How to Remove Tree Roots

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago
How to Remove Tree Roots

There will come a time when you are stuck in a situation where you might have to remove the roots of a tree. It can be that you have chopped down the tree and are looking to build something in the place where it once stood. It could also be for an entirely other reason. There is no questioning that acquiring this skill can come very handy, especially when the roots to a tree are growing dangerously close to your house’s foundation. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is an easy task, as it will require some hard work on your part. Here is what you need to know.

Cut It from a Distance

Firstly, before you go ahead doing anything, you will want to trace the distance at which you will cut the roots, which depends on the tree’s diameter. This is so that the tree does not become unstable, which may have the great structure fall down. In order to get an accurate measure of how far you should be, you just have to measure the trunk of the tree and then multiply that number by roughly 8, and the number that is generated is the distance at which you can get to cutting.

Another thing you should not do is cut too much of the roots. This may lead to the tree’s instability, and it is for this reason you should look to avoid using large tools. Instead, use smaller and more accurate tools that will get the job done without destroying the tree. You should not remove any more than 20% of the roots, and if you want to remove more you should wait at least 3 years; otherwise you may end up killing it.

Call an Arborist

If you are unsure of how far or close you should be, you can always seek the help of a professional. They will carefully and patiently instruct you of all that you may need to know. Your queries can include anything, though look for a trusted and certified arborist to ask. The tree removing experts at AKA Tree Removal explain the importance of looking for a professional in the arboriculture industry. This is because the tree’s condition can have a significant effect on the value and safety of your property, and so if you are not sure, it is best to consult an arborist.

Dig Up the Roots


Now that you have specified the area around which you will be cutting, you can start digging up a hole. This is commonly done by a shovel. Once you have located the roots, start by drawing around the area you want to remove. A trick that will make the removal much easier will be to dig around the roots, usually with a spade. This will give you more than enough space to cut them out without having any trouble.

Removing the Roots

Finally, after having dug up the roots and made sure that you are not cutting any more than 20% at the appropriate distance, you may start removing the roots of the tree. Depending on the size and diameter of the roots, you may use either regular gardening scissors or a saw. Larger ones will ask for a saw, while smaller ones will do with the former. You will then start cutting them down and, afterwards, you will be grabbing them by hand to remove them. However, it is best that you wear gloves during this process, so as to avoid getting any cuts or bruises.

Install Barriers

You have now successfully removed the roots that needed removing. In order to prevent them from growing back, you will need to install a barrier. The barrier will be placed before you fill in the hole you had dug. Barriers will typically be plastic barriers and you will look to install them deep under. Once that is done, you may finally fill the hole. Afterwards, you will just need some grass seeds to spray around the area you dug out so that you fill it with green. All you have to do now is monitor the tree and make sure you have not killed it.

As it was previously mentioned, removing the roots of a tree is a tiresome yet essential job. As long as you have carefully followed the instructions, you would not have any problems afterwards. Remember to always be careful when carrying out this job in order not to destroy or kill your tree. Don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional in case you don’t know where to start.

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