4 Things You Need to Consider before Getting a Boarding up Service

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago
Man boarding up the windows on his home to prepare for a hurricane or tornado

Installing boards is one of the ways you can protect your property from damage and boost its security. When you’ve just heard the news that there’s a storm coming, installing boards on entrances and windows can help storm-proof your home and protect it from the damages that could result from the storm. Also, you could install boards on windows and doors of property that is unused or unoccupied to protect it from unauthorized access by burglars, looters, squatters, and vandals. You could also install boards on windows or doors you no longer use on your home or property. It is also a good way to secure broken window panes and door panes to ensure that they don’t end up hurting the residents, pets, or the owner in the future. A board-up project can also help when you want to temporarily block moisture and other elements from getting into your property and causing damage.

But although you can have it as a DIY project, board installation is a job best left to professionals. Hiring an expert boarding up service will allow you to secure your property without subjecting yourself to the various risks involved in the job while saving you time. When installed by experts, the boards will serve their intended purpose of heightening your property’s safety, security, and privacy or protecting it from storm damage. But should you get a boarding service already? Well, here are the 4 things you need to consider before getting a boarding up service.

1. Security

Of course, one of the main reasons to board up your windows or doors and other entrances is to improve security. This is something that even banks consider when boarding abandoned houses up before foreclosure. Nonetheless, it is important to ask yourself whether this is the right way to go as far as your security and that of your possessions are concerned. For instance, if you have possessions of great value in your home and someone will ill intention knows it, they can bring along power saws, metal cutters, and other tools that are strong enough to break in.

In such a case, the best move would be to transfer your valuable possessions to a safer place that it also guarded to prevent loss. Whether the home is occupied or unattended is also another thing worth considering in this case. On this note, it is also worth considering the fact that scams are real and not every board up service out there may be worth trusting with your home’s security. If you think about this in and out, you’ll see the importance of doing your research thoroughly before choosing a board up company. In addition to the services they provide and the board-up options they have, you’ll also be able to make a rough estimate of your budget for the project, which leads us to the issue of cost.

2. Cost

How much is it going to cost you to board up your windows and doors? Like any other renovation or home improvement project, boarding up will cost you a considerable amount of money. In most cases, the overall cost of your project will depend on, among other factors, how many parts require board installation, the size of boards required, the level of protection needed, and the board installation service you choose to hire. Most importantly, different service providers will have different rates for their services. Before you pick the first provider that comes to mind, it’s only noble to consider shopping around, comparing service providers and other factors such as the company’s experience, licensing, reputation, and insurance, which brings us to the next important point.

3. Service Provider Experience

Experience is always the best teacher, so they say. Before you entrust your project to any service provider, it is important to consider their level of experience in the job. A shoddy job during board up installation of, say for windows or doors, could jeopardize things, subjecting you and your property to safety and security risks in the near or far future. Before choosing a particular company to do the job, ensure that they have a considerable level of experience in the industry as reputable boarding up service providers that are adequately insured and licensed to operate in the specific local area.

If a particular company has been around for a considerable duration of time, higher chances are that they’re also, reputable, licensed and adequately insured. However, you will want to make sure you conduct as much research as possible, read online reviews, and check out the individual companies’ websites to get as much information about them as you can.   

4. Is It An Emergency?

Sometimes unexpected disasters strike, and your home is left with shattered windows, broken doors, and a damaged roof, just to name a few possibilities. In such a case, you may need to get the various affected parts boarded up as soon as possible to improve your home’s security, whether you’ll there or vacate the premises temporarily. In such a situation, what you need is not just any other board-up service. You need a service provider that offers emergency solutions. For this reason, you’ll want to consider the distance between you and where they are located. It could also be in the middle of the night, so you’ll want to go to a service provider that is available 24/7.

Emergency medical service

Whether you want an abandoned home that you acquired through inheritance boarded up, or you’re looking to improve privacy and security in a property that you currently reside in, getting a service provider for the same can be a challenging affair. Among other things, you will have to consider your reasons for boarding up, the size of your project, and the level of security you need. These, together with the amount of money that you can manage to put aside for the project, will help in getting a professional that will provide you with the best service.

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