How To Keep Your Garage Working Its Finest

By Ann Hills / 3 years ago

Like most of the folks out there, you are likewise one that cannot think of living without that automobile for which you have invested your hard-earned cash. There is no point of leaving the vehicle outdoors where there is a possibility of it suffers from direct exposure from the sunlight for an extended period. Also, you must take into account the bird droppings, the inclement weather conditions, and the tree sap. All these can be responsible for damaging your car or at least spoil its appearance whatsoever.

However, it will be feasible for your adorable car to remain in top condition within your garage, which can prolong its lifespan significantly as well. For this, it is imperative to keep the garage free from clutters so that it appears clean at all times. Below, we have provided a step-by-step guideline on how to organize the garage and keep it working its best.

1. The Proper Toolbox

A proper toolbox is at the core of every organized garage out there. This kit will allow you to have all your tools in one place in proper condition and you can also carry them anywhere you like. A variety of options can be considered depending on the equipment needed by you and also the size of the garage. It might be prudent to set up an entire cabinet for the tools in case your garage happens to be quite spacious, for instance. The cabinet can also include wheels on the base to make it more convenient so that you can pull it round as and when you need. On the other hand, opting for a smaller toolbox will be sensible in case the garage is compact in size.

2. Make It Comfy

You won’t like your garage environment to be uncomfortable in any situation. For this, you can consider keeping the space toasty by installing a garage heater, which you will get at a reasonably affordable rate on the market. Investing around $50 will be a smart idea in case you are able to keep your garage comfortable in the long run. During winter, when the temperature is cold, the heater will come of use to you. You won’t need to put on any bulky jacket and gloves in the garage during that time of the year and thus your hands can be free for accessing and stowing away the tools easily.

3. Light Up Your Garage

It is worth mentioning here that a properly lit garage is a tidy garage, and there are many reasons for that. Proper illumination in the garage will make it easy for you to find out the tools, thus saving a lot of your precious time which you can use for doing something else. Also, a well-lit garage will allow you to work without causing any strain to the eyes whatsoever. It will likewise keep you safe while you are working with the tools. Besides this, the overhead lighting will also help you save plenty of space which would have otherwise been wasted in case you would have gone for the haphazardly arranged plugged-in lamps.

4. Make It Easily Accessible

Picking the proper garage door opener will be another way to make the garage work its finest. It will be possible for the motorized doors to keep the belonging safely stowed within the garage and you can also allow the light to come inside by only flicking a switch. Some garage doors likewise offers a fantastic opportunity to create some additional storage area; the door tracks can be strong enough to fasten the hooks, thus enabling you to hang ladders and other long items.

5. Go For Overhead Storage

Investing in some convenient overhead storage will be yet another fantastic way to keep the stuff off the garage floor. On most occasions, we have stuff loitering around that we don’t use anymore like camping gear, the skis, and so forth. Overhead storage will allow us to store all these “useless” items in an organized manner. It will be possible to suspend stuff from the garage ceiling in a number of ways. Setting up ceiling tracks or a simple rack can work wonders for you.

The racks are usually made from PVC pipes which you can make it on your own if you want to. You can buy some ceiling mounted shelves from the nearby hardware outlet. Lastly, you can also consider buying a few spring-to-action claws for the garage ceiling. These claws will grip into the items automatically pushed into their grasp, and you can likewise tuck certain objects including your bike out of your way.

6. Become Magnetized

Magnetic tool holders happen to be effective and simple pieces that will help to keep your tools organized and you can also access them as and when required. You will come across these magnetic tools in a number of different sizes and you can mount them on the garage wall with the help of screws, or you can even stick them to other magnetic surface.

These will enable you to see the tools thus minimizing any need to search for them frantically in the boxes or drawers out there. These will also enable you to use the wall space within the garage for storing items in the best possible way. Lastly, it becomes easy to tidy the tools away given that it will be feasible to place and pull the metal tools from the strip without making much effort at all.

7. Go For Storage Tubes For Larger Tools

Bigger hand held tools can be popped into concrete forming tubes easily which will not allow them to get stuck in the drawers. You can slide tools such as shovels, rakes, hockey sticks, and brushes in and out of these tubes quite easily, and this will allow you to avoid any messy pile of equipment on the garage floor whatsoever.

This is likewise an affordable solution and you can get hold of the forming tubes from the nearby hardware outlet at less than $10 per piece. Use a plumping strap to fix them to the wall of the garage safely and in an organized way.

