What Is The Difference Between Coffee and Cappuccino?

By Ann Hills / 5 years ago

Coffee has become a famous beverage around the globe as a versatile drink perfect for mornings, for conversations, and for meeting new friends. Through the years, I have found out different ways to enjoy a fresh coffee – from instant coffee to complex, artisan coffee and milk combinations; the possibilities are close to infinity. Cappuccino is actually my favorite type of coffee.

Among the most famous coffee concoctions to date however, calls for the creamy texture of frothy milk and the strong bitter punch of a solid coffee brew. Yes, the simple cappuccino is known today as the best morning beverage for those who prefer the strong taste of coffee made just a bit milder with milk’s soft touch. So do you know the difference between a cappuccino and coffee? Let’s try to list down the differences:

Cappuccino Vs. Coffee: A Comparison

There are several differences between a cappuccino and coffee. Let’s break them down:





Coffee is any brewed drink made from coffee beans, which are acquired from the Coffea plant.

Cappuccino is a drink created with brewed liquid from coffee beans with milk and milk froth.

Quantity of Milk

Milk is added in different quantities depending on the kind of drink. If asked for simple coffee, he will be served with black coffee without the milk.

A 100 ml serving has 30 ml espresso and 70 ml raw milk which is later frothed between 100 to 100 ml.

Serving Style

Usually served in a cup or glass or tall paper cups

Usually in a glass cup

Brewing Method

The process of producing the beans and the roasting gives each coffee its distinct flavor. The roasted beans are then grounded and sold to the coffee shops. The instant beans are produced differently from the brewed liquid.

Cappuccino is created using a machine that has fine roasted beans that are pressed into a small “puck” sized shape. Next, hot water is then passed through this puck under pressure. The liquid is passed through a filter that allows only the solution and no grains. The liquid attained is known as black coffee or espresso.


Acidity and bitterness will depend on the type of coffee. Coffee flavor is reduced when milk is added.

Coffee cappuccino has a strong taste. The coffee to milk ratio in a cappuccino is around 1 to 1.5, considering that foamed milk is at least double in volume compared to steam milk. Cappuccino has a rich and bold flavor, as any espresso would, but is toned down by the steamed milk.

How To Make Cappuccino

Discover how you can create a cappuccino with an espresso machine with these simple and easy steps:

Step 1. Grind Your Favorite Beans

What better way to create the ideal cappuccino than including your favorite beans into the brew? The process of making a cappuccino with your espresso machine begins by grinding your chosen coffee beans to create enough espresso to make one shot glass.If you’re preparing a single serving of cappuccino, grind up enough beans to create a one-ounce shot of espresso. However, if you’re thinking of preparing cappuccino for two, just add up the measurement to have enough for two shots.

Step 2. Make Your Espresso

Depending on the kind of espresso machine you use, settings could be different. However usually, to make a cup of cappuccino, just prepare your espresso and wait for the machine to dispense the coffee into your cup.

If your espresso machine has a foamer, wait for the espresso to finish before you go to the next step. But if your cappuccino machine doesn’t have the extra function of foaming milk, prepare your milk while your espresso brews.

Step 3. Get Your Milk Ready

Foaming your milk can be done by either using your espresso machine’s built-in frother (if available), or by using an external electric milk frother.

In either case, you will want to froth your milk just enough to make a thick foam and not a light bubbly froth. To achieve this, dip the tip of the frother into the surface of the milk without touching the bottom of the container. Move the wand up and away from the surface as soon as you begin frothing your milk to stimulate the thickening of the froth.

Step 4. Mix the Coffee and Milk

After your espresso has done brewing, put it into a cup. Take your warm, steamed milk and put the liquid portion into the cup with the espresso. After pouring enough to fill up your cup to half, take a teaspoon and scoop out the froth from your milk.

Remember to remove any extra liquid milk that may be on the teaspoon and just add the froth onto the surface of your finished coffee and milk mixture. If there’s still room in your cup to accommodate the extra milk, pour it into the cup until the coffee reaches the brim.

Step 5. Put Sugar to Sweeten

If you want your cappuccino bitter, then the espresso and warm milk mix all on its own could just be up your alley. However, if you like to sweeten your coffee, a few teaspoons of sugar to taste will just be okay.

Some people like putting coffee powder, chocolate syrup, or sprinkles into their coffee, and depending on your taste, all of these additions can come together to create the ideal cappuccino. Don’t forget, however, that the true beauty of a good cappuccino lies in its simplicity and in the artful mixture of its two main ingredients.


Making a cappuccino is not very difficult, so why not give it a try? Create your own coffee concoction using an espresso machine as a cappuccino machine and enjoy a fresh cappuccino in the comfort of your home. So have you tried drinking cappuccino? How was your experience? Do share them in the comments section below and like our Facebook page.

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