How You Can Avoid Experiencing Hand Injuries At Home?

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago
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Injuries can occur at any time, even when doing the simplest things at home, it can be annoying and frustrating but it happens more than you think. That's why you have to be super careful whenever you do anything like cooking, cleaning, fixing stuff, and many other household tasks. Take a look below at some of the things you can do to avoid any unfortunate hand injuries while doing chores at home.

Gloves Are Your Friend

You need to understand that if you're prone to any cuts or random injuries, you should always wear gloves. According to the people at, injuries can easily be averted with the right pair of gloves. So if you want to be safe and reduce any injury, chances, then rest assured that you can be living life to the fullest when you have a decent pair of gloves to do your daily chores or random activities. There are so many gloves for pretty much everything, there are gloves for fixing metalwork and machines or for woodwork and power tools. There are also gloves for different kinds of cooking, whether you're cutting or slicing, or frying and boiling. Anything you can use to protect your hands from injuries is worth every penny spent.

The Cutting Game

Cooking is one of the activities that can cause hand injuries, whether you're cutting vegetables, fruits, or even meat. You need to be careful with the knife when you're using it, make sure you wash and fully dry all of the items that you will be using when you're cutting something. A lot of people possibly face danger when they take a fruit or vegetable in one hand and a knife in the other, cutting a nerve is the most common injury and it's something you just don't  want. The knife is sharp and most things that you'd be cut are round and that's a dangerous combination.


So try not to hold the actual produce in your hand when you cut it, it may feel like the natural way to cut and it might also look chef-like. It's recommended that you avoid putting the food you're cutting on a cutting board only, you should stabilize it with your fingers while positioned away from the path of the knife blade. That way you can slice it lengthwise around the pit of the food you're cutting and minimizing any cuts or serious injuries.

Guarding For Your Tools And Equipment

So you got some chores to do, and they require tools, power tools, or gardening equipment, and if you're planning to do so and keep your fingers intact, then, you should be extra vigilant. There are ways to prevent cuts and injuries by ensuring that there is proper guarding around all pinch, smash, and cut points, as well as warning signs pointing out the potential of injury. No matter how careful you are when you use these types of tools or equipment, you can still get yourself hurt from these injury points. Proper guarding will prevent your hands from coming in contact with any point that could cause a cut, deep reds, or nerve punctures.

Remember to keep your hands as far away from injury causing areas as much as you can. It's hard to hurt your hands if every point that can cause injury is covered thoroughly. Most manufacturers provide safety guarding on the equipment they sell to homeowners and their chores, but older equipment and especially equipment that may have been modified is likely to not have proper guarding or any at all. So inspect everything you own very well and find out if there is any adequate guarding that need to be added.

Baby-proof Sharp Edges In Your Home


It's possible that some parts of your home might have edges pointing out that could lead to cuts and scratches. Whether it's a side of the wall that has worn down over the years, a sharp-edged coffee table, glass decoration on walls, or even a big fish tank. Sometimes when you're walking you could bump into these areas and scratch your hand while you are randomly walking. So always be careful when you're strolling around and make sure all these edges have proper padding for protection.

Fixing Toys For Your Kids

It's possible that even something as simple as a plastic toy could cause a deep cut wound on your hands, maybe it's old or your kids broke it by accident and you want to be the hero and fix it. Just be sure your fingers are positioned in the right and unaffected areas of the toy, any quick movement when you're pulling something or stretching a piece can slip and cut your fingers really badly. Always have a protective and smart plan if you want for your kids happy while fixing their stuff, be the real super hero and don't show them that you got hurt on the job, they might feel guilty afterwards. Either way it's nice to keep your old things and to try to fix it, but if it's totally broken and it's impossible to fix then consider buying a new toy.

Possible Repetitive Strain Injuries

Every parent has this problem, doing the same thing over and over again every day. Whether it's cooking, cleaning, lifting something, washing, and many more. It can really cause your hands, fingers, and wrists to wear down or blister over time. It might take weeks, months or even years until you notice it. You need to always remember to take it easy once in a while. Don't always do your chores all day and night, seven days a week. Take a break and give your hands a chance to relax and rest, don't injure yourself from overworking at home.

It's all fun and games until someone loses a hand! Always try your best to be observant and careful when you're doing your chores or cooking at home. Wear gloves, have protective padding and guarding, take it slow and easy. Anything could happen in the blink of an eye, but with the right mindset, you can keep your hands and fingers intact.

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