How To Make Strong Coffee and Survive

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago

There comes a time during your morning routine when you desire a strong cup of coffee. Anyone can brew a strong pot of coffee, but how tasty will it be? Many believe that a strong cup of coffee means it has to taste bitter and lifeless, when in fact, a properly roasted cup of coffee is rich in flavor, delicious and will give you the extra buzz you need in the morning. Learning to make a strong cup of coffee needs more skill than just brewing extra coffee grounds.

There are 4 main coffee beans and each have distinct flavor. Arabica, known as the gourmet coffee, is probably the most delicate and highest in quality; it’s also known for its layers of flavors and aroma. Robusta is the second most produced coffee in the world and has higher caffeine content with hints of chocolate flavors.

Liberica coffee beans are rare to find but have a distinctive smoky taste along with an aroma of floral notes. Lastly, Excelsa is a light roast often used in blends. When making a strong coffee, you need to understand the right method of brewing, the right coffee maker, as well as the type of coffee beans to use. Below are some tips on how you can make a rich and delicious coffee cup.

It Depends On Your Roast

First off, decide if you need your coffee to be more flavorful or more caffeinated. If you want more caffeine, you can choose a lighter roast and a longer time to brew. If you want a strong flavor, it’s all about adjusting the water-to-coffee grounds ratio and choose a darker roast. Darker roasts are rich in flavor minus the bitterness. Arabica and Colombian dark roasted beans provide a flavorful and stronger brew.

When it comes to French roast, whatever the type of bean is, it will be enjoyable for those seeking a strong cup. There are many coffee roasting businesses which offer you a chance for that strong cup of coffee. The Red Goat Coffee at is considered to have 6x the caffeine with their smooth whole bean coffee, or ground coffee as well as coffee pods. Whatever your choice may be, just make sure it’s the right roast for you, and that it really hits home.

The Brewing Method is a Factor

You may think that espresso is the strongest type of coffee. This is not entirely true because it also depends on the brewing method; the longer the brew, the richer the flavor is, but not every strong cup of coffee has a lot of caffeine. An electric drip coffee maker, which is present in most of everyone’s homes, usually has 120 milligrams of caffeine as opposed to the 40 milligrams in espresso.

For a strong and flavorful cup of coffee, a French press or an espresso machine would be ideal. Those who own a high end automatic coffeemaker are less likely to experience issues with burnt tasting strong coffee. If the coffeemaker you have right now does not help you achieve the perfect strong coffee it’s high time to switch to other models.

Grind it Yourself

Grind It Yourself

You can always grind your own coffee beans for the finest and strongest coffee cup, and only start grinding when you’re about to drink it. Get yourself a coffee grinder with several grind options. Grinding your coffee beans finely is also a key method in getting that smooth and strong flavor.

Try not to grind too fine or else you will be releasing a bitter flavor unless you’re making Turkish coffee or using an espresso machine. Experiment between a medium and coarse grind if you’re using a French press or a drip machine. You can also use a chemex or a pour over coffee brewing method to avoid that burnt flavor and get a rich and strong one instead.

The Water-coffee Ratio

Adjusting the coffee-to-water ratio can actually help the strength of a cup of coffee without compromising flavor. You can increase the amount of coffee by using one unit of coffee for 16 units of water. For a stronger one, many people use the 2.5:6 method. This means that for a single serving of a regular cup, add 2 scoops of coffee to 6 ounces of water. Let your taste buds experiment a bit till you find the right level of strength you desire.

Use Fresh Coffee

Preparing fresh roast coffee beans to brew with an overhead view of four different varieties of beans with their corresponding ground powder in small dishes on a weathered driftwood background

The freshness of each coffee bean will largely influence the taste of your strong coffee. Even if you’re not sure whether your coffee beans are still fresh, the final output will let you know exactly the quality of the beans you used. And, when you’re looking to brew a strong coffee, the flavor would be much more concentrated thus you can easily tell if the beans used were fresh or not. Keep in mind that when you’re brewing with subpar coffee beans, you can only expect a mediocre coffee as well.

Opt For Clean Purified Water

Whenever you’re brewing coffee, always make sure that you’re using purified water. If you use water that tastes a bit “off” this will definitely affect how your brewed coffee will also taste. It’s not necessary to use bottled water. The most important thing is that you brew using clean purified water to ensure great tasting strong coffee.

Stick to the right temperature

Your brew temperature is another crucial factor for achieving high quality strong coffee. The ideal temperature would be anywhere from 195°F  to 205°F. If you’re brewing at a temperature that is hotter than this chances are you will be able to come up with burnt tasting coffee. But if you’re also brewing at a temperature that is colder than what’s ideal, you run the risk of not being able to completely extract the flavor of each coffee bean.

The ultimate cup of Joe

For that right amount of java within your day, all it needs is a little attention to the type of bean you use, the way you brew your coffee and in what machine as well. Learning to make yourself a strong cup of coffee that is rich in flavor and not consumed with that burnt taste is a skill any coffee-lover needs to learn.

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