3 Reasons To Feel Tired After Drinking Coffee

By Ann Hills / 5 years ago

There are times when you have to work late hours to finish a report or to beat a deadline. During these times, it can be hard to fight off sleep so you drink a cup of coffee.

But, does it happen to you that even though your coffee is very strong, you still very tired? Why is that so? Coffee is supposed to perk us up and not make us more tired.

Unfortunately, it depends on the kind of coffee drinker that you are. It is a fact that coffee has some ironic impact that can make you feel tired and drowsy quickly following that jumpstart.

Well, don’t worry. If you keep reading this article, you can find out some good advice to do with your cup of coffee so that it won’t reduce your energy levels whether during daytime or nighttime – whatever suits you.

3 Reasons Why Coffee Makes You Tired

There are many reasons why coffee can make you tired. Let’s break them down:

01. Adenosine will make you feel more awake


Adenosine is a chemical in the central nervous system which affects your cycles of waking and sleeping. The caffeine’s effect is that it blocks adenosine receptors from receiving adenosine. Even though caffeine hinders your brain from receiving adenosine, your body will continue to produce the neurotransmitter. That is why when the caffeine dies down, you have a surplus of adenosine which can make you drowsy.

Caffeine isn’t making you drowsy because it does not affect the amount of adenosine your body produces. On the other hand, it just slows down the impact of adenosine that is why you feel it all once the caffeine dies down.

02. Sweet coffee will cause you a sugar-crash feeling


Have you ever had a sugar crash? If you’re drinking coffee-flavored drinks with too much sugar and little coffee, you can get a sugar crash right after drinking. Your body processes sugar much faster than coffee. That is why you feel more tired after your body uses all the sugar up.

03. Coffee will dehydrate you


The main cause why coffee is making you feel tired because it dehydrates you.Coffee is a diuretic so it will cause you to urinate a lot. Drinking coffee to make perk you up can immediately result to a vicious cycle which can make you more drowsy. The cycle will go like this:

When you drink coffee then you have to go to the toilet.

When you go to toilet, your body loses water.

When your body loses water, your blood thickens.

When your blood thickens, it moves more slowly through your arteries and veins.

As your blood slows down, it delivers less oxygen to your body.

Without oxygen, you become tired.

Solutions to Drowsiness

So what do you do now to prevent feeling tired after drinking coffee? Well, it depends on the type of drinker that you are.

01. The morning-cup drinker


If you’re the kind of person who begins your morning with drinking a hot cup of joe, then remember: you should make sure you’re hydrated before drinking that coffee. You may think that it will jumpstart your body system, when in fact, it can actually shut down your system.

Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, which means that it compresses blood vessels, reduces blood flow, and also accelerates your heart rate and blood pressure. Blood flow is important to the supply of glucose and energy to the brain. There is a research from NCBI on the impact of everyday caffeine consumption on brain blood flow showed that caffeine could decrease brain blood flow by an average of 27 percent.

Aside from keeping hydrated, you can schedule your coffee break so that it has a better impact. There is a good time to drink coffee so that you can maximize your caffeine boost, especially if you only drink coffee once a day.

02. The multiple-cup person


According to Brown University, caffeine’s impact on the adrenal glands is to release adrenaline, which is a hormone that is produced in exciting situations. The more that you drink caffeinated coffee, the more that you exhaust your adrenal glands.A study from the Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry revealed that individuals who experienced adrenal exhaustion drank around three or more cups daily. Consequently, drinking many cups of coffee tells your body that it is under distress everyday.If you're drinking more than two cups of coffee everyday, you should probably look for ways to reduce your consumption. When you are becoming more tolerant of caffeine, the same amount of caffeine will not work as before and your brain will want more of caffeine.

03. Late-in-the-day coffee person

Late-in-the-Day Coffee Person

There are some days that you want to have coffee in the late afternoon at a café or through a vendo machine. According to a study from Henry Ford Hospital and Wayne State College of Medicine, which are situated in Detroit, it has been discovered that people who drank coffee six hours before sleeping had experienced a significant negative impact on both sleep quantity and sleep quality.

If you’re consuming more than one or two cups of coffee and you are drinking them around late in the afternoon, then you have a big chance of not getting enough sleep.To help reduce your late-night coffee drinking, you should try cold-brew coffee. Cold-brewed coffee has less caffeine and can minimize your trouble getting enough sleep. Aside from having less caffeine, cold-brewed coffee is more healthy because it has less acid.


So now you understand why coffee makes you tired even if you’re downing too many cups of coffee. Did you enjoy reading my tips about fighting off drowsiness? Do you also have other ideas to combat sleep? Have you experienced also feeling sleepy after drinking coffee? Now, it is your turn. We want to hear from you. Write to us in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

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