How To Choose The Right Coffee Vending Machine

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago
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The modern drip coffee maker was introduced in the early 20th century. It was basic, used a filter that was made out of blotting paper. Vending machines were invented a few decades earlier than the first modern coffee machine. It wasn’t until 1947 when a company based in the US managed to connect both mechanisms to brew fresh coffee in a vending machine. These vending machines took the US by storm; the original inventor was Rudd-Melikian, a company, stated that over 250,000 cups of coffee were brewed every day in 1947. The vending machine industry has evolved into a behemoth with a market size worth billions of dollars.

When you introduce a new way to easily get coffee to your office or any workplace, you will simply be applauded by all your employees for making such a great decision, who won’t? Coffee has been known to be the glue that, basically, keeps a lot of employees able to pull through 12+ hours of consecutive tasks. The coffee break is the most popular social gathering for a boring office day, people like to socialize with their co-workers while sipping their coffee of choice.

When you’re choosing a coffee vending machine, you don’t want to disappoint your employees or customers. Bad coffee is still a coffee, and it may help boost focus and productivity, but good coffee can do that even better, in addition to allowing people to actually enjoy sipping it. We’ll be giving you the right strategy to help pick the right coffee vending machine for your workplace.

Determine the Size

There are several industrial coffee machines that vary, some may fit in a locker and others can’t even go through doors. All coffee vending machines work using the same peripheral concept, press a button, get your coffee in a few seconds. A vending machine is supposed to be situated in the right spot for it to be worth the trouble; you don’t want your employees to cause a ruckus in a small area to get coffee.

The size isn’t just a physical exterior, it usually points to the capacity of the machine in terms of re-filling and being able to handle the constant activity. You’ll have to roughly estimate how many cups of coffee your company or business is going to need. You can buy a small luxurious machine that can serve the best cup of coffee in the UK, but that machine won’t keep up with 100 coffees-deprived employees looking for their coffee fix. The number of coffee cups brewed is going to be the main determiner of the size of the vending machine in relation to the refill rate you’d need.


The total cost of your vending machine is broken down into more than one category, from repairs to the materials used to brew the coffee. When you’re buying a coffee vending machine to boost your profit, the cost of the machine may matter less than when you’re using it to offer free coffee to everyone. The price of a single coffee cup brewed to a high-degree of quality standards can cost you a few pence; it’s still more expensive than using low-grade instant coffee, yet you get to charge more for the cup since it’s real fresh bean coffee.

When you put any vending machines in the workplace, you need to take into consideration that those are technically your regular customers. You should realize that they won’t buy a cup every day if it costs too much, no matter how good. They should be confident that they’re getting the best deal from the vending machine; a good deal means getting good coffee faster and cheaper than getting it from a coffee place.

Maintenance and Location

The more sophisticated a vending machine, especially ones that brew coffee, the harder it will be to clean. While the machine is not serving drinks, it’s constantly heating water and milk to be able to serve it instantly once someone orders it. Most people lease vending machines, which means that there is routine maintenance that ensures the machine is in tip-top shape. If you happen to buy the machine, then you should keep an eye on it so it doesn’t break down before you get the chance to maintain it.

We’ve talked about the location of the coffee vending machine before, but this time there is another element that you should take into consideration. There are some coffee vending machines that require their fresh water supply to be pumped in from a source, and this is more common for the bigger ones which minimize refilling processes as much as possible. Containers in the vending machines provide you with flexibility. You’re free to put it in any place that’s convenient for you.

Brands and Leasing

When you’re picking a brand for your machine, try to lean more towards picking popular brands that people know and trust. Worldwide brands are known for their consistency, people can always expect the same specific cup of coffee every day of the year.

A good business strategy for vending machines is leasing. When you lease a machine, you may reduce a little bit of the profit since you’re paying monthly fees. The benefits of leasing outweigh the setbacks. You get a reduction on your corporation tax, constant maintenance, and low initial cost. If you choose a supplier with a good reputation amongst the major suppliers, you get to choose from the crème de la crème, in addition to getting good terms on your contract.

It’s hard to go wrong when it comes to good coffee. You don’t want to make a bad choice with coffee-brewing vending machines; it can set you back a couple of steps instead of increasing your profit. The variety that we have now is surely overwhelming; there are machines nowadays that shows you the brewing process through a see-through glass, others have cameras that use AI to identify faces so it would automatically customize the coffee. You’ll need to firmly decide if your vending machines are going to be used to generate profit or if they’re free of charge for customers.

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