What Is the Most Common Method of Pest Control?

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

Pest infestation is not a common problem that goes away by itself. Severe property damage, health risk, food waste, and degraded property value are among the setbacks of having pest issues. Using ordinary household cleaning or pest chemicals and setting traps around the house won't solve the problem.

If you suspect any pest issue around your property, better consult professional and reliable pest control to understand the level and severity of the problem. You might be surprised by the result, but preventing further damage is vital. Homeowners like you want to make sure that their properties are safe and of high value.

The most common pest control method is using chemical pesticides. Though anyone can do this, consult licensed professional service providers to check and evaluate your home before doing so. Pesticides and other household chemicals won't solve any pest infestations alone. You need help from the people who do it better and accurately.

Pesticides are harmful to your health, primarily if not professionally handled. Good thing Yalepest, the pest control experts in CT are able to help with any types of pest infestations that threaten your home and health condition. These guys know how to handle any infestation and stop it before it goes viral.

Finding a licensed pest control company that exterminates all sorts of pests is vital. Your home may be infested with damaging termites, bugs, bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, and any pest you have in mind that provides complete peace of mind knowing no pests live under the proof and doing dirty work.

Types Of Pest Control

Here's a heads up of pest control treatments suitable for every infestation.

Chemical Pesticides


These synthetic compounds are formulated to treat insect infestations. It's the most common method of dealing with infestations around commercial and residential buildings. It kills all inhibiting insects on areas treated to prevent further deployment. Though it exterminates a wide array of pests, pesticides are not ideal for individual organisms and plants. It's highly recommended to check with professional technicians the administering of pesticides for health and safety purposes.


Pest control is ideal for public and larger areas, including food production factories, farms, and orchards. The method brings natural predators, pathogens, or parasites to the scene. Professional exterminators need to check the area before administering new compounds as these can create havoc to the ecosystem and the environment.


It's a straightforward procedure of exterminating infestations via removing or killing pests. The physical tactics include the use of row covers, screen, and other barriers. Weeding, trapping, and eliminating pests by hand in dealing with squirrels and rodents. The method is ideal for removing pests located in one area with an accessible nest.

Organic or Natural

The procedure comes from using natural extracts from plants. While it's not as effective as synthetic chemicals, it's environmentally safe and has levels of toxicity that can cure the specific infestation. There are also specific types of pest control done strategically in your home. It includes sterilization, fumigation, or poisoned bait. With a variety of treatments to cure infestation across your home or building property, it helps to know that all of these pests that try to threaten safety and comfort can be controlled, especially with the right people doing the job.

Pest Control Benefits

There are many benefits that you can get with pest control services, including but not limited to:

  • It reduces any possible risk that affects your health and well-being.
  • It provides long-term relief from pests that can affect your health in the future, especially with long-term exposure.
  • It prevents possible illnesses caused by the infestation of pests.
  • It provides security and protection to your home and investments.
  • It adds value to your property with an infestation-free home should you plan to place it on the market later on.


Allowing your home to be checked by a reliable and licensed professional provides peace of mind and security, not just to your property but with your health. If you live in an area with a known infestation, it's advisable to contact your local pest control provider and schedule an examination of the city.

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