Coffee Shops In The Financial District of NYC

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

Coffee and New York? There’s no doubt that these two things go perfectly well together. There’s nothing quite like sitting in your favorite café in New York with your cup of freshly brewed coffee in your hands. Every day, New Yorkers rush to their favorite coffee spots to get their morning sips before moving on with their day; it’s really a New York thing. So if you are lucky enough to be working in New York’s Financial District (FiDi) or close to it, then you must be looking for the best places to get your morning fix each day.

Coffee Shops in New York’s FiDi

It’s no surprise that FiDi’s coffee shops are endless as the buzzing district boasts a wide array of coffee shops. Finding the best coffee in FiDi is easy as this is a busy financial district as well as a tourist area; the hub offers plenty of great options for all coffee lovers. Every day, young professionals and tourists fill the cafes and bars. If you are wondering who offers the best, we’ve picked the best coffee places for you that you can stop by before getting to work, or at any other time during your day. 

1.Gregory's Coffee

This coffee place is definitely raising the bar. This coffee chain boasts an excellent location on Wall Street, but it also has several other locations all over New York. It offers a boutique coffee experience at reasonable prices. Gregory’ Coffee should be your next stop as it delivers specialty coffee with coffee beans imported from all over the world. The menu is so diverse with several interesting drinks and food options; from espresso and healthy smoothies to light bites to comfort food, you will find what you are looking for. They also have an application for regular customers whom they call “gregulars” which offers promotions and rewards for the frequenters of this great coffee place.

2.Voyager Espresso

The real coffee-lovers would love this place. A hidden gem, Voyager Espresso is actually located below-street-level in the subway. Known for their great coffee and home-made delicious sandwiches and salads, this can be your perfect breakfast place where you can grab something on your way to work. Voyager Espresso boats an artistic concept in its architecture along with an unusual location, along with its highly-curated menu. Overall, it’s a great place that brings along a new coffee culture to New York.

3.La Colombe Coffee Roasters

La Colombe was founded on the principle: America deserves better coffee, and it is certainly doing so. This coffee place is becoming a lot of New Yorkers’ personal favorite. This trendy place serves great espresso, lattes, pastries, and flatbreads. However, their most popular drink is their "Plant-Based Draft Latte.” Located in Wall Street, La Colombe is also known for its unique concept and its artistically designed black & white ceramic cups.

4.Black Fox Coffee Co.

This Australian-style coffee place is becoming very popular in New York’s Financial District. With its great Australian coffee and very sleek design, you’d always be tempted to walk in. Black Fox is not only famous for its fine bean selection which is imported from abroad, but for its great menu which offers more upscale food than other similar cafes in that area. Tip: try their chocolate-chip cookies and you will not regret it.

5. Bluestone Lane Coffee

This Australian coffee place excels at making the best espresso in FiDi. Bluestone Lane is influenced by Melbourne’s coffee culture, where premium coffee is a way of life. The coffee place is located just a few minutes away from Wall Street and is known for its white and blue unique design elements, and for its great coffee, of course. Bluestone is the perfect getaway during your coffee breaks. Next time you visit, grab a to-go espresso or one of their wellness drinks, or the very delicious avocado toast.

6. Blue Spoon Coffee Company

Blue Spoon Coffee Company opened in 2005 and specializes in serving intelligentsia coffee and fresh food. This little gem is known for its coffee and delicious Balthazar pastries, as well as its super yummy sandwiches and paninis. The place has a unique menu, so get ready for flavorful drinks such as their honey lavender latte or raspberry mocha. Before getting to work, stop by Blue Spoon and grab your favorite drink and sit by the window while eating any of their mouth-watering pastries or sandwiches.


7. Proof Coffee Roasters

This tiny spot in FiDi is worth a visit. Proof Coffee Roasters is a tiny cafe in New York’s financial district that people swear by its great coffee. This is no surprise as Proof’s coffee beans are hand-selected and ethically sourced until it is roasted. The place is also famous for its coziness and super friendly baristas, which succeeded in making it attract a big number of loyal customers. Although the place is small, it’s great coffee will make you return once more time. It also serves great items for breakfast, as well as very delicious pastries.

8. Birch Coffee

This coffee place has surely succeeded in making a big name for itself. Birch coffee sources its beans from all over the world to make sure it serves its customers fresh and flavorful cups of coffee each day. The coffee place also takes pride in its sustainable and fair operations, which starts from the farm until the moment when their cup of freshly brewed coffee reaches your hands. Pay a visit to their refreshing location in FiDi where you can order your favorite macchiato or chai latte. If you are feeling hungry and craving a pastry, you will find plenty of options at Birch too, that include gluten-free items or comfort food.

In the city that never sleeps, New York surely has some of the finest coffee spots in the world. So if you’re in the Financial District in New York, you cannot beat those temptations! You have plenty of great options to pick from to have an amazing cup of coffee before you start your day, or at any time of the day, for that matter. So if you’re in the Financial District in New York, you now have no excuse! You have plenty of great options to pick from to have an amazing cup of coffee before you start your day, or at any time of the day, for that matter.

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