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By Ann Hills / 3 years ago
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The use of blinds is a popular trend among a number of house owners. They are known to give the house that classy and beautiful look often sort out by many people. As you look to buy one, you will encounter a plethora of different types, leaving you in a state of dilemma. If you are not careful, you might end up selecting one which you might regret later on.

Whether you are looking to buy your very first blind or you’re an expert in them, you should consider wooden blinds. People often ask why the use of such blinds is becoming so prevalent and what they will gain from purchasing one.

Well, the following are some of the reasons as to why you should get a wooden blind for your home

1. They Are Durable

It is no argument that wood can last for a very long period of time when treated well. Wooden blinds of course possessing all the attributes of this material will last just as long despite their lightweight nature. When shopping around for these blinds, you will often face the choice on whether to go for the real wood blind or faux wood blind. Both are highly durable but there is a difference. With real wood, you get a blind made of natural wood slats from some of the best hardwoods out there and we all know just how durable such woods can be.

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However, such blinds may be vulnerable to excess temperature and humidity meaning using them in areas such as the bathroom may not be a good idea. Faux wood blinds on the other hand, incorporate other materials apart from wood, which makes them less susceptible to humidity and heat and therefore even more durable.

2. Elegant Style And Appearance

Whereas plastic blinds still look good in your house, they may not bring that sophisticated and stylish look you may want to spruce up the elegant look in your house. Wooden blinds can solve your problem. Aside from beauty and warmth, they also give your house a high-class appearance that makes it stand out and impress.

One distinctive feature these blinds have is that stunning texture and grain pattern found on hardwood which is almost impossible for other blinds to replicate. Furthermore, the beauty of the blinds is reflected from both sides meaning that those passing outside also get fascinated by that perfect view.

3. A Superb Shield And Insulator

Wooden blinds act as the perfect shield against sunlight while you’re in the house. We understand that most people like having a reading or relaxing place next to the window and so you need your blind to properly shield you from the light while allowing just enough to enter. This can be done effortlessly with such blinds. Other blinds are usually so poor at this and need to be raised almost entirely. This therefore makes them lose that essence of privacy.

These blinds are also great insulators. This feature can be attributed to the wood material which they are made of. So during the cold times like winter, they are able to retain the heat in your house while also preventing the cold from getting in. They also do a great job during summer when you want to keep the heat of the sun out.

4. It Is Environmentally Friendly

As mentioned, wooden blinds are made out of wood. Wood is a natural and harmless material. This makes the blinds they are made of harmless as well. You do not have to worry about any emission of dangerous substances which may harm your family and especially children as they play around them.

5. Low Maintenance

These blinds are quite easy to maintain. All you need is a cleaning cloth or a duster and all that is required from you is a quick wipe. A nearly effortless piece of work if you ask me. This may seem like a small advantage but when you put in the work that goes into cleaning a curtain and some other blinds, then it makes getting these blinds worth it.

With wooden blinds, you never have to remove them and washing need not to be done regularly. While cleaning such blinds, it is advisable to avoid the use of harsh chemicals as this might damage or reduce its durability.

6. Numerous Colors And Finishes Are Available

When people think about wooden blinds, they probably assume that they will only have colors related to brown. That is not the case though. You should know that these blinds are usually stained to give them a subtle and more natural look. Make My Blinds wooden blinds has a range of colors to choose from, giving you an array of ideas on where to use certain colors in your house. Finishes commonly applied include cherry, mahogany, oak or maple among others

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This makes the blinds more appealing and more customized to one’s taste. You could even get a white color if you want, where a white finishing has been applied. All these leaves you spoilt for choice. The presence of color variety allows you to select one that best matches your furniture and walls. You also get to pick one that best resembles the atmosphere you want portrayed in the room. Bamboo blinds are known to give a relaxing atmosphere while the French wooden blinds are known to be used for formal places or to give the room a professional experience.

7. Chance For Layering

Using curtains with these blinds will give your house a lavish and layered look. The blinds allow you to play around with curtains of different styles and colors. This gives your room a whole new dimension. In addition, through integrating your window dressings you get another insulator against cold and drafts and more blockage of light if required.

8. They Can Be Made To Measure

Wooden blinds can be made to fit your window no matter how big or small it is. Instead of going for a readymade one which might end up being a disappointment, you can talk to your seller to plan for your window measurement or rather do it yourself if you can. The advantage of ready to measure blinds is, they are fit and look better making them a robust choice.

From the above points you can see just why you need to choose a wooden blind for your home. One feature that gives them a complete edge over the rest of the blinds is undoubtedly the grains and texture. This natural piece of art cannot be easily copied and that makes them unique. Of course, there are other great features you get from wooden blinds such as durability, an elegant design, more privacy, less maintenance hassle and a wide range of options to select from, but the texture still stands out.

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