3 Health Benefits of Decaf Iced Coffee And How To Make It

By Ann Hills / 5 years ago

Some people like their coffee hot while some people prefer to have their coffee cold. Do you like to drink iced coffee but don’t want to have palpitations, late sleep or the dehydrating impact of caffeine?

Well, you will surely enjoy drinking decaf iced coffee. Decaf coffee has only 3% caffeine in it. Decaf iced coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee which is a better alternative to the regular coffee variants in cafes.

Of course, there is a huge distinction regarding the ingredients in decaf and the regular coffee. But did you know that there are health benefits to drinking decaf iced coffee? And coffee and sleep go together?

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Some people have misgivings about drinking coffee especially pregnant women who are worried it might affect their health. Some people believe that regular coffee causes insomnia and nervousness.

Nowadays, people have become more conscious of their health and switching to decaf iced coffee especially organic coffee beans. As long as you don’t get too addicted to coffee, you can enjoy the benefits of decaf iced coffee without too much caffeine in your body.

Knowing the health benefits of decaf iced coffee can make you think if it is the right drink for you.

3 Health Benefits of Decaf Iced Coffee

01. Swiss Water Process

It said that the usual process of making decaf coffee variants is harmful to your health. But this is no longer a problem. Before, coffee beans soaked in nearly boiling water to remove caffeine from coffee beans.

But now, there is a more modern way called the Swiss water process. Since it uses only water and no chemicals in making decaf coffee, it is considered organic. The Swiss water process is used mostly on high-grade coffees.

The decaf iced coffee is more flavorful and delicious because 95% of caffeine is lost. It is not true that decaf coffee has less taste compared to regular coffee. In fact, you can have flavored decaf iced coffee.


02. Lower Addictive Stimulants

One of the great things about decaf iced coffee is that it does not contain stimulants which can make coffee addicting. Furthermore, it boosts your energy especially when you want to stay awake and work overtime.

Decaf iced coffee could give you the power especially if you did not sleep well the previous night. There’s not much difference between the taste of decaf iced coffee and regular coffee because of the modern ways of producing decaf coffee.

03. Lower Heart Disease

Many studies have proven that decaf coffee is a good healthy alternative for your favorite drink. There is also a study which shows the impact of decaf coffee on the flow-mediated dilation.

The results reveal that drinking decaf coffee could lead to a decrease in risk of heart ailments. In the research, a cup of decaf coffee was served to women and men in good health condition. It is shown that the health of the participants improved notably in the rise of their flow-mediated dilation.

Steps in Making Decaf Iced Coffee

Making delicious decaf iced coffee is easy. Here are the steps on how you can make your drink from the comfort of your home.

Method 1: Cold Brewed Coffee

01. Brew it cold


Cold brewing will remove some of the bitter taste

02. Combine coffee and water


Put decaf coffee into a pitcher. A darker roast has a more delicious flavor.

03. Pour water


Add nine cups of cold or room temperature water into the pitcher

04. Steep


Put a cover on the pitcher. Then, let it steep for at least twelve hours in a cold environment. After steeping, filter the grounds from the water.

05. Strain the coffee


Decant the coffee by pouring through a fine-meshed sieve, into another container. Put a coffee filter (two paper towels will do) in the strainer and pour the mixture through to separate the last of the grounds. You left with a cold-brewed decaf iced coffee concentrate.

06. Serve the iced coffee


In a glass, add a good amount of ice cubes, and one part coffee concentrates to three parts cold water or milk. Add sugar to sweeten. For better mixing, add some syrup to replace the sugar.

Method 2: Hot Brewed Coffee

01. Brew your hot coffee


Be sure to make it stronger because it will be diluted with ice. How strong the drink is will depend on the number of ice cubes you intend to use. If you want sugar in your coffee, put it now as the granules will dissolve quickly in hot water.

02. Put your decaf coffee into a carafe

Put your decaf coffee into a carafe

Allow the coffee to cool for one hour. Next, put into the refrigerator for a further two hours to thoroughly chill.

03. Pour a cup

Pour a cup

Pour a tall glass with the decaf coffee, add a few ice cubes and milk or cream, if desired. Stir well and serve.

Method 3: Coffee Frappé

01. Put one cup of decaf coffee into a blender

Put one cup of decaf coffee into a blender

Put crushed ice and put 1/4 cup of milk.

02. Blend for around 10 seconds

Blend for around 10 seconds

Add sugar to sweeten.

Blend for a few seconds until it is smooth.

03. Serve and enjoy your blended decaf coffee

Serve and enjoy your blended decaf coffee

Well, there you have it! The top 3 health benefits of drinking decaf iced coffee. Because caffeine is removed in decaf iced coffee, you can be 100% sure that you would not have the common health risks of drinking too much caffeine in your body.

But, you will continue to enjoy the health benefits of decaf iced coffee especially increasing your energy.

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