Easy Ways To Revamp Your Office Space For A Party

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

Throwing an office party could be necessary for you and your coworkers after a long week. The celebratory mood should help you and your fellow coworkers unwind, strengthen your morale, and boost social relationships between all of you. For this to happen, you need to make sure your party rocks, because your colleagues might often come only for the food or because they feel obligated to be there, but they can really enjoy the party if you choose to revamp your office following these steps.

Choose The Right Colors

When you organize the space, you should use the colors of your company. Do this by incorporating them into office furniture, decorations, etc. You will find that it actually affects your colleagues’ mood. Sure, having the office themed with the colors of your company will make everyone happier and improve the general feeling of the place with the change. Your budget can also cover redecorating the office furniture if you choose second hand furniture; office furniture suppliers at https://rethinkyouroffice.co.uk claim that using high quality second hand furniture can give your office a professional finish, no matter what the occasion is. Using the right furniture for your office party, even on a budget, will definitely make the office space pop and look inviting.

Light It Up

Your furniture cannot go without good lighting. Make sure to have good lighting and appropriate to the party theme. You might prefer to let natural light in. If you do that, you will need to lift the blinds and move anything that inhibits natural light from coming in a way. However, a better option would be hanging LED string lights; this will give charm to the place (especially if they come in various colors) and will get you into the festive mood. Avoid blinking or harsh lights; this might irritate people more or distract them.

Don’t Forget The Snacks

Colorful array of snacks will attract your colleagues, so make sure to have healthy food, fruit bowls, baked goods and bottled water within hand’s reach. Food cheers everyone up, and with a food contest thrown in the mix, everyone will be desperate to participate. When it comes to choosing beverages, alcohol can be great to ease off the awkwardness in social situations. However, not everyone here is for inebriation and celebration, so make sure to have a nice mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to suit everyone’s tastes.


You can play games like guess the Santa just to get giggles out of your colleagues. For example, you can ask one of them secretly whether he would like to play Santa or not, and when he/ she agrees and gets into the Santa suit, have him/ her deliver gifts or make an announcement to the audience, then ask the audience to raise their hands if they can tell who Santa is. You can offer gifts for the winner, or you can simply enjoy the laugh that you’ll get off their responses.

Revamping your office for a party can have a great impact on you and your colleagues. With a little bit of effort, you can get everyone to join the celebration and charge their appreciation and enthusiasm for the job. It is proven that parties will improve the engagement of employees so it is surely worth the effort.

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