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By Ann Hills / 3 years ago

For some, a morning without coffee is incomplete. Hence, coffee is a staple, not only in a breakfast table, but in various places you can think of. This is why the coffee industry was stable over the last few decades. Nonetheless, the latest trends invigorate the coffee industry more, catering to the varying preferences of different coffee drinkers.

Chilled Mix

Coffee is traditionally served while it is hot. Over the past couple of years, several coffee drinkers preferred sipping on iced coffee, which is the traditionally brewed hot coffee served with ice. This trend may be far from over, but another method of consuming chilled coffee is on the way. This is the cold brew wherein the coffee granules are brewed in cold water. With this brewing technique, the acidity of the black coffee is reduced. Furthermore, brewing in large batches became easier because of cold water. Nevertheless, a cold brew coffee is oftentimes stronger than traditional brewed coffee, even if the bitter taste and its acidity is reduced. There are already different cold brew flavors that appeal to most coffee consumers.

Tangy Taste

Who ever thought that carbonated water will go well with coffee? This latest trend in the coffee industry is triggering the curiosity of many, but enjoying a bubbly brew is not for everybody. Certain coffee drinkers still prefer the taste of traditional coffee, but a lot of millennials love the tangy taste of tonic water and espresso.

There is also a new coffee flavor wherein coffee is infused with nitrogen gas. This is a specialty drink that recently emerged as a craze in the coffee industry. The result of the infusion is a creamy and rich texture, but don’t be deceived because this blend is stronger than your normal cold brew. There are already manufacturers that sell Nitro coffee in cans, making it convenient to carry along.

Sweet and Creamy Blend

Traditional coffee drinkers prefer the bitterness of black espresso. However, the coffee industry now aims to cater to a new generation of coffee drinkers who prefer a sweeter and creamier taste. This paved the way for different milk and cream additions to a black coffee base. There are even some that infuse various sweeteners such as caramel, honey, and brown sugar. New coffee accessories are needed to produce different blends and ensure that the cream or sweetener are fully incorporated into the coffee such as a whip to produce milk froth. While still keeping the black coffee variety on the beverage menu, most coffee shops now include the sweeter and creamier blends, in an aim to attract a wide variety of coffee drinkers with different preferences.

The sweet blend of coffee aims to attract a younger audience because the age of coffee drinkers significantly changed over the past couple of years. Studies show that even teens are now into drinking coffee. While the older generation of coffee drinkers looks for the bitterness of black coffee, the younger generations prefer the sweet coffee alternatives such as flavored lattes and even coffee shakes.

While many prefer milk and cream in their coffee, others are just intolerant of lactose present in milk and other dairy additives. Hence, there are already non-dairy milk variations that have grown in popularity over the years. Some of these are soy-based creamers or almond milk, which provide the same creamy and smooth taste to the coffee, without causing an upset stomach. Newer options include cashews, oats, rice, coconut, and macadamia milk. There might be a slight difference on how each of these affect the taste of the traditional coffee, but nonetheless, these offer the creamy and smooth taste that is just right to the palate.

Gourmet Fusions

High quality coffee beans have been grown in recent years, producing what is known as gourmet coffee. Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, coffee is no longer solely produced from coffee beans. The most expensive coffee is not even from a directly grown coffee bean, but from the wastes of a civet cat. Additionally, consumers now prefer coffee that is organically or sustainability grown.

Butter is another coffee enhancer that rocked the world of the coffee industry. Buttered coffee has made its way on the beverage menu of several coffee shops. Butter, together with coconut milk, accentuates the basic coffee flavor with healthy fats. This blend is actually popular for those under a keto diet.

While a coffee cocktail may not be served in a traditional coffee shop, coffee cocktails are being more popular in several bars and restaurants. A bit of alcohol infused with the traditional black coffee offers a new twist. Some of these concoctions include espresso martinis, Irish coffee, and cold brew gimlets. You might even come across a black coffee lager.

Instant Coffee

While brewed coffee definitely tastes a lot better, instant coffee alternatives already made its way in the market. These ready to drink coffee offers the convenience that supports the fast-paced life people live in this modern world. Some of these instant coffee come in a powder form that needs to be dissolved in either hot or warm water. It can be drunk as is or ice can be added later on. Some come with cream and sugar, while some of the instant coffee powder produces plain black coffee. There are also ready to drink coffee in cans or bottles, which are usually chilled or kept cold in the fridge. Instant coffee or ready to drink coffee are available everywhere and anywhere, such as in convenience stores or in vending machines, pretty much like soda. These are easy to carry around and very much portable because of their packaging.

In conclusion, the coffee industry not only fills the need of coffee drinkers. It also brings livelihood to several people in different aspects, such as the coffee growers, baristas, and the coffee shop owners to name a few. Hence, the sustainability of the industry is just enhanced by the latest trends that is widely accepted by most consumers.

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