How To Personalize Coffee Mugs

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago

Personalized mugs are a sure way to stand out while you are drinking your morning coffee. Planning to gift personalized items is a great idea. It will show how much you know the other person; their likes and dislikes. Or it can be the perfect reminder for your loved ones of how awesome they are and how much you love and appreciate them. You can choose to print something that inspires you to start your morning with some positive energy and happiness. Or you use these mugs as a reminder of your life purpose and motto, your blessings, or things that you like and will cheer you up.

Maybe you would like to get a customized mug with a picture of your favorite person in the world on it, or the smile of your first baby to wake up to every day. Here we’ve created a mini guide that will help you explore more ideas and figure out how you can personalize coffee mugs.

How Can You Make Personalized Mugs?

There are two main ways that you can give your coffee mug an extra personal touch to make a unique stand-out mug that you are proud of. 

1. DIY

DIY projects are really fun to do, especially if you are adding your touch to your favorite morning coffee mug. We all know the popular idea on Pinterest where you just use a sharpie to write on your mug anything that you like. This idea would make a great gift when you don’t have enough money to spend on gifts.

painted ceramic cup on white background top view

However, do you realize that using normal sharpies means that whatever you wrote will be washed off on the first wash? To avoid this mistake and to be able to do some great ideas without spending a ton of money on awesome personalized gifts, you can switch to using oil-based paint pens instead of regular sharpies. Pick a color or more to draw something, write quotes, or something that you love about the person you are giving the gift to.

2. Get It Customized

If you don’t feel like spending your time on a DIY project or you don’t enjoy these types of activities, you can always spare yourself the hassle and get it customized. There are a lot of websites and stores that offer a wide variety of personalized gifts. Not only personalized mugs, but you can also find personalized pillows, stickers, posters, towels, and bags.

Humans usually enjoy expressing themselves; their thoughts, beliefs, likes, and dislikes. That’s why personalized items have become a big hit in our modern days. They are a great way to express yourself and your uniqueness.

How To Personalize?

There are a lot of ideas that you can go to make your mug special and unique. Look at websites and Pinterest for inspiration to find the perfect idea and the design that suits you. At parties, meetings, or any themed gatherings, you can always upgrade your game with customized mugs just for these events to add a little something to your evening. There are a lot of ideas out there to choose from; here are some of them.


Whether you would like to print your favorite quotes that speak to your soul or the quotes that describe you best, you can choose your favorite one and get a customized mug with it. some people like to print their motto on life on the mug as a reminder every day of their purpose in life. Some prefer to print some personal words that make them happy when they read it. It all depends on your preference in the end.

The World's Best Boss

Remember Michael Scott’s mug in “The Office,” that mug would make the perfect gift for your boss on their birthday, whether they are a fan or not. You can print the world’s best “anything” to your loved ones, and they would absolutely love the gift and appreciate it. These types of gifts will not cost you a lot of money, but it will draw a smile on their faces every day.

Favorite Musicians

One of the most important things that really shows who we are is our taste in music. You can become friends with someone just because they have the same music taste as yourself. Personalized mugs with your favorite musicians, bands, or artists make a great conversation starter at work or in the university, especially if you are new. They are a great way to meet new people and make friends that you can connect with over a common interest between you. Other than this, customizing your own coffee mug with a picture or the name of your favorite band is an awesome idea to feel unique and proud of your mug.

Couple Mugs

His and her mugs are the cutest gifts for couples on their anniversaries, those who just got engaged, and they make a great wedding gift. If you just print a couples’ design that suits them and shows how much you know both of them and what they like, they would definitely appreciate the gift. You can even get these mugs for you and your significant other to have matched mugs that you can enjoy your morning coffee in.

You will be reminded of great occasions with every sip you take from these mugs. You can get customized mugs with the picture of your baby on them, your fur babies, or anything that you hold dear to your heart to be reminded of your blessings every day and the things that cheer you up.

Take Your Time To Come Up With The Perfect Idea

Whether you are getting the mug for you or for other people, if you have decided on doing it yourself or getting it customized, you should take your time to think about the design you want. If you are getting personalized items as gifts, think carefully about the likes and dislikes of the person in your mind to be able to execute the perfect gift for them without breaking the bank. People appreciate personalized gifts more than any expensive gifts for the value and the meaning the gift holds.

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