Cashmere Wrist Warmers Are So Comfortable

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago

The arrival of wintertime brings a lot of joy to many people; it is the main holiday season. Maybe you’re more into winter sports like skiing or ice skating, or maybe you just enjoy the cooler months more. After a long, hot and sticky summer, the cool weather could be very welcoming. But then it starts turning cold, getting colder and colder, reaching freezing temperatures. You’re not as happy or as comfortable with the weather as you were in the fall, and the hot sticky weather becomes more appealing again. But if you keep yourself snug, warm and cozy during the cold months, you won’t feel the uncomforting aspects that winter can sometimes bring.

This is the time that you would really love to try cashmere wrist warmers and see the difference! But first you might be asking yourself how does keeping your wrists warm, keep the rest of you warm? Actually, wrist warmers can help you tremendously during the cold because they could act like thermostats, helping your body adjust to the cold.

Thermal Layer

We all have pulse points on our bodies. They are in the areas of the neck, abdomen, head, feet and wrists. These areas are heavily impacted by cold or heat. When it becomes too cold, we lose most of the heat in our bodies from these areas. Typically, you will wear a snowcap or beanie to protect your head from the cold. The same goes for wearing a scarf for your neck, and thicker socks for your feet. Wrist warmers are no different. Wearing them helps your body to stay warm as they are like a thermal layer worn over your wrists.


Minor arthritis is a problem for many, and one of the main areas it attacks are the wrists. Warmth is an important factor in treating arthritis, which is another great reason to use wrist warmers. Also, we are forever stuck with cold hands during winter. We might not move as much and are not as active during cold weather, which attributes to poorer blood circulation which in turn leads to having cold hands. Many of us are busy at work banging our fingers on computer keyboards which eventually gets our fingers mighty cold. Sometimes, it just becomes a chronic problem having cold hands in winter. This means you need something to help your hands keep warm in a natural, comfortable way. Enter the cashmere wrist warmer.

About Cashmere Wool

Now that you know a little bit more on how wrist warmers can help you, we can tell you why cashmere warmers are the best choice you can make. Here are some quick facts about this luxurious fabric:

  1. 1
    Cashmere is a rare material, and it can get pricey because of that. The material used to come specifically from India and Pakistan from goats that are bred in the area called Kashmir. Today, these goats are bred in different geographical locations, making the wool more available and a bit less pricey.
    Despite its thinness, being only a few millimeters thick, cashmere wool provides wonderful insulation properties and can keep you warm even when temperatures reach well below zero.
  2. 3
    The best known manufacturers of cashmere wool are located in Europe; in particular Scotland and Italy.  That’s why has an amazing collection of cashmere wrist warmers used as fingerless gloves. They come in different colors, and when you pair them up with a cashmere poncho or hat, you’ll be more than prepared to handle even the most extremely cold weather. Cashmere mainly comes in gray, white or brown, but it can be dyed to other colors as regular wool.
  3. 4
    Generally, cashmere is woven into a two-ply yarn. This method gives better characteristics to the wool making it last longer and is more resistant to cold climate conditions. Because it incorporates two strands, more work is required to deliver two-ply yarn in cashmere items, which is


Beauty plus practicality are excellent enticing reasons to own a pair or two of cashmere wrist warmers. For starters, they’re very easy to slip on and take off. They’re also small enough to fit in your purse if you don’t want to have them on all the time. You might think wearing gloves are just as good as a solution, but we know fingers need to be free to do some fiddly tasks, as simple as dialing a number from your phone. Gloves will make such tasks very difficult to do and are just too clumsy. With these wrist warmers, your fingers are free to do all your normal activities. And because the wrists are kept warm, it means the blood reaching to your fingers will keep them warm also.

As mentioned, cashmere wool is very thin yet produces a lot of insulation. Because it’s that thin, you can still wear a nice bracelet over it or rings on your fingers, plus have nicely manicured nails to show off. Sometimes, it’s difficult to look fashionable in winter, with our bulky sweaters and jackets. At one point, we will care more about warmth than looks. But with cashmere warmers, you will look very fashionable while still keeping naturally warm. You can wear them to parties, get-together, as well as to the office. The same way in summer you use sunscreen to protect your skin, winter also needs skin protection. Chapped hands and skin are a common problem. These warmers will help you protect your entire arm and the top part of your hand from extra chafing and chapping of the skin.

Cashmere wrist warmers are the best option for keeping warm and looking chic without the inconvenience of wearing gloves. They will help with your blood circulation and with other health issues of minor arthritis. They’re easy to wear anywhere, whether at home, work or even while doing outdoor exercises or sports or any sort of activity. When you feel all warm and snug, you’ll have a happy winter and holidays.

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