Tricky Ways To Achieve a Luxurious Look in Your Interiors

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago

Who doesn’t fancy an expensive looking, luxurious home? We all dream and desire to live grandeur with high ceilings, exquisite furnishings and beaded chandeliers in a home we can be proud of while hosting guests. Even though most homeowners feel that having extravagant dining tables and sofas are essential to achieving the high-end look, elegance can easily be realized through simple, minor details that potentially transform any ordinary home into one super-luxurious haven. What’s more, you can create a home interior that looks straight out of a luxury magazine on a budget.

Below we share with you some clever tricks of the interior design trade that enable you to transform the interior of your home into a luxurious haven without carrying out a complete overhaul.

1. Set Up DIY Built-In Structures


The key to making luxurious pieces such as kitchen cabinets and bookshelves that have amazing custom looks is by ensuring they fit in the interior of your home perfectly. To achieve the desired look, make sure they extend from the floor to the ceiling. For instance, a bookshelf spanning an entire wall looks more expensive than a single or smaller one standing alone. Fortunately, the project can be accomplished in a weekend or two with forward planning.

2. Large-scale Artwork

Large-scale Artwork

Having large-scale artwork makes a huge difference and the impact makes it look like you splurged on expensive artwork. Large abstract paintings hang across the room, especially at the back of beds or sofa, reaching the ceiling are major attention grabbers. If you’re considering overscale artwork, then you might want to include floral and geometric patterns as these tend to have better looks than pictorial scenes. Ultimately, you need to implement a specific style that suits your taste. Also, make sure it looks best in the interior of your home.

3. Instead Of Matching Finishes Perfectly, You Should Coordinate Them

Certain finishes and stains blend in well with others. For instance, cherry wood coordinates well with oak and hickory marries well with virtually everything. Even so, most do not coordinate so well. If you wish to match your flooring to your kitchen cabinets or your doorknobs to your faucets, then you should ideally make an insanely real contrast or get the exact match. You should aim for three shades lighter or darker. An almost exact match tends to look cheap.

4. Voluminous Accessories


Expensive items have volume and weight to them (this partly explains why heavy gold bangles appear more costly and luxurious than their lighter counterparts that feel and look like they are possibly made of cheap plastic). It is important that you avoid flimsiness: Add a panel of extra curtains to the curtain rods and get quality carpets and get rid of the blankets that are not so great to the touch. In addition, you may accessorize with heavier accent pieces such as picture frames, ornaments, and vases. These will feel and look great in your interior.

5. Show Off Your Hardwood or Microcement Floors

Microcement Floors

Replace regular carpeting with microcement or hardwood floors. Doing so makes the interior of your home look and feel bigger. It is worth noting that carpet traps in particulates and dust and absorbs lots of moisture, thereby causing your home to have an odor. Hard surface floors are allergy-friendly, easier to clean and provide an updated, modern look to the interior of your home. However, to pull it off successfully, you need to make sure that the installation of your microcement flooring is executed correctly. Simone Murrin from CARRcrete Microcement says that using the wrong binder system can cause problems in your cement flooring.

6. Mood Lighting

Mood Lighting

The right type of lighting options allows you to create a posh ambiance in an effortless way, especially if you have an ordinary looking home. Get the right professional to install recessed cove lights positioned so that they highlight the focal points in the rooms. This contributes to having an attractive interior that feels spectacular with rich splendor. Besides your regular ceiling lights, adding decorative floor lighting can bring out the much-needed grace and poise. Investing in affordable, charming pendant lighting and chandeliers will certainly save the day as well.

7. Simplify

Contrary to popular belief, adding too many things into the interior of a home does not make it have a more chic or expensive look. While it is true that the more items you buy for your home, the more you splurge, you can make rooms of your home appear grandeur by putting fewer items. To create a pleasantly sophisticated-looking interior space, pare things down and simplify your styling. Give items space to breathe and they’ll shine and stand out.

8. Plush Rugs

Plush Rugs

The key to having a rich-looking room is to appeal to the senses. Getting soft and plush rugs that easily complement the furnishings in any space presents you with the perfect way of bringing out the delightful, grandeur feel to any space. Therefore, instead of spending a considerable amount of money or chenille or silk rugs, you should opt for less costly options such as bamboo silk, artificial silk, and other kinds of synthetic yarns. The aforementioned look just as good. Furthermore, they present you with a superb way to add opulence to the rooms of your home. Rugs having timeless patterns such as chevron and damask add a tasteful modern appeal to any home.

9. Use Mirrors to Add Visual Space

Your visitors will think your interior space is larger if you install mirrors. The sneaky idea of mirror placement adds visual space to the interior of your home. Note that large mirrors reflect back the room, thereby making it look more spacious – it could even look twice its original size.

With the simple tricks and tips presented above, you could transform your home into a luxurious space without making a costly overhaul. Apply the tips discussed above to create the interior of your dreams, an escape you could use every day. Remember, it is not about the amount of money you splurge, rather the way you pull it off. And the beauty of it all is that you can do it on a budget. Begin your home transformation today and get the space you’ve always desired.

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