6 Ways To Make Your House Feel Like Home

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago
6 Ways To Make Your House Feel Like Home

The house you live in shouldn't be just a building. It should be more than that. It should not only be where you lay your head at night and get shelter, but it should also feel like home as well. When you come back from wherever you may have been and then open the front door of your house, you should feel welcomed. Unfortunately, making this happen is not something that mysteriously happens by itself. You have to work at it a little.

Your house turning into home normally doesn't just happen by itself. You'll need to make a few changes here and there once you've moved in to give the house that warm, cozy feeling which will then help transform the space into a true home. Here in below are a couple of things you can try out if you want to make this happen in your house.

1. Put Up Some Wall Art

Aren't you always a tad bit impressed with those friends of yours that have artwork hanged on the walls in their homes? Doesn't it make those particular living spaces feel a bit homier? If yes, then this is exactly the feeling they're meant to elicit from anyone that walks into the house. Studies have shown that you can make yourself happier and reduce stress simply by looking at art. 

Who'd have known right?

Anyway, aside from that it's well-known that most people get bigger boosts of pleasure when they look at things considered beautiful. Also, having art hanged on the walls in a house gives the owner the ability to instill their own individual interests and personality into their living space giving rise to a homey feel.

2. Surround Yourself In Softness

Avoid furnishing your apartment with that old and scratchy furniture you acquire secondhand from the thrift stores, especially for the bedroom. You can't skimp on things like mattresses if you want your house to be homey. Getting a Layla mattress that's specifically designed to allow you to recharge as well as fully recover for the next day. In fact, a leesa vs layla mattresses brief review could tell you what you need to do to ensure you get the most comfortable sleeping experience in the bed at your house.

You can also add to the mix a couple of super soft throw blankets all over the place to make your place look more inviting, peaceful and comfortable. They help encourage that welcoming feel. Also, you might want to consider buying some weighted blankets as well if you're the one that happens to suffer from anxiety and stress. These bedding products increase relaxation and help you feel calmer by applying a tiny amount of pressure on the body.

3. Keep The Space Clean

Climbing into sheets that have been freshly washed is undoubtedly one of the best ways of going to bed at night. Why? It's simple. It's extremely difficult making yourself completely comfortable in a space that's filled with clutter and/or dirt. If you are trying to find out how you can make your house cozy, first you need to start by making sure the house is always clean. The physical space you live in is basically an expression of you and the way you feel inside.

Keep The Space Clean

So, if you intend on feeling truly relaxed and at home in your house, you should make that living area of yours a place that someone would want to snuggle into. Wash your towels and sheets regularly, keep all your floors clean and try making a habit of clearing clutter before it gets uncontrollable.

4. Improve The Aroma

It's often very hard to make a house feel like a home without filling it with some inviting smells. Providing both you and your guests with sweet smelling scents will help encourage that welcoming and inviting feeling one gets when they enter a living area that feels like a home. There are plenty of ways one can make their living space smell nice. Air freshener products are what most people use to make this happen.

There are tons of options on the market available to you. Scented and incense candles are also another great option as well, and very popular all across the globe too. Oh, but if you want to take it completely to the next level, then you might want to consider starting to bake. If you don't already that is. The smells of baking can instantly transform any house into a home.

5. Adding Extra Light

A couple of things that tend to make most houses less welcoming and inviting is insufficient lighting or, which happens to be so much worse these days, fluorescent lighting. Ensure that the existing lighting features you have in your home emit warm temperature, color tones, yellow or white, which help promote relaxation.

Adding Extra Light

Once you've done this you can add the appropriate additional lighting. Pretty much any living area can be transformed into a homier place with the addition of a few well-placed string lights and lamps. If possible, you can install dimmers to provide you with the ability to reduce the light strength based on the time of day as well as your moods.

6. Going Green

Just like art, plants and flowers have also known to help reduce stress and positively impact a person's mood as well. Nature has that sense of relaxation, and this can be fostered in your home by simply introducing fresh blooms and greenery into the living space. If you doubt you can take on the likes of an orchid or a ficus and such, don't worry. There are several other less fussy houseplants available to you that even the worst serial plant killer can rely on for a sustainable natural source in their humble abode. Going green is a fantastic way of turning any house into a home.

Your apartment or house should always be more than just a place you use to crash once all of your done with your whole day. Feelings of warmth can be captured using simple design profiles and these feelings can be transferred onto you or your guests whenever they set foot into that space. It really doesn't matter where it is exactly you're living, you have the ability to turn any living space into a true home. Hopefully, this article is what you needed to show how you can do this in your house.

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