When Do You Need a Naturopathic Doctor?

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

The emphasis on good health through dietary and lifestyle choices could not be more strongly emphasized than they have been in this age. The rising cancer cases as well as those of communicable and non-communicable ailments is alarming and this calls for more stringent measures. Today, a lot is needed in terms of prevention and disease management measures and this is where Naturopathy comes in. Although modern medicine is engineered in the best technology to give you stunning results, it has its various setbacks. There are limits to just how much intoxication from pills one can take before the aftermath effects take hold on one's body. Naturopathy works through self-healing methods that are non-invasive in the maintenance of good health. With that in mind, below are instances when you might need a naturopathic doctor.

When You Have Hormonal Imbalances

Visiting a naturopathic doctor when you experience hormonal imbalances will expose you to natural safe methods of treatment. Naturopathy focuses mainly on herbal remedies, the use of bio-identical hormones, and diet to combat these imbalances. Naturopathic doctors have an ear for their patients and this is perhaps why most patients will prefer naturopathy as they can openly express themselves on the issues that affect them. Now, Dr. Karen, a naturopathic doctor at Karenthrelkelnd.com, says that treating hormonal imbalances with naturopathy may involve going through hormone replacement therapy, a process known as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. You may also be put on a nutritional supplementation therapy to help restore optimal hormone balance. Getting a certified naturopathic physician has its benefits as you get a test to pin on exactly what is going on in your hormones before proceeding to treatment.

For Various Digestive Problems​​​​

Digestive tract issues can be devastating and are more likely to recur even after treatment. They can also cause your body to react by creating symptoms in other parts of your body which could lead you to believe you may be suffering from something different. It’s usually hard to get a complete diagnosis. On top of it, a diagnosis may miss the underlying factors that greatly contribute to digestive problems. Be it reflux, abdominal cramping, or flatulence, finding a natural way of treatment is certainly worth it. A naturopathic doctor will go looking for the root cause. This may include doing lab tests of the urinary, stool, and blood.

When Handling Allergies

In the case of allergies, naturopathic doctors will work on building up your general health and immunity to support your body’s inherent healing capacity. If you have seasonal allergies, you might have noticed that these reactions often affect your energy levels. This means that you need a new leash of energy the natural way.


While on allergy treatment, you will get exposed to botanical medicine, therapeutic nutrition, and your naturopathic doctor will help you improve on your lifestyle choices to a much healthier standard. This will give you a better chance of dealing with allergic reactions.

When Battling Fertility Issues

Your approach strategy matters when it comes to treating fertility issues. For instance, naturopathy can help in improving sperm morphology, motile sperm count, regulate ovulation time, create ease on endometriosis, and check DNA fragmentation rates. It’s good to address these issues of infertility through methods based on natural elements. It’s crucial whether you are going through irregular menses or going through ED (Erectile Dysfunction) issues to see a doctor as early as possible so that these issues are addressed before they worsen.

Allowing your body to heal and recover from ailments naturally is the emphasis of naturopathy. This way, you’ll be giving your body what it needs for recovery and boosting the immunity to help fight off infections and diseases.

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