How To Handle Coffee Temperature Problem?

By Ann Hills / 5 years ago

In making coffee with a Nespresso machine, do you sometimes experience having an issue with the temperature of your coffee? Some people usually complain that their coffee is too cold or not that hot enough.

So what do you exactly do when you do have those temperature issues with your Nespresso machine? It is not very difficult to make a nice hot cup of coffee with a Nespresso.You can easily make a hot espresso, Americano, mocha with a Nespresso. Let’s find out what hot drinks you can make with a Nespresso.

Different Drinks You Can Make with a Nespresso

Before, there were originally sixteen types of Nespresso coffee capsules. But just recently, eight more Nespresso coffee varieties have been added, which makes a total number of twenty-four coffee capsules.

How do you know which capsule is the right fit for you? The twenty-four coffee capsules are classified into six different ranges. Well, here is our Nespresso coffee capsules guide to enlighten you and give you more information about the new coffee capsules.

01. Espresso capsules


These capsules are the shorter coffees that many coffee lovers drink. Even though they are usually ‘short’ coffee, it does not automatically make them strong coffees. There are some that are strong. However, you will find that there are different varieties of strength in these capsules. Espresso capsules are usually blended in their origins.

02. Intenso capsules


If you want your coffee to have more intensity, then the Intenso capsules are the right ones for you. Initially, they were classified under the Espresso category, but now they have been separated. Intenso capsules have a fuller flavor than the Espresso capsules. Similar to Espresso capsules, they also have blended origins.

03. Pure origin capsules


If you like single sources, then you will love the Pure Origin capsules. These capsules usually have their coffee beans from one place. Since these are sourced from one location, these capsules have a unique and distinct taste.

04. Lungo capsules


If you want a longer drink, then the Lungo capsules are ideal for you. There is more water added to the coffee which gives you more complex flavors. At the same time, they have a subtle taste, but it does not take away the overall intensity because they still have a strong flavor.

05. Decaffeinato capsules


For decaf coffee lovers, there are the Decaffeinato Capsules. If you do not want too much caffeine, but you still want to enjoy the taste of coffee, then the Decaffeinato Capsules are perfect for you. You can drink some of the other capsules, but caffeine has been removed.

06. Variation capsules


If your favorite coffee is espresso, but you want to have some contrast in your coffee, then you should try the Variation capsules. The Variation capsules have different flavors that will jazz up your coffee.

Steps in Making Coffee Hotter

To avoid having temperature issues with your coffee, here are the steps on how to make your coffee hotter.

Step 1: Heat the coffee cups


Using cold cups is one of the major causes why your coffee is not hot enough. To solve this, you can pour hot water from your espresso machine into your cup and then set it aside for one minute. Before you make the espresso, throw the water from the cup and place it to receive the espresso and milk.

Step 2: Expand and heat the milk correctly


There are two stages in steaming milk for your coffee. First, you inject a steam mixture into the milk which will build a foam. Next, bury the steam wand deeper into the milk to heat it. Don’t heat the milk more than 65 degrees because it will split.

Step 3: Use an espresso machine with enough steam power

Use-an-espresso-machine -with-enough- steam-power

It is important that you choose a high-quality espresso machine which has the steam capacity to do the job. If you do so, it will be easy to achieve the right hot steamed milk.

Don’t choose those cheap espresso machines which will just fail you. Inexpensive thermal block technology usually leads to the steam pressure dying away before you get enough steamed milk for two simple lattes.

If you get the smallest espresso machines from high-quality manufacturers like La Pavoni, you will get the desired café quality results at home.

Step 4: Don’t increase the temperature of the coffee


Many milk based espresso drinks have around 80% milk by volume. So this is where mainly the heat comes. As a matter of fact, you can create an excellent hot café mocha using cold espresso.

However, I don’t advise you to do this. If you make a mistake with the temperature of your espresso, it will negatively affect the aroma and flavor. Espresso machines are specially designed to produce water which has the right temperature for producing good espresso. That is why you cannot increase the temperature of the espresso without affecting the quality of the espresso.

Step 5: Adjust your temperature expectations


Espresso coffee should not be drunk with the same temperature as instant coffee. Ideally, a milk based espresso should be served at about 65 degrees Celsius. With this temperature, there is enough heat in the milk to support the espresso cream while still being cool enough to avoid the velvety texture of the milk from breaking down.

So now you already know the different drinks you can make with a Nespresso machine. You also have learned what to do when you are having temperature issues with your coffee using a Nespresso machine.

So, have you made up your mind of what capsule you would like to try? You can try them all so that you can have a better grasp of what coffee capsule variant suits you.Besides, you also can control the coffee temperature by using the temperfect mug. Now, it is your turn, we want to hear from you. Write to us in the Comments Section below or in our Facebook Page.

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