How Can Music Help You Fall Asleep?

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

Falling asleep is a difficult task for many people, and sometimes it seems like it’s completely impossible. How many hours have you spent staring at your ceiling or tossing and turning in frustration as your brain works in overdrive? Luckily, putting on some music before going to bed can help you get that 8-hours of sleep. We explore why this is the case and give you tips to construct your very own sleep playlist.

How Music Affects Your Brain

Music has a profound effect on our brain, and it can even change our heart rate and breathing pattern. The music we enjoy the most boosts the level of serotonin in our brain, which makes us feel content. It also takes our mind away from everyday stresses. That’s why putting your favorite tunes in the background can make you fall asleep faster and get better rest.

You will get the most benefits if you make this a routine and implement it every night. That way, your brain will get accustomed to it, and you favorite song might make you doze off the moment you hit your pillow. According to a study, it’s most useful to start listening to music for about 45 minutes before going to sleep. This approach helps with both chronic and short-term inability to sleep.

What Type Of Music Should I Listen?

Various types of genres affect our brainwaves differently, and most of them have positive benefits. Soft ambient music, for example, can easily calm your nerves and deepen relaxation. Others will find they relax best with light classical music, lo-fi hip hop or light jazz. When starting, it’s best to go through a few genres in first weeks and see which one works out best. After that, you can start creating your sleep playlist or get music from YouTube as mp3 download.

For relaxation purposes, it’s best to listen to music with low BPM. BPM stands for beats per minute, and anywhere around 60 is ideal for most people. This is our resting heart rate, to which music helps us synchronize with. Basically, your heart rate and breathing will fall in line with music, which will make you sleep in no time.

Don’t Use Earbuds

Also, make sure that you don’t fall asleep with earbuds on. As you move in your sleep, there is a chance you might damage your eardrum. There’s even a possibility to develop necrosis, as earbuds have the potential to cut off your circulation. True, this is an unlikely scenario, but better safe than sorry, right? It’s best to play relaxing tones through a stereo or your pillowcase speaker.

As thousands of parents already know, music is a powerful relaxation tool that quiets the chatter and relaxes the soul. Once you try it, you will be wondering why you ever slept without it.

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