8. Become Hooked

Hooks are something that no garage should avoid these days. Being versatile and reasonably affordable, it is easy to install them virtually anywhere within the garage using a minimal amount of elbow grease. Below, we have highlighted several ways in which you can use the hooks in your garage:

  • You can use bigger hooks for mounting larger items like a bike or a ladder.
  • Outdoor coats can be hung up for preventing snow, rain, or mud from entering the house.
  • Your vehicle keys can be kept safely as well.
  • Certain tools like trowels and scissors can likewise be hung too.
  • Hooks will allow you to hang cables and thus prevent them from getting tangled up while they are being used.
  • You can also hang fashionable items like sunglasses for easy access.
  • A binder clip can also be hung onto a hook where you can hang stuff like rags and gloves.

9. Place The Bike Out Of The Way

Your bike might provide the greatest challenge while you are trying to store items in an organized manner. Being awkwardly shaped and also heavy, these bikes will be best stored in a proper bike rack out there. However, not every garage comes with a bike rack at present. In that case, your best solution will be to lift the bike out of the way with the help of a specially made hoist. You can get hold of these devices for around $10 and can also attach them to the bike using several hooks.

On some occasions, you can lift the bike upwards using a pulley system which has been mounted on the ceiling or the wall. It is not difficult to install them and you can likewise use them easily. It will also enable you to keep the bike at a certain height even though you are not able to raise it over the head. The innovative rope system will allow you to raise the bike and you can also lower it with minimal effort when required.

10. Utilize Your Joists

It will be feasible to get plenty of additional storage space in case there are joists in the garage ceiling. The joists can be used to fit attic decking panels in between them with no problem at all. This will provide you with lots of additional storage area ideal for tucking away any item you don’t use too often. 

In fact, you will be creating a large shelf at a certain height which will become more accessible in the end. However, make it a point to verify how much weight can be borne by these joists prior to getting started. You can take the suggestion of an experienced building expert so that your new space is not overloaded eventually.

11. Use Labels

Although it is an easy trick, it is worth mentioning. In fact, labels will come of great use to you while you are busy organizing the garage. Without labels, you will spend a considerable amount of your valuable time in trying to find an elusive item. On most occasions, we give up the search and buy a new one from the stores.

Therefore, make it a point to label your bins, boxes, drawers, cupboards, and also the shelves to avoid any confusion while looking for any item. For this, you can take the help of a label maker which will serve you better as compared to the handwritten labels that might smudge or even peel off.

12. Go For Tool Outliners

Tool Outliners

Tool outliners happen to be a simple yet effective solution that will deliver the best results when it comes to pegboard storage. Suppose you have tried every means to provide each of your tools with the optimum place, and you are performing a task which entails several tools. In that case, how will you be certain where to put those back?

Outliners will come of use in such scenarios.

All you need will be to just draw around the objects while they are on the shelf or pegboard, and you will not find it tough to return each item to its appropriate home. Make it a point to make use of a permanent marker or paint for this which is non-water soluble so as to prevent any smudge whatsoever. You can also use this tip for your garage floor where tape strips can be employed in helping in outlining where certain specific items ought to be placed.

13. Reorganize The Garage

How frequently you need to reorganize your garage will depend on your personal discretion. In case the organizational systems stay intact and they are used by everybody within the household properly, it will be a one-off task. However, reorganizing the garage will be a sensible idea at least once every year maybe as a part of the spring cleaning. You will likewise need to reassess the storage systems, making the necessary repairs when needed and eliminating the freshly acquired junk as well.

14. Get The Garage Door Repaired If Needed

The garage door happens to be one of the most important entry points into a residence and it is essential to ensure that it opens and closes on every occasion without fail. The door is subject to lots of wear and tear over the years and there are over 300 moving components that make up the door system these days. In case the garage door starts malfunctioning, it will be a prudent decision to call an experienced and reliable technician who can do the job flawlessly within a short span of time.

If you happen to be a resident of the United States, or any other similar trustworthy company will not disappoint you when it comes to repairing the garage door. The stress of a garage door which is broken can be a big headache for you and you won’t want that to happen in any way.

15. Paint The Floor Of The Garage

Even though not essentially an organizational technique, painting your garage floor will allow you to make your garage work its finest. There are some obvious drawbacks with a standard concrete garage floor, including the possibility of getting stained and it might likewise allow leaves and bugs to protrude inside.

Providing your garage floor with a fresh coating of paint won’t be that expensive and it will help to enhance its appearance to a great extent. You will likewise find it easy to clean the floor and your car will grip on the garage floor impeccably too. The good thing is that you can paint the floor on your own in your free time preferably over the weekends.

It is natural for you to become overwhelmed while organizing your garage. However, let us hope that these 15 surefire tips will help you get the job done flawlessly. A properly planned garage will allow you to get stuff done easily and everything will be at your fingertips. Therefore, do not waste time and start getting organized right from today.

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