How CBD Makes You A Better Lover

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago

The medical benefits of Cannabidiol (also known as CBD), the non-psychoactive chemical component found in the cannabis plant, are numerous. Throughout the years, studies have shown that it bears a number of advantages for the wellness of our physical, mental, and emotional being and is slowly making its way to being widely accepted because of its healing properties that have been established by medical doctors and researchers worldwide.

However, have you ever thought it possible that you could use CBD to spice up your sex life? Yes, using this multipurpose cannabis compound could add a touch of excitement to your sexual experiences in multiple ways. Read on to find out more about how you can use CBD to incorporate some fun and expressiveness into your sexual routine.

CBD Oil Gives You Strength and Energy/ Cures Erectile Dysfunction

While most men don’t discuss this, erectile dysfunction is not something unusual. In fact, it’s a natural and common occurrence, mostly for men who are 40 years old above; it is associated with the aging of men. It is a condition where they are not capable of sustaining their erection, or erect their organ, enough to be able to penetrate during intercourse.

This is due to the fact that the sexual potency of men decreases as their bodies produce more Dioxin, known as environmental pollutants that are highly toxic and can generate reproductive and developmental issues, which leads to erectile dysfunction. Using CBD ointment helps with correcting erectile dysfunction issues, as the chemical compound breaks down toxins that trigger this sexually inhibiting condition.

Other than that, CBD naturally triggers a surge in your energy levels, allowing you to enjoy sexual experiences for longer periods of time, and also lets you be creative in bed to maximize the pleasure you and your partner will experience while you’re at it. Moreover, it has been proven to have tissue-mending properties, thus facilitating better flow of blood to the genitals

CBD Makes Orgasms More Achievable

The ability to orgasm is slightly a different experience for women compared to men. Although sex is a two-way activity, women take time to reach the big O, which is widely considered as the goal of sex. A women’s frame of mind or mood plays a huge role in her ability to orgasm. As luck would have it, using CBD oil can make orgasms more likely to happen, and it goes both ways.

The CBD oil helps reduce the anxiety that’s being experienced during intercourse. For people who tend to tense a lot on such intimate situations, or those who have themselves under too much pressure on pleasing their partners sexually, this can be helpful for it lets you feel relaxed and comfortable-- making it more easy to reach orgasm. It lessens the feeling of being anxious about your sexual performance and any other insecurities which could affect your sex drive.

CBD Oil Improves Your Libido

Sexual desire is triggered by the optimal functioning of two body systems namely sexual inhibition system and the sexual excitation system. Using CBD fuels the coordinated functioning of these two systems, thus setting you in the perfect mood to engage in sexual intercourse.

The compound triggers chemical reactions that inhibit negative emotions such as the previously mentioned anxiety and stress during sexual activity, allowing you and your partner to express yourselves more freely. What's more, most CBD oils that are sold medically are technically THC-free, which is the chemical compound found in cannabis plants that makes you high.

CBD Relieves You of the Pain Associated With Sexual Intercourse

Some people feel pain upon engaging in sexual intercourse. Most women experience extreme tightness in the vagina and can feel pain during the intercourse, which makes it hard to have an enjoyable sexual experience, as the pain that comes with it is often too much to bear.

However, this doesn't have to be the case, as one can apply CBD Salve around their genital area to eliminate or reduce the pain associated with sexual intercourse. It can help reduce inflammation surrounding and within the affected area and also help reduce the risk of acquiring urinary tract infections.

Apart from its pain-relieving properties, this oil-based lubricant also triggers natural lubrication. Recent findings also point towards the medical properties of CBD, as far as minimizing inflammation and improving serotonin levels go. This helps to heighten pleasure during intercourse. All in all, it adjusts any irregularities in your health, guaranteeing you a desirable sexual yearning.

Additional Information About CBD Lubricants You Need to Know

Although CBD oil helps with improving sexual libido, caution should be taken when using them with a condom; as these are oil-based and are therefore highly likely to trigger condom breakage. Also, if you're wondering whether applying CBD ointment onto your skin is as effective as ingesting it, the answer is yes.

The human skin is a highly sensitive organ; you can rest assured that your CBD balm will work just as effectively as your CBD capsules. A final fun fact to note is that you can mix different CBD strains for heightened effect. For instance, using two CBD-rich strains could improve your sexual focus.

Does it really work, though?

Surveys that have been conducted showed that 64% of people who have used CBD for sex said that their mood was positively affected upon using it. The effectiveness of the CBD products that were mentioned mostly refer to added sensations, increase in sexual desire its ability to reduce anxiousness, uplift your mood, and relieve pain while an overall better sexual experience can be observed.

Improving your sex life with CBD oil is something worth trying out. Medical researchers are already making advancements and newer CBD products, even the future use of plant oil ingredients as the base. It is therefore important to go through the product specifications of a CBD cream before making a purchase; to establish whether the ingredients suit your personal preferences. Once you find one that works for you, your sex life will never be the same again.

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