Is Your Spiritual Health In Check?

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago

Most of us go through our daily lives without giving a second thought to our spiritual health. Regardless of what your religion might be, everyone stands to benefit from becoming spiritually healthy. However, our spiritual health, unlike our physical health isn’t as easy to qualify. Spiritual health is one aspect that often goes unchecked before an individual realizes that they are spiritually ill.

Read on to learn how to ascertain your level of spiritual health.

1. Are your innermost thoughts negative or positive?

Your innermost thoughts will reveal the truth about your spiritual health. Do you tend to think negatively or positively about yourself? Individuals that are spiritually healthy often hold a consistently positive mindset regardless of what life brings them.

Even in the most challenging of situations, spiritually healthy people know that the universe is already working things out in their favor. Choosing positivity over negativity will only help them better harness the universe’s energy and manifest their goals into reality.

2. Are you ready and willing to help others?

In their heart of hearts, spiritually healthy people believe in the golden rule or karma. These individuals choose to treat others as they themselves would like to be treated. Instead of choosing to live life selfishly, these people try their best to make sure that they help anyone in need to the best of their abilities.

Are you naturally inclined to treat strangers with the respect and love that you know you’re worthy of? If so, this is a clear sign that your spiritual health is in check.

3. Do you find peace in nature?

Nature brings us peace, so it’s an important part of becoming spiritually healthy. The more time you spend in nature, the more grounded and peaceful you will feel. Do you actively make time to walk around your neighborhood? Do you take trips to nearby beaches, forests, lakes, or any local nature spots? By connecting more with nature, you'll find that you’re more in tune with the earth and the universe.

4. Are you in tune with your intuition?

The more in tune with your intuition you are, the more you begin to understand your highest self. Your intuition is your voice of reason that is also in tune with the universe. Your intuition will help you discern between negative and positive decisions.

Essentially, as you learn to find your intuition, the more you’ll understand the true nature of the universe. This process of understanding your inner voice will help you to become more spiritually powerful overall.

5. Do you seek the truth in every situation?

The truth will always come out in every situation. The only way to be free is to live in your truth. If you want to have sustainable and healthy relationships, you must prioritize the truth and seek it out in every situation. While it isn’t always easy to tell the truth in every situation, becoming spiritually healthy is about going through these complicated situations and speaking the truth anyway.

The truth gives us a firm foundation to stand on and will allow you to be the most honest version of yourself. Instead of spending time trying to hide the truth and be dishonest, walking in the truth allows you to live in the freedom that comes with living truthfully.


6. Do you honor all life?

In line with the positive thinking that most spiritually healthy people aspire to is that decision to honor all life. While you can’t expect to be happy all the time, a sign of being spiritually healthy includes honoring all life. This means seeing the value of the world and everything in it. Life is a true miracle and you should treat everything with the value it deserves.

Moreover, part of honoring life is seeing the value of your own life. Treat each day you live as the gift it is and you’ll find that your entire perspective on life will change.

7. Is forgiveness important to you?

No relationship is perfect. As such, it is impossible to go through life without hurting other people. While there are many different ways you may respond to being hurt, choosing to exercise forgiveness is a clear sign that you are spiritually healthy. Though forgiveness is rarely easy, it is an essential part of living in your truth.

Refusing to forgive someone for their past transgressions doesn’t affect the other person—it hurts you. The negative energy connected to the hurt that you're harboring will only keep you from living as healthy as possible. Choosing to forgive someone for their past actions will allow you to move on and grow in your spirituality. With QHHT hypnosis therapy, you'll be able to access the innermost parts of yourself and find the answers and healing that can only come through forgiveness. Through this therapy, you'll be able to reach your subconscious and fully heal from the inside out. As you go through this process, you'll be able to forgive yourself as well for any past mistakes you may not have realized have been holding you back.

8. Do you avoid drama in your daily life?

Drama isn’t completely avoidable in life, but like other negative things in life, it’s important to try to avoid drama as much as possible. Individuals that cause a lot of drama in their lives and the lives of others will find that they are always unhappy, anxious, or angry. These emotions are lower-vibration patterns that keep these individuals from living as their truest selves.

In order to feel restored, happy, and refreshed in life, you need to live as the person you were meant to be. This means staying away from anyone and anything that brings the negativity of drama to your life. Once you eliminate unnecessary gossiping, violence, worry, and stress from your life, you’ll find that it feels as though a weight has been lifted from your life.

Spiritual health is far more important than most of us realize. By maintaining your spiritual health, your physical, emotional, and mental health will fall into place as well. Keep this guide in mind as you continue to grow in your understanding of spirituality.

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