that improves your performance while working.

Futureward Central

One of the largest and spacious working spaces in Taipei is Futureward central that is famous for its “quiet corners.” It has more than just one floor, which explains why people like working there. Despite this place’s capacity to host many people, no one feels like they are working in a noisy place. It also offers free coffee in the hallway, as well as free water, so when you’re stretching your legs you can get a cup of each on your way back. It also has delicious meals and tasty sandwiches, which means that you and your co-workers can grab a meal after hours of productive work.

Buffet International Business Center

Another popular setting for working individuals is Buffet International Business Center. It’s located right next to Taoyuan Airport. Its premium location guarantees that it will be one of the first places you’ll see when you land in Taipei. The reason for its growing popularity is that a lot of office managers, land in Taipei from their work trip and need to meet their employees as soon as possible in the close working space. Besides, it has all the essential equipment you might need, like scanners, printers, projectors, and photocopying machines.

Hun Co-working Space

The Hun Co-working Space is hands down one of the best working spaces you could be in, and here’s why: It’s a cat and dog friendly, which means you either get to work with your pet around you or you get to pet other cats and dog while you’re taking a break from work. Speaking of breaks, this place offers a foosball table, Ping-Pong table, and has a cozy relaxing lounge.

This is why many employees like working and relaxing from work there. It also has facilities such as a Skype room, kitchen, and personal lockers. You will also have a free parking space, free coffee, free water, 24/7 access, printers, and scanners. Another cool thing about this place is that you get to sit on bean bags as you work, but if you get tired you can check out the standing desks.

Storeasy Co-working Space

This shared office space has a lot of positive reviews from different customers who have been there. It offers free coffee and water to all the working teams. It also provides personal lockers, fast Internet, scanners and printers for all its visitors. It also has diverse furniture, so if you feel like you want to work on a standing desk, you’ll find it there and if you get tired you get to rest on comfortable chairs.

Changing scenery and working in a different environment than your usual working space is important. It affects your mood and the motivation you have to produce good work. If you are in the city of Taipei and wondering where to go to meet with your team, try locating a place where it’s spacious enough for you, comfortable, provides the necessary tools and facilities, and has the basic things like fast internet, comfy chairs and tables, good food, and obviously coffee. This way, you’ll find that the work is done in a much more efficient way with better quality as well.

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