What Will Happen If I Brush My Teeth After Coffee?

By Ann Hills / 5 years ago

Many people love drinking coffee, according to Top5, coffee is one of the most popular beverages. There’s no denying the fact. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the globe. The health advantages of coffee are often disputed, but whether it is good for you or not, one thing’s for sure, coffee is never going away.

But did you ever ask yourself what will happen if you brush your teeth after drinkingcoffee? Aside from coffee making us tired, coffee can stain our teeth.

The staining power of coffee has been proven for years, but why does it stain your teeth? And is there anything you can do to solve the problem? Let’s find out what are the effects of brushing your teeth after coffee.

Effects of Brushing Teeth After Coffee


Teeth Staining


Staining is, by far, the most common effect of brushing teeth after drinking coffee. The enamel on your teeth is very porous which means foods and drinks that are dark in color can go through it and the effect is visible stains. Some of these surface stains can be removed by going to the dentist on a regular basis to have your teeth checked professionally.

Dentists also do teeth whitening, which can successfully reduce some surface staining. On the other hand, if the stains are deeper in the teeth, the only way may be to invest in veneers for your teeth. The best thing to do is discuss the alternatives with your dentist to know which one is most suitable for you and your lifestyle.


Enamel Erosion


Acidic foods and drinks can weaken the enamel on your teeth. Coffee has high acid content. Drinking it everyday can lead to erosion of the enamel on your teeth over a period of time. In order to help and prevent this erosion due to drinking coffee, you should try to limit the direct contact coffee has with your teeth.

You can do this by drinking the coffee with a straw and avoid swishing it around in your mouth. It is also a great idea to wash out your mouth out with cool water after drinking your coffee. Remember to wait about one hour to actually brush your teeth after you eat or drink anything acidic, since the enamel on your teeth will be more susceptible to damage.


Exposure to Harmful External Forces

Another harmful effect of brushing your teeth after drinking coffee is that it will expose your teeth to more harmful external forces. The danger of brushing immediately after coffee is that you'll end up scrubbing away acid-softened layers of your enamel with your toothbrush, which is bad. When you drink coffee that is already very acidic, your teeth are at an even bigger chance for toothbrush abrasion.

How to Avoid Coffee Stained Teeth

Why Does Coffee Stain?

Coffee discolors your teeth by staining your enamel. Enamel is the hardest shell on the outside of your teeth which serves as protection for the soft pulp on the inside, where the nerves and blood vessels are found. Although the enamel seems smooth, it is actually covered with small indentations, or pits. When you eat or drink something with dark pigments, such as coffee, the pits in your enamel trap the pigment, and over time your teeth will become discolored.

Another cause coffee is such an infamous stainer has to do with the acid content of the coffee. Coffee has high acidic content, and acid weakens enamel, which makes it more susceptible to the staining power of coffee.

How Can You Prevent the Staining?

You may have heard that putting cream into your coffee will prevent it from tooth discoloration. Sad to say, this is a myth. The pigments that trigger the staining are still in the coffee, even if you put cream, so they can still get stuck in the pits of your enamel. On the other hand, there are some tips you can do to prevent the staining of your teeth due to drinking coffee.

Don’t Sip

The individuals who get the worst tooth discoloration from coffee are the people who sip on it regularly throughout the day. To minimize the staining power of coffee, you should drink it in one sitting, like at lunch or on a break, so that the dark pigments are not affecting your teeth constantly over a significantly long period of time.

Drink Water

Instead of sipping on coffee the whole day, drink water. Drinking a lot of water will be beneficial to your teeth in two ways: first, it will wash away bacteria, acid, and pigments that are unhealthy, and secondly, water allows your body to generate saliva, which has natural stain fighting characteristics. As a matter of fact, you ought to make it a habit to drink a large glass of water after drinking coffee.

Eat Food

It is also a great idea to eat food while drinking your coffee, ideally a healthysnack with lots of fiber. The simple act of chewing does something to protect your teeth.Chewing encourages your mouth’s production of saliva, which as we just mentioned, isyour body’s natural teeth protection. It would be better to drink coffee after every meal.

Brush Your Teeth

A healthy and daily brushing habit is important for keeping the shine of your smile. Brush at least two times a day with a fluoride toothpaste to prevent stains and tooth decay. It is not advisable, however, to brush immediately after drinking coffee.

The acid in the coffee can weaken the enamel which can lead to damaging your teeth by brushing. As a matter of fact, if possible, it might be a great idea to brush your teeth before drinking coffee because doing so will remove plaque, and plaque traps the dark pigments that cause discoloration.


There you have it! So you should know the right time when to brush your teeth after drinking coffee. It will prevent you having coffee stains and damaging your teeth. Do you have any experience having coffee stains? What did you do about it? I would love to hear from you. Please share them in the comments sections below and like our Facebook page.

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