Boring House? Here Is Why You Should Consult To Minnetonka Crane At Your Service

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

There are instances wherein your house already needs a makeover, not only for aesthetic purposes but to be able to preserve its unique structure and at the same time increase its property value. However, a house makeover for a rather boring house may prove to be challenging, especially when there is some heavy lifting involved. This is where a reputable crane service will come in handy.


When you are in the process of remodeling your home, renting out equipment to do the necessary tasks at hand is a strategic move. For instance, it is better to rent a mobile crane service because there is a great chance that you will not need to use the same piece of equipment anytime in the near future after you have successfully remodeled your home. The price that you will have to pay in renting out a piece of equipment, such as a crane, is definitely significantly cheaper, than buying equipment that will only be used once. A cost-effective means of proceeding with your home renovation is the primary reason why you should consult a mobile crane service.


Doing all the lifting that is necessary when you renovate or remodel your home may take your time away from tasks that are deemed as more important such as coming up with a perfect design for your home or acquiring the necessary tools. Hiring the services of a mobile crane operator, complete with the equipment you need, proves to be time-efficient because not only will you have time to do other things, you will also be guaranteed that the job is done on time.

Professional Service

Buying your own equipment to do major renovations for your home may prove to be overwhelming, because either you need to learn to operate it on your own, or you hire a certified professional to operate the equipment for you. People living within the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas enlist the services of Minnetonka Crane as their best option because seasoned operators are the ones who handle the equipment. Hence, they can focus more on other tasks at hand, rather than learning about how to operate a crane or look for someone who is knowledgeable about it. More often than not, professional services will allow you to have the remodeling job completed in no time.

From Boring to Interesting

Add Dimension

If you want to transform your boring home into something interesting, then it is best to add dimension to it. If you already have a disintegrating composite roofing material, then it is best to replace it with textured architectural shingles. Shingle roofing is a timeless and classic piece of roofing material that will still be definitely in style even in the near future. However, these shingles can be pretty heavy with a single pack weighing almost 80lbs. This pack typically covers only a small section of the roof, which means that you need to haul over a dozen packs of shingles to cover your entire roof. Thus, it is best to haul several packages of shingles over on your roof with a boom truck or crane at one time, rather than using a ladder to lift one pack manually after the other the entire day. Apart from saving you time, which can be allotted in placing the shingles on your roof, fall hazard is also minimized.

Nevertheless, in order to add dimension to your roof, you can use a combination of two shingle colors. Complement this with enormous energy-efficient windows that will let light in during the day. You can also brighten up your lawn with a cluster of leafy hydrangea and holly along the brick walk. If your house doesn’t have a porch, perhaps it is about time to add one by utilizing the space in front of your house. Design your porch with mahogany floors and vintage-style lights for a cozy, farmhouse vibe.

Friendlier Façade

A boring house might just be made more interesting by making the façade look a little softer and friendlier. This is usually accomplished by adding an inviting porch to make the entry of your home more welcoming, which can cover nearly the whole front of your home. Use composite decking for the floors of your porch, as well as PVC wainscot on the ceilings and the railings, to make your porch as maintenance-free as possible.

Extend your roofline to make the porch a natural addition to your home. This may again entail the need for you to acquire the services of a reputable mobile crane operator and equipment rental. This is because a roof extension may require you to use impact-resistant asphalt shingles, which will be effortlessly lifted using a crane. Complement this by replanting deciduous trees that will not only offer additional shade but natural cooling too. Once again, you may need the use of mobile crane services to lift heavy trees that are necessary for replanting.

Embrace Open Space

You are considered lucky if you have an open space in front of your home or anywhere within its perimeter. You can achieve this by again installing an airy porch in front of your house. For a warm feel, you have the option to use Meranti for your floors, or a type of material that closely resembles mahogany. If you live in an area that is relatively humid and hot during most of the year, use beds of succulents and other drought-tolerant plants in your landscape. You can also use stones and concrete blocks to frame foundation plantings. However, lifting these materials for your landscape may prove to be back-breaking, such that it is best to seek for mobile crane services that are operated by seasoned and certified professionals.


Renovating your humble abode may already be a necessity to restore your home’s original beauty. However, this task may prove to be overwhelming and challenging, especially if there is a need for you to move and lift items and structured from one area to another. It is in these instances wherein hiring the services of a mobile crane operator will prove to be the best choice.

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