3 Type Of Swimming Pool Heaters You Can Buy Now

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

To enjoy your swimming pool to the fullest, it's important to be able to regulate pool temperature. Pool Vacuum HQ provides a swimming pool heater that helps you doing this as it ensures your pool stays warm enough to swim in during the coldest months. 

Benefits Of Pool Heating 

Beyond the function of a pool heater, there are other benefits from having a device you can use to control pool temperature.

  • ExtendedUsability: By having a pool heater, you are extending the duration for which you can use your swimming pool each year. Instead of using it only for 3 to 4 months of the year, you may extend its use to more than that. Pool heating means more time to bond with your family, play pool games, exercise, and hold pool parties with friends.
  • Health benefits: Water tends to be warm in the area where the sun's rays hit it. You may discover, rather unpleasantly, that the rest of the water is a few degrees cooler when you dive in. With a pool heater, you can regulate pool water temperature and keep it consistent. This is important when you are using your swimming pool for therapeutic reasons. With a pool, you can keep pleasantly warm, continue using it for exercise and reap the health benefits of swimming. Keeping your pool comfortably heated means you can stay in the water for longer enjoying its beneficial effects on the respiratory system and its anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Relaxation: Even in the cold months with a well-heated pool, you can enjoy the water. You can go for a relaxing dip or get comfortable as to float on the pool and decompress.

So if you are convinced about how useful and essential pool heaters are for your swimming pool, now we may discuss the different types of pool heaters.

Types Of Pool Heaters

When it comes to pool heating, there are three types of heaters that are used. These are solar-powered, gas controlled, and electrical heaters.

 To choose from the three may not be so easy if you don't know much about pool heaters.

1. Solar Heaters

The most popular heating equipment in Australia is solar-powered heaters. Favored for being an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative, solar heaters harness the sun's energy so they work best in spots where there is maximum sun exposure. This ensures that your pool has a consistent and reliable source of heat to keep it warm even during cold months. Solar heaters are the least expensive type to operate and guarantee a reduction in your electricity bill.

For maximum exposure to the sun, the Solar collectors should be positioned on the rooftop’s southern section. With the solar heater, you will have a solar pump that works to siphon water through a tube network that returns the heated water back into the pool. Solar Heater increases pool temperature by 2°C during bright and sunny days.


Solar heating systems work best in regions where there is a lot of sunshine for the greater part of the year. This helps you maximize the use of a solar heater and ensure you have a reliable water heating source for longer each year. With unlimited energy resources, you can save a lot in utility bills by opting for a solar heater. Solar heating systems are durable and long-lasting making them a sound investment for a sustainable smart pool.

Solar heaters require little maintenance once installed. If yours appears to have stopped warming up the pool water, you may need to get the components checked and cleaned.

2. Gas Pumps

A gas pump is an effective and reliable piece of water heating equipment. There is no need to depend on the temperature of the Sun or air to heat your pool. They can heat up a pool quickly depending on the size of the pool, a gas system can get it heated up in less than an hour. Yes, heaters are the preferred choice for Spa pools as these are used for hydrotherapy so they need to be kept at just the right temperature consistently. If you plan on having a spa pool combination, a gas pool heating system may be the most suitable choice.

3. Electric Heaters

Heat pumps are another popular choice amongst Australian pool owners. Electric pool heating works by collecting heat from the surrounding air and running this over an evaporator coil and heat exchanger. This warms the water running through it, which then goes into the pool.

This method of reusing energy from the atmosphere makes heat pumps a savvy choice for pool heating. Compared to gas pumps, electric heaters are a cost-effective pool heating alternative. If you live in an area that does not get enough sunlight for most of the year, heat pumps are a preferred choice over solar heaters. Heat pumps are not affected by cloudy weather as all they need to run is an electrical power source and air. Heat pumps also heat up a pool more quickly compared to solar heaters.

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