How Fast Does a Locksmith Work to Unlock a Door?

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

Almost everyone has gone through the terribly embarrassing, though equally humbling, the experience of misplacing or losing their keys after a wild night out with old buddies and pals. What is even worse, is not losing them, but forgetting them inside your house in the first place, which kind of changes your perspective on things. Though, at times like these, the last thing you will want is to panic and try to pull off a Tom Cruise-like stunt and get in through the windows or try bashing yourself through the door. However, rest assured as there is a very convenient solution to this problem, and it starts with calling a locksmith.

What to Do?

It is easy. You call over a locksmith and tell them that you are locked out of your house. If you have contacted a reliable service, they will quickly dispatch a locksmith to your location. Subsequently, the locksmith will arrive with some tools and they will get to work. Before no time you will be magnificently reunited with what lies on the other side of your door, that is your house.

It is very important to get a trusted and licensed locksmith. The locksmith advisors over at would urge caution, regardless of the situation you are caught in, as the only thing protecting your valuables in your home is your lock. As a result, they strongly suggest hiring a professional locksmith that knows what they are doing.

How Fast Does it Take your Average Locksmith to Unlock your Door?

This is probably everyone's biggest concern. Seeing that you will probably have to deal with at least a few minutes of panicking and thinking of what to do. Then actually doing what you should do, and then maybe having to deal with that neighbor you have never seen. If you are lucky, deal with the authorities who must think that you are breaking into your own home. Once the locksmith gets there, let them go to work. You will want no obstructions as you will expect that they finish up quickly. Well, no need to give yourself a stroke over worrying about this, as it usually does not take the average locksmith any more than 7-10 minutes to unlock your door.

With that having been said, as it is the case with some locks, they are more inexpensive than others and as such may pop out in a matter of a few seconds, or few minutes if you are really taking your time. Then again, some locks develop the inconvenient trait of ‘resistance’ and may have a locksmith work on them for more than a few good minutes and still have no luck. So, really, it depends on the talent of the locksmith and how strong your lock’s security features are.

What are the Tools?

A locksmith must always have their own set of tools, properly equipping them and preparing them for any occasion. With these tools, they can virtually unlock the doors to anything at all. This can be your car door, the door to your apartment, and any other door that may be stuck or needs unlocking. Though, depending on the situation, there will be different tools. The tools used are plenty and include:

  • Broken Key Tools
  • Files
  • Impressioning Tools
  • I-Core Tools
  • Cylinder Service Tools
  • Lock Scopes
  • Safe & Vault Tools
  • Locksmith Electrical Tools

There are many more specific tools that a locksmith may use, however, the above are the most common and will unlock almost any type of locks used in a household.

Locksmith Licensing Process

There have been many cases where a locksmith company claims to be licensed but has in fact manipulated the listings on the internet and in phone books, falsely labeling themselves with the stripes of authenticity, only they are not. They give their customers a quotation over the phone and once the customer agrees on the standard price for the service, they come and get the job done. Once they are done with the job they hand over their clients a ridiculously overpriced bill that does not correspond with what was initially agreed upon.

There are more than 15 states in the United States that require locksmiths to acquire a license. To do so, they need to apply for a license and they must submit a formal application along with the application and a license fee. The next step is to submit two passport size photographs. After completing this step, they must submit a ‘Locksmith Company Live Scan form’ signed by what is known as the Live Scan Operator, which must include an ATI number. There are a small number of fees included in the process where a $32 DOJ fingerprint processing fee and a $17 FBI fingerprint processing fee must be paid.

How to Spot a Fraud

Though there is no exact science to spotting a fraud locksmith, it is not impossible. However, a strong gut feeling that is aided by a sixth sense would come in handy. There are a few tips to safely ensure that the locksmith company you work with is certified if you are in any of the states that require a certification, or at least an experienced one with plenty of good reviews. Firstly, check to see that they are familiar with your area. The second part is all about showing prudence, which will demand you to outwardly ask the service for the “legal name of the business”.

To show that they are a licensed service, all service-related documents, such as invoices must include the ALOA and the association’s logo. However, some do borrow the logo to gain people’s trust even though they are not. Another thing you must look for is to see if they arrive in-service vehicles, with the business’ name being clearly printed on the vehicle. Lastly, upon their arrival, ask to see their license and then ask for an invoice, all of which are necessary in the case that they do not turn out who they claim to be.

All in all, a locksmith will usually unlock your door and be done in a matter of minutes. Which when you come to think about, it is just a conversation or two. So as long as you contact a licensed and trusted locksmith, consider yourself to be in good hands. If you follow the guide and pointers above, we’re pretty sure you will be.

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