Keeping Your Home Clean During Quarantine

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

A clean home could be your last line of defense from the coronavirus (COVID-19). Some studies say that COVID-19, like other coronaviruses can stay on surfaces for an hour up to several days. So, it is important to maintain a clean house especially if all members of your family are at home. It is important to protect every member by properly maintaining good personal hygiene and having a clean environment.

Experts from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that cleaning and disinfecting may be necessary for each household to prevent any spread of the virus.  If you want to protect your family during the quarantine period from any virus, you should also disinfect areas and things that you clean everyday. There have been recommendations to use powerful chemicals when it comes to disinfecting. While some people also get companies who provide residential and commercial disinfection services, here are some ways that you can do  to keep your house clean especially if you are on a tight budget.



One of the places where dirt and germs can be found is in your kitchen. Since food preparation is done in your kitchen, it is necessary to keep all surfaces and places disinfected. Start with your refrigerator where food is being stored. Clean the doors, shelves, vegetable crisper, and the freezer. Silverware should also be washed thoroughly. Make sure that even drawers where you keep them are cleaned. If you use recyclable bags for your goods, make sure that you also soak and wash them with soap after you have fixed all your groceries. Clean cupboards and the pantry.


Viruses would live longer in damp areas rather than hard surfaces. Make sure that your towels are washed and dried thoroughly. If possible, use only a hand towel once when you dry your hands and have it washed right after use. Do not share towels, everyone should have his own towel for use. Do not forget to wash the walls, floor and all handles inside your bathroom. Use bleach to disinfect all surfaces, including the toilet.


Clean the floor and walls like any other room in your home. Include bedside tables or lamp tables. Empty your trash can everyday. Pillowcases must be washed more often since this can absorb droplets where the source of transmission will actually begin. Clean closets and cabinets. Deep clean carpets and rugs.

Living Room


Cleaning the floor and disinfecting the whole living room area should be done daily since it is where family members would spend the rest of the entire day. Wipe clean all surfaces and handles like doorknobs and window handles. Clean all appliances including air conditioning units, remote controls, and even mobile phones.

Remember, cleaning is not enough, everything should be disinfected to kill any bacteria or virus. You just need to be careful and read all labels on the cleaning products that you are going to use. Some may not be appropriate for wood surfaces that can cause deteriorations or some are also abrasive that can cause corrosion in metal surfaces. It will be helpful to seek advice or consult companies that provide home cleaning services or products so you can decide which cleaning agent is best for your home.

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