What Are The Performance Characteristics Of Scroll Pumps

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

When it comes to engineering and manufacturing parts of equipment and other machineries, you will notice that spiral scroll compressors are extremely handy and useful for a lot of reasons. They hold a valuable place in the world of vacuum systems, superchargers, and air conditioning companies.  Many of these units have their perks and limitations and a lot of people wonder about their usefulness and performance characteristics.

So, it wouldn't hurt to learn more about them and the in-depth mechanism that operates a lot of our commonly used machines and systems.

What Is A Scroll Pump?

This device, that's also known as a scroll compressor, helps operate vacuums, automobile superchargers, and air conditioners. It's used for its cooling substance and air compressing capabilities. It's very commonly used and considered to be a good alternative choice instead of using traditional devices like a reciprocating compressor, rotary compressor, or a wobble plate compressor. So, you will see many different air conditioning systems and residential central heat pumps using this type of scroll pump. It uses two spiral-shaped scrolls to compress or pump gas and liquids by having one scroll fixed in place and the other orbit around, but without rotating; it's an amazing piece of engineering and it will continue to be used for many years to come.

Which One Should You Get?

This purely depends on your budget and the aspects that each manufacturer has for its spiral compressors. Also, the reason behind its purchase is linked to what you're planning to use it for; you have plenty of scroll pump options that can be used for generating mechanical work, if it's operated in reverse, different vacuums, or scroll-type superchargers for vehicles, that have different configuration perks, if you ask for it during your purchase. Also, they come in many different shapes and sizes, making the price varies from one manufacturer to another. And the different performance aspects of each pump would be a contributing factor in your decision too.      

The Different Performance Characteristics Of These Pumps

You have various factors that make every feature unique depending on its operating speed, the unit's size, and ambient temperatures. The most common performance qualities that provide the utmost significance to people can be listed as follows:

  • Less Noise: This can be measured by 1m from the end of each pump and it's less than 55.4 +/- 2.5 db(A).
  • Leakage Management: The perks of having this pump are that the tightness of leaks is less than 10-6l.s-1.
  • Frequency Converters: Every pump comes with one, making it utilize the design to alternate currents of one frequency to another.
  • Pressure Benefits: It provides a considerable amount of pressure that is estimated to be 10-2 mbar approximately.
  • Speed: The pumping speed of various scroll compressors can be between 3 and 60 m3 per hour.
  • Exhaust Valves: This is an essential part of every pump because it provides suck-back protection.
  • Different Variant: These spiral compressors can come with three-phase electronic-free modifications that are used in high-magnetic and radiation field environments.   

Advantages Of These Compressors

Every type of these pumps has perks that are so appealing to different engineers and commercial builders. These advantages can be explained as follows:

  • Cost: Even though the initial cost of each pump is considerably high, the operating costs of the compressors are significantly low in comparison.
  • Environmental-Friendly Aspects: They do not operate with oil and they don't require it to function properly.
  • Design: These pumps are made to be compact, simple, and light when it comes to weight.
  • Power Consumption: Despite their design, they do not consume a lot of energy and power when operating.
  • Sizes: The normal and big sized compressors have their uses, but the smaller ones can be useful too, because they're used as fore-pump for gas throughputs that are low.
  • Safety: You won't have to worry about contamination risks because most models come with pump bearings that are isolated from the vacuum space.
  • Scroll Expanding: If you operate the compressor in reverse, you can utilize it as a decent method of expansion instead of pumping.
  • Moving Parts Are Strong: Most of the valves and spirals are strong enough to withstand usage and don't require any kind of lubrication to keep working.
  • Highly Efficient: You won't find any dead space in its design, making it operate better and a lot more effective than most traditional rotary compressors.

How Do They Work?

These pumps use a different and unique way of compressing; the mechanism starts using two interleaved Archimedean spiral-shaped scrolls to pump the different gases or liquids. It moves in an eccentric motion that doesn't rotate, unlike different traditional devices, but the design is very useful in trapping various pockets of gases or fluids between the two scrolls. There is an exit valve in the center of the assembly, making the process go smoothly like clockwork. This is how you see each of our common vacuums, air conditioner units, and car superchargers operate effectively.

The trapped gasses or liquids are transported to the center and they get squeezed between the two spirals, making the volume it once occupied a lot less. This decrease means it will continuously be compressed until it's pushed out through the non-return valve that's built-in it. The tip seals are subject to different vulnerabilities and can get worn down, but you can change it periodically to get rid of the buildup of debris and extra particles.


It’s important that you know about the characteristics of scroll pumps. These amazing devices have been utilized since the early 1900s and over the years have seen different advancements in its designs that make it better and much more efficient. Whether it's pressurizing liquids, gasses, or other fluids, these compressors play a great role in a lot of our common operations and there wasn't any reason to stop manufacturing them. The legacy of these spiral compressors will live on for several years in the future, and engineers are already working on perfecting it fully to eliminate any disadvantages, making it an integral part of various machines.

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