How To Save Money When Buying Coffee Gear

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

If there’s one thing that most adults can agree on, is that we’re addicted to coffee. Coffee fuels the world in a way that no other thing can. It’s a marker of productivity in our productivity-obsessed world. It’s what gets the job done, not us. But in recent years, coffee has jumped out of the shadows as “fuel for the fire” and has turned an artisanal leaf. People drink coffee now for the taste. And not only for that, people drink coffee for the subtle hints and profiles like a fine wine. Whether you’re an enthusiast of that level, or just like your coffee strong and functional, there’s a method and a style that’s just for you. But getting gear can get costly.

Coffee aficionados have been known to drop top dollar on the latest technology or the most niche methods that they can find. But just because something is expensive doesn’t necessarily make it good. On top of that, business owners are making a killing off of coffee supplies and implements, jacking up the premium on items they can get wholesale for much cheaper. If they can find a good deal, so can you. Here are some tips to save as much as you can while still fueling your coffee habit.

Going Out Of Business Sales

If you’re starting your own coffee business, i may be extremely difficult to find coffee hardware that fits a startup budget. Espresso machines are very, very pricy, and people know cheap coffee from the good stuff. So how can one get ahead in the world of coffee commerce while still turning a profit? Look no further than second hand items. If you’re serious about getting the coffee shop together, you don’t need a brand new, top of the line things. Something used would work just as well, if only to get things off of the ground. Look for hotels that are closing their doors or restaurants that are going out of business. They have to get everything out and sold by a certain date. Haggle it down, and use their deadlines as pressure. You’ll get the deal you’re looking for. If that’s not an option you’re very comfortable with, you can always go online and look for something on craigslist. The quality of the machine you’re looking at may be questionable, and you may have to drive out to check if it’s functional, but it’s still a good way to find something on the cheap.

Black Friday Sales

If you scour the internet for deals, you will not be disappointed. Seasonal sales are a great way to get everything you need without spending an arm and a leg. There is, and always will be, the infamous Black Friday Sale. Black Friday isn’t just limited to flat screen TVs and gadgets. You can find virtually anything on sale. If you’re looking to restock and upgrade your coffee gear, there are some great Black Friday deals here from the good people at homegrounds. They’re the foremost authority on good, clean, flavorful coffee and all they ways you can make it.

Aside from Black Friday, there’s also New Years sales where companies are trying to sell off the Holiday stock. For any major holiday that coincides with the end of a financial quarter, there’s bound to be a big sale. But Black Friday, by far, is the absolute granddaddy of them all. Not taking advantage of it is a tragedy if you’re serious about your coffee. And it’s not only about the gear. There are beans and grounds that go on sale, too. You can get access to some of the best beans on the market for much less than you’d expect. It’s a great time to fill your pantry with impressive stock.

Outlet Stores

If you’re looking to buy smaller items, look no further than outlet stores. Because of the popularity of coffee, various home and lifestyle brands have put out great designs in circulation for mugs, stovetop espresso makers, and pour over coffee carafes. These smaller items can get very expensive in specialty stores, especially if it’s a decent brand. But they’re also overproduced and, honestly, under-purchased. So this allows it to leak into the discount market pretty well. You can add so much to your kitchen and your coffee presentation with just a few good pieces of glass and some attention to detail. This will absolutely step up your coffee game, especially when there are guests around. You do not have to tell anybody you got anything out a discount outlet store. Tell them you got it in Paris. They won’t know the difference, guaranteed. What they will notice, however, is how their coffee was presented. That’s what counts.

Keurig For The Coffee Novice

With all this talk around how to get the biggest and the best coffee machines for a business or some serious coffee making, there tends to be a bit of a gap for the average coffee drinker. Most people go out and get coffee in the morning at some chain faux-craft spot for their fix, spending loads of cash on what is essentially average or burnt coffee. For these customers, a Keurig is a great way to introduce good water to ground ratios, while still maintaining its utilitarian roots. You can even use your own grounds in their self-fill pod. A Keurig is definitely more expensive than your average drip coffee maker. But it’s not that much more. And if you decide on an older model, or wait for a seasonal sale, you can get one for just about the same price as a good ol’ drip.

Finding deals when it comes to coffee might take a bit of time. That’s because the coffee market is so active. There are so many avenues and competing products, all with a pretty high premium. As a smart consumer, it's up to you to really search for a good deal, starting with Black Friday sales and then extending to used options. You won’t believe how much money you’ll save once you put a bit of time into finding the best price.

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