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By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago
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Spring cleaning has lots of benefits. It gets rid of the clutter in your home and improves the quality of air in your home. When items are in one position for a long time, dust and dirt may build up. Thorough spring cleaning digs them up and makes your home fresher and more comfortable. Keep reading to learn a few tips about spring cleaning from experts.

Create a Checklist

With a proper checklist, you can set realistic expectations and prepare accordingly. However, before you start the process, you must decide whether you wish to declutter or clean. Decluttering means getting rid of items that you no longer need. Cleaning, on the other hand, involves sweeping, dusting, polishing, vacuuming, and mopping. If you plan on deep-cleaning your home, some of the most critical things on your checklist include renting a dumpster to throw out unwanted items properly and getting your space ready for spring. Even though modern homes may not require a lot of effort in cleaning, having a comprehensive checklist is still essential. The traditional spring cleaning process keeps your space clean, and it may prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.

Decide on a set of chores that you intend to complete. Even though you may have a general idea of what to expect, having a list ensures that you do not forget anything.

General Chores Include

  • Dusting your furniture
  • Cleaning the windows
  • Cleaning and shampooing your area rugs
  • Vacuuming the floor

Specific Chores Include

  • Washing the curtains and drapery
  • Washing blankets and comforters
  • Cleaning your oven
  • Defrosting your refrigerator

Clean on a Sunny Day

Even though cleaning is the last thing you may wish to do on a beautiful, sunny day, it is a great idea. On a sunny day, you can easily spot dirt and dust. Also, good weather uplifts your spirits and makes it possible to appreciate the results of your hard work.

Take Inventory of Your Supplies

Do not start the cleaning process until you are sure that you have all the cleaning supplies. Beginning the process only to realize that you do not have the supplies you need can be frustrating. Some of the essential supplies to consider include; disinfectant wipes, glass cleaner, and vacuum cleaner bags. Create a list of all the items you need and confirm that you have them. This will also save you time.

Clean Top to Bottom

The most effective way to clean your home is from top to bottom. If you start at the bottom, the clean spots will get dirty while you keep cleaning. When cleaning, ensure that there is minimal tracking until you complete the process. Start from the top rooms and work your way to the basement.

Space Out Your Cleaning

Spring cleaning is difficult, and you don’t need to complete it in one day. Space out your sessions to ensure that your home is spotless. If you rush through the process, you may not do everything that you should. Start by planning out the number of sessions you need and how much work you need to complete during each session. Organize your chores by floor and room. Without a clear strategy, it is easy to be overwhelmed. 

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

Bright marble and gold bathroom with two sinks and two mirrors

The bathroom is often neglected during spring cleaning. Use it as a chance to give your bathrooms a break and clean them thoroughly. Even though you clean your bathrooms regularly, they still need some attention during spring cleaning.

Disinfect your faucets, toilets, and other apparent offenders. Do not forget to clean your shower curtains, liners, and under the sinks. Look out for the growth of mold and treat it as soon as possible.

Pay attention to the shelves. Whether you have open shelves, a medicine cabinet, or toilet unit, it is easy for them to gather dust. Get rid of clutter and scrub it thoroughly. The best way to do it is by pulling everything out first. Check for the expiration date of all the items inside before putting them back. 


Even though you may be focused on cleaning, you don’t need to hold on to items that are no longer important. Getting rid of clutter removes distractions from your space and makes it easier to keep the home clean. It has a positive effect on your mood and general health.

Get Help

Getting other members of your household makes the process easier and more exciting for you. Assign different tasks to different family members and make it fun. If you involve kids, use a timer to ensure that they aren’t stuck on the same task for a long time. It wouldn't be bad to consider hiring professional cleaners as well.

Clean Out Your Fridge

Homemade citrus peel & vinegar multi-purpose cleaner

Check the labels of all items in your fridge to ensure that they are not expired. Get rid of expired items and those that you no longer need. For proper cleaning, remove all the items and place them on a counter and get rid of anything that is no longer good. Use polish to clean the inside of your fridge. Clean your shelves with warm soapy water and get rid of all waste. In the end, you should not have anything that you don’t need.

Consider Your Appliances

Most people forget to clean their appliances during their routine cleaning. Spring cleaning is a great chance to clean them. If you do not clean your kitchen appliances for a long time, they may start to affect the taste of your food after some time. Clean all your appliances, including your coffee maker, toaster, and oven.

Spring cleaning is not only good for the appearance of your home, but also for your general health. Essential tips to consider include; having a realistic checklist, paying attention to your appliances, cleaning in various sessions, cleaning out your fridge, and decluttering. Proper spring cleaning can improve your immune system. It gets rid of dust, pet hairs, mold, and mildew, which could be allergy triggers. Without proper cleaning, the quality of air in your home can be worse than outdoor air. A clean space improves your mood, productivity, health, and concentration. It may promote a healthy lifestyle.

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