The Art of Feng Shui For a Harmonious Home

The Art of Feng Shui For a Harmonious Home

The Art of Feng Shui For a Harmonious Home

The Art of Feng Shui For a Harmonious Home

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that promotes harmony in your home environment. It emphasizes the significance of our environment and how it impacts our health and happiness levels.

Feng shui is an ancient holistic system that unites water, wood, fire, earth, metal as well as color and shapes.


Colors are an integral element of feng shui, and choosing the right one for your space can have a significant effect on its energy. As a general guideline, feng shui experts suggest using hues that balance each room’s yin and yang personality.

For instance, warm colors like red, orange and yellow enliven the space with positive energy while cool hues like blue, green and purple soothe it down and create a serene atmosphere.

Another popular feng shui color is salmon, an orange-yellow combination that harmoniously unites earth and fire elements. This hue works great in public areas that foster connection and creativity such as family rooms or dining rooms, or private areas where one-on-one relationships flourish, such as bedrooms.

Finally, dark blues are connected with the water element and can bring career luck into your home. Additionally, they promote focus, concentration and creativity. However, it’s essential to mix darker shades of blue with white or beige in order to soften and control their energy.


If you want your home to promote a balanced and harmonious life, use some basic feng shui principles. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of using placement and arrangement of items to balance energy (Qi) within an area.

Feng shui professionals recommend that spaces should create an atmosphere of calm, security and safety. This can reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance overall health and well-being.

Laura Cerrano, a Manhattan-based certified feng shui expert, recommends making your bedroom an oasis of peace and serenity. “Your bedroom should be where you can recharge and rejuvenate,” she advises.

Your bedroom should have a neutral color palette with earthy tones for balance and groundedness. It should also have the door facing the entryway so that energy from outside can enter into your room.


Harmonious homes create an environment in which you feel at home, secure and loved. Feng shui principles can assist in creating this atmosphere in your space through spatial design.

Arranging furniture according to scale and proportion helps make a space feel cozy without being cramped or overrun. Leave enough space between pieces for people to move around comfortably, and keep walkways clear so the energy in the room can flow easily.

Color plays an integral role in feng shui as well. Green encourages family harmony and wealth, purple expresses love and completion, while white brings peace, comfort, and clarity into the space.

Cluttered or disorganized homes can disrupt the flow of Qi (energy) in a space, believed to have an adverse effect on your life. Eliminate anything broken, outdated, or doesn’t bring you joy, and regularly clean out the house.


Feng shui believes that accessories make all the difference between a harmonious home and one that struggles. From crystals to wall art, adding just a few simple items can boost your space’s energy and ensure it remains in optimal condition.

Mirrors, for instance, can help open up space, bring natural light in, and promote a feeling of serenity in your home. Furthermore, mirrors protect an area from negative feng shui energy – particularly useful in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Another popular feng shui accessory is a wind chime with metal coins. These coins are believed to bring wealth and prosperity to those who own them.

In addition to their feng shui advantages, wind chimes make ideal gifts for friends and family members. You can even purchase one in various colors and designs to match your decor.

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