How Do Roombas Provide Comfort in Cleaning Your House

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

Roombas have been in the market for quite some time now. One of the reasons is that many people are moving towards automating almost everything in their households. First and foremost, let us clear something up. For those who might have heard of the name “Roombas” and do not know what exactly they are, let me help you. A Roomba is a type of compact, computerized cleaner developed by iRobot Corporation. Its impressive features and uses have made the device loved by all. All in all, the gadget provides comfort to the user when cleaning his/ her house. Here are the few ways to cement why this machine is amazing;

1. Fully Automated System

I know there are many vacuum cleaners in the market that promise full automation but fail to deliver. When it comes to Roombas, the case is different. These unique home cleaners are one of the best robot vacuum cleaners you will ever find. Roombas operate all on their own. All you have to do is program the system to suit your specifications, and you are good to go. There are two main ways in which Roombas clean a room, and they are;

  1. 1
    Random Bounce- In this case, Roombas work on their own and only stop once they get into contact with obstacles. When the Roomba hits the barrier, it moves away from the object and then cleans moving towards a different direction.
  2. 2
    Wall following- The Roomba cleans in a specified direction while following the walls of the room. In this case, the Roomba uses the side-mounted brushes to ensure that even the tightest corners are properly cleaned.

Random bounce and wall-following are not the only ways in which these smart cleaning devices work. The older versions, like the Roomba 560, take a different approach when cleaning. One of these modes is spiraling outwards to cover large areas. In some cases, these Roombas might sweep across a room at high speed or even retrace over dirty regions multiple times.

In all of the cases highlighted above, there is no human intervention required. In essence, the Roombas are just correctly programmed and placed on the floor. You can even leave the machine running, and when you come back, you will see nothing but a sparkling clean surface.

2. Mapping the Layout of your Rooms

The mapping ability of Roombas is one of the reasons why it is on top of the game above all other automatic floor cleaners. Roomba mapping comes in handy in so many ways. Before diving into the benefits, let me show you how Roomba mapping works.

Roomba mapping is a common word used to refer to the ability of the newer versions of Roombas like Roomba 980 to familiarize them with the layout of your house. The Roomba i7 and the Roomba i7+ are also part of these smart vacuum cleaners by iRobot that map out your home.

I know the question you are probably asking yourself right now is, do these Roombas actually learn the entire floor plan? The answer to your question is yes. Yes, these new Roomba models take time to get to know how your home looks. The Roomba 980, for instance, comes with infrared cameras that take snapshots of the room. As time goes by, this cleaning gadget builds a picture of the room, clearly highlighting the places it has been and where it is going. In essence, Roombas literally memorize your room’s layout.

The benefits that come with Roomba mapping are nothing short of impressive:

  1. 1
    a .First and foremost, the more modern versions of Roombas clean more quickly than their predecessors. Studies by the engineers at iRobot Corporation show that the newer versions cut cleaning time by 20 percent. The cleaning done by Roomba 980, Roomba i7, and Roomba i7+ is also said to be more thorough as compared to older versions.
  2. 2
    Another benefit of these newer versions is that they move more confident in a straight line, so cleaning seems like a human being is doing it. With mapping, Roombas are now also able to stop cleaning when the battery is low and connect themselves to the charger. Once the battery is full, the Roombas can pick up cleaning right where they left off.
  3. 3
    That is not all; the Roomba i7+ comes with persistent mapping. Persistent mapping allows this smart gadget to remember the layout of your room from one cleaning session to another. Doing so helps this automated cleaner plan cleaning sessions more efficiently.

3. Wi-Fi Connectivity

The ability to connect your Roomba to your smartphone using Wi-Fi is another way how Roombas provide comfort in cleaning your house. To connect the device to your smartphone or tablet, follow these few steps;

  1. 1
    Connect the smart vacuum cleaner and your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. 2
    Make sure you have the iRobot Application on your phone. If you do have it click on “Home,” review the End User agreement, and then click on “Confirm.”
  3. 3
    Select the robot that you want to use (Your Roomba cleaning device). Once you have done this, you are good to go.

Note: Ensure that your Roomba cleaning device is on, and it is on the Home Base.

With your Roomba connected to your smartphone, you can go about doing other things as the Roomba does all the cleaning for you. You can also control and monitor the device from anywhere; you do not have to be close to your house.


Comfort when cleaning your home is everything. Over the past few years, cleaning device engineers have tried to come up with smart cleaning gadgets that will clean effectively and also provide comfort to homeowners. With Roombas, we can easily say that these engineers have made a lot of progress in achieving their goals in the cleaning sector.

Roombas are incredible machines that automatically clean your house. With amazing cleaning modes like random bounce and wall-following, the device operates all on its own and leaves your home sparkling clean. The device can also learn the layout of the house by taking snapshots and building vivid pictures of the area. Using the images, Roombas can move around and clean your house, navigating past every obstacle. Let us not forget the fact that you can monitor the cleaning device from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Doing so gives you time to relax as the machine does all the cleaning for you.

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