Tips for Choosing Furniture for Your Apartment

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting time until you realise that your furniture is too big for it. The solution for this is to get new pieces of furniture for your home. However, before you head to the stores, you need to make sure that it will work for your space.

It would be a great idea to gather accurate measurements of your area to know how much space you’re working with. Don’t do this until moving day — instead, do it before moving day by contacting your property manager to get the measurements that you need. This way, you can jumpstart your furniture shopping and be prepared for move-in day.

When furniture shopping for an apartment, it’s tempting to purchase a load of decor because they look fantastic. But keep your wallet close to you and prioritise. You’re at the store for essential pieces of furniture to make your apartment habitable, so stick to that. You can always purchase decor some other time. For now, stick to what you need first so as not to overwhelm yourself as well.

It’s crucial to have plenty of functional pieces in an apartment because of the limited space you have to work in. Choose pieces of furniture that can help you maintain a streamlined space.

Check out these tips to help you find the best furniture for an apartment.

The Right Sofa

A sofa is an essential part of your living room; luckily, there are sofas designed and built for apartments. Choose a couch that has a small profile, which means it has thin legs and is not too deep. The arms must not be overly chunky and as much as possible, just choose something wide enough for you to sit on. Block colours are better for apartments and feature a smooth fabric.

Round Coffee And Side Tables

Round-shaped coffee and side tables are always a safe bet especially for small spaces. Square and rectangle ones tend to be more imposing, and in a small area, you’ll likely run into them all the time. A glass table is an excellent choice because it will make the space feel tidier. Thin table legs are a-must, and the table must sit below the height of the sofa.

Simple Bed

If you’re dreaming of a bed with a gorgeous tufted headboard, you might want to reconsider as this isn’t a good idea for a small bedroom. Still, if you opt to get a bed frame with a headboard, keep it simple. And make sure that your bed isn’t too big for your room and is relatively low to the ground.

Round And Light Dining Table

Just like as suggested with your coffee and side tables, your dining table has to be round as well. And of course, with thin legs. Stray away from dark colours because this will weight the room down. Choose light colours and features a contemporary design to make the room feel easy breezy.

Now, you’re ready to begin your new journey in your new home with all the right and functional pieces of furniture.

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