The Beginner’s Guide to Modern Farmhouse Style

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

Unless you live under a rock, you have seen it somewhere: farmhouse weddings, infamous farmhouse TV shows, and farmhouses converted into homes. Typical farmhouse style conjures images:  rustic, tractors, country living, roosters.  But the modern twist on farmhouse is an exciting option to bring into sleek and very current trendy homes.  Think Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. 

Modern farmhouse is now one of the most popular trends in interior design, thanks to its unique blend of comfort and charm. With just the right touch– a rustic beam here, a barn-inspired door there – you can bring this trendy but warm aesthetic to life in the comfort of your own home.

If you want to get started creating your own farmhouse-inspired look, start with these elements:

Keep it Minimal

First, take a moment to understand the heart behind the modern farmhouse look. When considering true farm life, practicality must come first. Although keeping things practical is a good idea for any interior design plan, it must be kept at the center of the design.

Country living puts function over fashion, and this style incorporates that concept. Before diving in, consider how you can make the layout and furniture of the room as functional as possible. The look will come together in the end but planning for functionality and ease-of-use is first priority.

Keep it Neutral

The color palette is where the term ‘modern’ meets ‘farmhouse’. Although traditional colors can be found in creamy yellows and deep reds, modern style places importance on keeping things neutral. Think warm taupes, hues of beige, and steel grays. Accent pieces are a great way to incorporate your favorite colors that fall outside of the neutral palette but keeping the overall color scheme neutral should remain a priority.

Keep it Varied

Gone are the days of purchasing a full suite of matching furniture. Traditional farmhouse style includes the concept of wooden furniture (the type of wood and finish of the wood is up to you), so it is a great idea to include that in your space.

To add a modern twist, choose an eclectic mix of textures and materials when selecting the room’s couches, stools, and throw pillows. You can mix heavy items – like an industrial-sized farm table – with light touches, such as pendant lights or contemporary dining chairs. This mix and match approach gives the room an extra touch of comfort versus uniformity.

Keep it Industrial

The modern farmhouse style also lends itself to another interior design trend rising in popularity around the world: industrial design. Industrial design places emphasis on creating spaces that are minimal, functional, and structurally cohesive. You have likely seen this style more and more as you visit chic coffeehouses, loft apartments, or commercial buildings – like a swanky hotel, for example.

To blend this industrial approach with modern farmhouse, be specific with your industrial-inspired pieces as accents for the room. Find inspiration through industrial pieces, machinery, and structures that are commonly used for farming. Leave these pieces purely as accents for your space – think wood doors, iron light fixtures, and a metal sink space in the kitchen.

To spark your creative juices when choosing industrial accents, ETO Doors is an industry leader in the quality, design, and creation of customized wooden doors (their designs scream ‘modern farmhouse!’). Check out the thousands of options ETO has available, knowing that their team of trained and knowledgeable professionals can fulfill virtually any door design and texture need. Here is an article on why choose a wood door for your home to help you decide.

Just like traditional farmhouses, the farmhouse style has been around for centuries. Thanks to more recent interior design trends, however, the farmhouse style got a facelift. Heavy, rich colors have been replaced with cozy neutrals. Ornaments and knick-knacks find their new place as eclectic furniture choices and a mix and match of warm and comforting textures.

Modern farmhouse design leaves a lot of room for personalization, so use this guide as a launching pad to begin creating an inspired space of your own!

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