How to Become a Real Estate Developer

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

Becoming a real estate developer can be getting yourself into a lot of headaches, but it can also be a financially and emotionally rewarding process. Being able to flip homes and generate income is a dream that many people aspire to. The only thing stopping you is that you might not be sure how to become a real estate developer.

What is a Real Estate Developer?

A real estate developer is a person who invests in real estate properties and then manages or develops them to create a profit for themselves. This may require investing finances into renovating a property, or using a property for renting purposes. There’s no educational background required to become a real estate developer, although several avenues of education can provide an asset. The renovating process requires some technical skills and you will reduce the need to hire expensive contracts the more of these technical skills that you have acquired.

Don’t Attempt A Solo Venture

Attempting to become a real estate developer on your lonesome can be a work intensive process. It’s not recommended that you attempt to develop properties on your own, because some can require a great deal of work. You’ll increase the amount of time required for you to “turnover” properties if you are working by yourself. Having a team with people who have technical skills also reduces the expenses you’ll have to pay for in regards to contractors. You will also have to invest less up front if you have other real estate developers who can pitch in their investment.

Use Professional Listings

Hunting for the properties yourself can be a task heavy process, and finding a property where the amount of work required still generates a profit, is difficult. If you’re trying to become a real estate developer in Indianapolis, there might be listings that are oriented just for you. There are professional listings from that fall into this category. Using professional services who can manage the property from other locations is also of value.

If you’re attempting to rent a property via long-distance, it can be difficult to meet a tenant's needs. By using a property management service, you are able to complete these tasks remotely and you won’t need to worry about things like lawn maintenance.

Use Your Head


Just like an investment you want to be rational and objective prior to spending your funds on a property. Luckily, if you’re working with others on these projects, they’re likely to influence you to do the same. Remember, you’re going to be the most logical just prior to investment, and the most emotional and least logical immediately after investment. Trust that you’ve made a good decision and strive towards generating a profit for yourself. Just make sure to use your head prior to any big decisions.

Be Patient

Even if you are getting impatient waiting for the opportune property to become available on the market, this does not mean you have to invest immediately. Sometimes you need to be patient waiting to find the property that will meet the needs that you have. If you end up purchasing a property that’s more work than you bargained for, and a week later an opportune property pops up, you will kick yourself for not being more patient. Real estate developer listing agencies are perfect for helping you find a good property.

Understand The Market

Having an understanding of the market is vital to becoming a real estate developer. Look at the homes in the area and see if their price value is going to generate a profit, comparing the amount of work a property may need. Sometimes the value of the homes in the area isn’t going to lead to a profit from a sale. No matter how much work you do on the home, surrounding homes, as well as location also play a huge role in the price tag. If it’s looking like you won’t generate a profit, don’t take a risk, and start looking for other properties.

Becoming a real estate developer doesn’t take any serious level of education, and it’s something that almost anyone can do. You just need to make sure that you have the capital in order to invest, and sometimes having help from others can help with these expenses. Make sure you’re using all of the tools at your disposal, and keeping a clear head while making investment decisions. Do all of the research that you can on the market and property to make sure that you’re generating a profit consistently. Becoming a real estate developer is as easy as that!

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